Ancient Village of Skara Brae Orkney

Ancient Village of Skara Brae Orkney


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A visit to Skara Brae transports you back 5000 years in time and rocks your whole beliefs of human history. Fantasies of who these people were, where they came from and where they went dance in your mind. Evidence shows a civilized, social organized community living below ground level on the harsh Atlantic coast of the Orkney Islands north of mainland Scotland.

The sign at the entrance to your self guided tour

These people not only had tools but also games!

The site has a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean, but the winters were long and and the weather was harsh.
The sea.jpg

Their dwellings

Each of the units had stone walls and furnishings. It is believed that each had an earthen roof of some sort.








This one has been reconstructed to show the details of design of the living space. You can see the beds, the fireplace in the center and the cupboards on the side.

The was a network of tunnels connecting the dwellings

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That looks like an interesting place to visit. Thanks for sharing this. Cool photos.


Thank you so much for your comments!

So sorry we missed this island when we went up that way @rwedegis thanks for sharing this most interesting historical area.

Great photography of life and times from yesteryear.

Visiting from #steemitbloggers


The Orkneys have a number of pre-historic sites. We were only there for a day on a bus tour and only were able to see a few of them. Thank you for your comments!

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Thank you so much!

I love how untouched it all seems! Leaves that ancient feel to it :)

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Seems like a pretty interesting place to visit.


It was definitely interesting. It's hard to believe that it was built over 5000 years ago!

5000 years of ancient stones, right underneath your feet, that is something!


It is definitely an amazing place!


I'll bet it is!

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Thank You, nice photographic documentation.
I love rural sites like this one, they just show how resilient human nature is.


Thank you for your comments! It is a very awesome place!

Nice report.. cannot unsee in the first picture "barbecue"... and in other one at the end




Amazing footprints of early civilization...5000 years ago was too much people were amazing to know use of tools...great sight though👍


Thank you! It was an interesting place to see!

Oh my goodness would love to visit this, must be so cool to visit sites like this!


Thank you! This is an amazing place!

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Interesting place!


Thank you!

Hey @rwedegis

Very cool place. It's mind blowing that it's 5000 years old and very well preserved too. They kind of remind me of Hobbit holes.

The pic of the ocean was beautiful too. I thought it always rained up there! 😂



The week we were there was gorgeous! It sunny and warm. no rain!