A very old painting of mine I found again on a wall

in art •  7 months ago

I visited an art collector today, and I found a painting he bought from me about 25 years ago. It is called "Wanderer" and it's a mixed technique on canvas, 40x50 cm.

At that time, around 1994, I used to prepare my canvas pasting on them a texture of soil and pebbles. Then I painted over that.

It is a nice technique, and the result seems quite good, after 25 years.

I painted a lot of "wanderers", at that time. Well, I paint that subject still today. It is part of my way, probably.

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Good to see it is on a wall and not in storage somewhere.

Much like those bathroom tiles are 8-).


tiles? what tiles? I don't know anything about tiles! :P

Great ... How amazing that after so many years to see a work exhibiting yours ... the quality of your work I love, congratulations!

It's an interesting and very impressive painting! Especially for the years it has and still is still seeing intact I think it's great without a doubt is an excellent work of art :)

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How fascinating and interesting is the work, especially because the mixed technology has been perfectly preserved, what did you use? Pastel chalk or chalk in oil on dry oil? truly good technical application.

The way of your painting is very nice and its still looks it is painted fresh.
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Very nice! Your painting of this wanderer is especially haunting * __ * and it has aged well, too, I think <3

I lovely the ghostly apparition quality of this. Well framed as well :)

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