Machu Picchu Hike via the Inca Jungle Trek

in adventure •  8 months ago

Machu Picchu is one of those tourist attractions that everyone, including their mother’s cousins’ long distance uncle, has heard of and is on their bucket list. It screams tourist trap. I’m definitely not one for tourist traps but there’s just something that draws even I to such a place. Millions of people can’t be wrong, right?

If there are thousands of lemmings jumping off the cliff, there’s got to something wrong with the one lemming that didn’t follow right? Probably against my better judgment, I decided why the hell not? I’ll be a lemming for a day!


I arrived in Cusco by bus from Arequipa. A couple of friends suggested I stay at the Wild Rover hostel. Now if the name has any indication as to what kind of hostel this was, it does, it’s a wild party hostel. I don’t know what it is but my friends tend to always point to me to party places. The Wild Rover is no exception and, in fact, holds the reputation as the craziest party hostel in South America. This is further exacerbated by the fact that it’s their 25th anniversary.

Danger, danger Will Roger we're in Wild Rover

The Wild Rover is no exception and, in fact, holds the reputation as the craziest party hostel in South America. This is further exacerbated by the fact that it’s their 25th anniversary. I went to my room and there was another guy staying and he warned me, that I would not be sleeping tonight.

This place is going to blow up, he said. In fact, he booked another hostel just to escape the Wild Rover party and get some sleep. Well, sure enough after that night. A wild party is all that I can remember. Short flashes of memories of people dressed in togas or not dressed at all would sometimes flood my aching head and I've got a migraine to go with it.

I remember little, but I remember twerking to a Miley Cyrus song on top of the bar with a bunch of other drunk people. Luckily I wasn’t twerking alone or it would’ve been a much more embarrassing memory than it already was. There was only one good thing that occurred that night; I was able to secure an Inca Jungle Trek tour for the next day.

There are several ways to get to Machu Picchu. You can take one of the popular tours or do it yourself. I was going to skip the fancy tours and just get there via bus and train and scribble it off the list. After mulling it over I decided it was best to take a tour, it would have cost almost the same as taking one of the popular tours (the train fare was something like $75 or more one way).


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bro you are fortunate to have experienced all this wonderful tour. All my life I have crave to go for an adventure like this even if it once in my life time bUT no means to travel. Am so happy for you, I always long to read your fantastic posts as it makes me see life in a beautiful way and to appreciate it more. Please continue to post beautiful stuff like this. Thank you my mentor

Thats so majestic place to do some adventure. The scenery was so amazing atop of the mountain ranges.


Been there twice already!


this trip seems crazy :0 especially the sand flies part, so sorry for you but other than that all looks really fun and cool to explore, hope you had fun and keep having adventures in life, GREETINGS TO YOU! :DD


Yes rights i am agree with you

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You are right. Very nice pictures!

wow am short of words. This is one of the best places to visit.

nice click


Wow! What amazing pics, except the sand biters, looks painful!

Very beautiful view about the roofs. 😍

Thanks for information. You didn't know but this place is also in my bucket list 😎😂


Should be in everyone's bucket list!

Wow! Well done on completing the trek! It is quite the achievement :)

Machu Picchu is beautiful and is really a great place to visit :)
I hope to visit there once more one day.

Thank you For your post!


One day soon I hope :)


For sure! Peru is Magical :)

Oh. My. God.
It's absolutely beautiful!
I'd definitely love to hike Machu Picchu one day!

I love hiking and I definitely love beautiful sights like this!
Something about nature that you just can't beat!

Damn though... I hope I don't get eaten up by sand flies... That looks quite painful... :O Hope it wasn't TOO painful for you! :( Seems like you still had a great time, despite those little shits!

Thank you for sharing! :)



Nothing I couldn't survive :)

good journey

wow so nice place


Yes i agree with you, its so nice place, good luck to yo

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@adonisabril what an amazing views and great photographs

What a mesmerizing view. nature is adorable! but i feel bad for your injuries, hope you must have recovered well!


Very nature an amazing place

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The adventurous photographs your wonderful camera captured in your travel are so nice and well arrange in perfect order.

Wow, this is a beautiful sight, it seems to be more than seeing it...
If I have to do all this, then what should I do?

Nice place.

(Edited By Me)

Wonderful Photography!

You covered everything here in this article so I can use it for my tour. Machu Picchu is my dream to visit. After reading your Post and seeing the picture my desire doubled Thank you very very much from my bottom of heart

hi really nice photo and nice content of your blog which can help to other people when they travel.

Even i am a travel agent and try to post travel related information if you like my blog you can follow me thank you in advance.


I am agree its good content and nice and great photo

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yes brother you are right. I started to follow you and even i try to post related to travel if you like my post you can follow me thank you in advance.

Muy buen post!

Ganz schön soweit. Dankeschön :

Wow that's a fabulous place for a tour.....Scenery are so amazing, i am mad for going to a tour to these places......


Ya ya its fabulous place and amazing, i like it too

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Dear @adonisabril, trekking is too much enjoyable and very much dangerous . I also like to trek in different places. Nice Place too trek .

Nice pics and amazing place, want to go someday

Really this is a great place to adventure. Your way of presentation made it more majestic place. I always read your travels posts as usual this is also awesome. Great photography and awesome moments that are captured by you.....

Great post! Beautiful photo! List of places I want to visit has become more))


Yes beautiful photo and great activity

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What a lovely place
It's so wonderful


Yes its so worderfull, what you like this place?

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Fantastic writing. Haven't been to South America my whole life, but must plan to do so hopefully sometime soon.


Right good writing and long, hope you can go to this place

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Wow those are BAD bites!! :S Nice photos!

truly an experience worth living. Excellent guide; some pictures out of this world and an incredible redaction

Beautiful place.

love this pls place



can speak Machupicchu now?

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Thanks to you so much to love you at a very beautiful story Steemit, I have been very beautiful to my love. I have been very much like my heart and knows many many wishes and congratulations.
#plz follow me @upvote @biplobss

beautiful tour amazing pictures, shaking bridge is looking dangerous :P

what happen to your feet

I can imagine the fun you had apart from the mosquitoes bites 😉
I only get to tour ma local area and once in a while too. I hope to tour outside africa and beyond sometime. Great content, keep bringing more of this.

It is too long to read but i read some part of it like tourists traps intresting to know


Ye we can know interesting place to traveling

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An amazing journey on many levels - beautiful photos and great info.

This a real travelling !! kids nowadays rather go to the mall or nightclub

Simply beautiful!... Congratulations @adonisabril. Greetings from Venezuela

The place looks very nice to visit

Great report, great pictures, one day i will go there

In this blog article every thing is written in details. So, if any one visiting this place can read this article and they are ready to go with. Love your blog.


@adonisabril what a beautifull pictures and beautiful place top of.the mountains i like it i wish i will visit this place i love it nature is beautiful

Beautiful photographs. It feels that we are there physically. So touching

Juuuuuuuuuuuust Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooww

@adonisabril Dude! Few of the photographs are just WOW.... I want to go there....


Fantastic work with this one, kudos

@adonisabril just 1 word for all this wooooowwwww.......

Wow so amazing😍 What a beautiful place!

@adonisabril how many seasons are there and does weather cool in summer seasons. Is it best place for honeymoon trip ????

This place giving feeling of hill statio. , I want to be there on my vacation

Your posts are really very nice and useful.
I enjoy seeing these amazing posts and photos.
You really have excellent performance.upvoteeeeeeeeeeee

Its better to wear pajama instead of half pants during such kind of trekking .... Hoping you will recover ASAP 🙂

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OH.....Very Superb you explain absolute adventure @adonisabril .....superb

nice trip, thanks for sharing!

Wow. I love adventures. Your adventure fuelled me up to go for another challenge and fun. I am really sorry the pain you got from mosquitos. But its normal in adventurous world. Im trying to decide the best time to come out again and get a new experiment. Please check out with my steem post @momimalhi.
Thanks and keep it up with best work.
Best of luck.


I was like hight places. But you want to write short and quite. It's too much longer to read.

Wow is very beautiful This journey is not less than the journey of heaven because it is so beautiful I have a desire to go to a nice and beautiful place in this fluctuating life but only the lucky ones get the opportunity.

@adonisabril Detailed adventure with great photos. Lucky you. I just travel in a virtual world "envious" of your freedom and courage. Some spectacular photos to make me dream. I trust that you are over with the Machu Picchu sand flies. Again, thank you for sharing.

#resteeemed #resteem #upvotedyou #followedyou

What a great trip and post. Thank you so much.
Move forward and keep up the great work.
So sorry about them flies. DANG!!!

This contents is very nice!

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Amazing place to visit.. i want to visit it one day.

image is very beautiful in this post.have a good writing skills in this blog. you are great for steemit. thanks to you for sharing this post.

Photos are just awesome. I wish I can go there.

I really love it because I'm also a Adventure lover..... It's a amazing place for trek... But all credit goes to photographer

Machu Picchu : I would like to ride there with a two wheeler. will provide information on that?

Awesome! You can find some place of adventures in my blog too

Congratulations @adonisabril!
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Excellent photos of Machu Picchu. I was preparing my photos of Machu Picchu and other sites in Peru for posting in my "MY FIVE" series of photo galleries.

Peru is an amazing place. I was on a tour about 5 yrs ago and I learned a lot of amazing things about Inka (Inca) history and culture. It was a trip of a lifetime.

We had rain when we were there. Fortunately I did not experience the bug bite onslaught you experienced. I recently took a trip to Arkansas to visit friends. I got eaten alive by chiggers. Those bugs have an awful bite. It has been a month and I still have large itchy welts. Looks like you got bitten even worse than I did. I learned that the only known natural predator of the chigger is the fire ant! You can't win in Arkansas!

Hi @adonisabril Nice adventure for Perú, América Latina have much nice aventures. Congratulation for you travel.

waoo....that's really too nice adventure ....

Hi @adonisabril you are doing well in adventure life and sharing happiness to other, I really enjoyed your great photography and detailed writings, it's a very spontaneous feelings, thanks for sharing. Are you professional photographer ?

First of all congratulations for completing trekking and all the photos are very beautiful...These things will become memories that you have done such a amazing things in life

Very informative article.

Very good work, great pictures and amazing place. Thanks for sharing


Wow, I have always wanted to travel around the world, but my biggest excuse always seems to be: "because I am busy, next time". I am going to challenge myself to travel to a new country each year, thanks @adonisabril you have no idea how much you have motivated me to do so! Also, I would like to pray for your safety going to visit mother nature as I am sure you are aware of the Thailand cave incident where the boys got trapped! Safe travels, all the best! Going to Nepal this year!

I Wanna Go To Machu Picchu Before I Die

Its a good post but its too long. Which make me feel bored -----
If it was short i think it would be more beautiful post---+-

Machu Picchu Cusco, nice Peru, time without visiting it as I miss it

Thats so majestic place to do some adventure. The scenery was so amazing atop of the mountain ranges.
bro you are fortunate to have experienced all this wonderful tour. All my life I have crave to go for an adventure like this even if it once in my life time bUT no means to travel. Am so happy for you, I always long to read your fantastic posts as it makes me see life in a beautiful way and to appreciate it more. Please continue to post beautiful stuff like this. Thank you my mentor.
Man I always love your travel posts and the way you explain your journey along the way. I always wanted to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu. Also those photos are gorgeous. Hope to read more of your traveling adventures..thank you

Wow man, this trip seems amazing. What a trek, just to get up on top of the mountain. Seems totally worth it. Wasnt there a wizard or something to tell your fortune at the beginning of the climb? Sounds cliche but i think theres some guy that blesses all the evil away. lol


nice pic

wow.....great photoshoot ever I've seen. Today I realy belived that not only the place/nature but also the expartness of the photographer is needed for a great photoshoot.Love your photoshoot

Just for them those wants to work...... Besides this you will b remove

crazy places

I really like surroundings or panorama in photography. It’s simply so relaxing to see a stunning panorama picture.

Good adventure and good picture. Read your description i have one word about your post is amazing. So i give you my vote. Good job

Thank you so much for this detailed post about Machu Picchu. It's still not on my list, but if I'll go there sometimes I hope to remember your words (and your legs 😳)

what a journey .. facinating !

Really beautiful