Black Vulture

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Black Vulture


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The black vulture has black plumage and grayish-black featherless head. It is a scavenger and eats mostly carrion but may also eat eggs of other birds or turtles, young birds and young animals. I captured this photo while I was waiting for a Delta IV rocket launch at Cape Canaveral.

Category animalphotography
Settings f/13.6 1/1600 sec 300.0 mm ISO 800
Camera Canon 60D
Lens Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
Location Cape Canaveral, Florida

This is my entry in #animalphotography by @juliank and @photocontests daily photography contest.

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Hi @rwedegis! The photo looks awesome. I always envy the way you photographers can capture such beautiful shots! Makes me want to go out and buy myself a super camera! Hahaha but my pictures will still probably look like I took them with my cell phone camera! 😂😂


Thank you @khimgoh! You really don't need a super camera to take great photos. Yuou should be able to get some awesome ones on your cell photo. You should be able to find some free tutorials on line.

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Wow I'm amazed by your shot! 300mm is pretty close. Hi vulture! :-)


Thank you for your comments! It's a great lens for animal shots.

Absolutely amazing, love it!


Thank you for your comments!

wow taking that picture must have been very hard!


It wasn't hard. I just got lucky!

Great photo there @rwedegis. It really perfect shot for this black vulture. Seems its time to take out camera from drybox. Lol


Thank you for your comments @bboyady!


Cheers. My pleasure

Wonderful capture, timing just right to see the colour in wings during flight @rwedegis always trying to capture birds, sometimes you get it right most times I get it wrong.

Thanks for tutorial, I am going to look and see if I can overcome this photo enlargement dilemma I am going through.


What's going on with your photo enlargements? Are you taking about lens or software? Or both?

Capturing birds in flight is as much luck as it is skill. Sometimes it helps to pan the camera along with the flying bird. That will get you a clearer capture. It's a good idea to catch anything in motion, unless you want the subject to be blurry.