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This is all about control - of us, our money and our freedoms! Lloyds Bank and Virgin Money have banned their customers from buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to protect us from getting into debt - can you believe it?? Of course, they are still allowing us to do so with their debit cards - how kind! Well, as customers we can vote with our wallets and throw their nasty little credit cards in recycling - now I feel so much better..!

Institute a ban under the guise of fear of consumer debts being too large. Meanwhile the major players accumulate their crypto positions. Makes sense


Here is my point of view.
Banks like J.P Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup decide they are no longer allowing their customers (card holders)to buy cryptocurrency using credit cards.
This is just another example of the rich controlling what we can do with our money.
Buying cryptocurrency is not illegal but yet they are going to tell you you cant, Really?

Oh but take those same credit cards to any Las Vegas Casino and I am sure you can Max them out without the banks saying anything.
We all need to stand against these controlling hypocritical greedy banks
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The Vegas point is spot on. This is nothing more than a draconian ban by the banksters, who themselves needed a taxpayer bailout in 2008. The arrogance and hubris of these motherfuckers is off the charts!


The difference is buying with a credit card is not your money. You are borrowing money to buy, so they are within their rights to refuse. If they stopped you buying with a debit card (your money) that’s a different matter!


I beg to differ, the credit card company keeps the public money in trust and loans it out.


Credit card companies create money in the same way as any other bank in the fiat system by the creation of debt. There is no money in trust. No one invests in a credit card, you borrow. That loan then becomes an asset.


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The reason is obvious,
lots of people just got excited for the rise in bitcoin price, so suddenly an enormous number of people just bought crypto by creditcards hope to pay back after a certain amount of profit, but they faced a big fall back, a 50-day downtrend, so the bank is banning crypto purchase by cc to avoid lots of unpaid debts

thats logical and not really a big deal


That was my thoughts. When using a credit card, one isn't really using their money. It is the bank's money and they don't want to touch it. Right now, my checking account is connected to Coinbase. I have established a consistent relationship with my bank and Coinbase. I'm using my money not the bank's money. I'm just storing my money in my bank then sending some of it over to Cryptocurrencies to Coinbase. (At least with the United States) unsure what other countries are doing.

I think they know that BTC is going in to a bear market and then they will be able to say "i told you so" later on.

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people are hoping with big and profitable profits while the drastic decline of these few days makes people surprised

the speculation is too great to see no decline in recent days

Not just investors, a lot of people use fake cards or purposely max out their credit with no intention of paying it back

To be fair, people really shouldn't be using credit cards to buy cryptos which are still relatively speculative assets. That being said, if you don't want to link your bank account to Coinbase, etc, credit card is the way to go. Trying to strangle crypto. We need some wins!

I tried to buy 1ETH last night and both of my banks declined my purchase which I’ve never had a problem with before no monies for me :(

Common cryptocurrencies!
Its high time now...They gotta fly high now or never.
When cryptocurrencies will go up , everything will be fine I suppose.

sad reality friends

disaster of investment, only few days all bitcoiner become crazy

hehe... i believe it does not really matter what they do , the idea is already out of the the box and that is all that matters thank you for the update it really matters a lot.

This is just the beginning. Its going to turn into chaos. We are going to have to start protesting at some point.

Just like PayPal (sigh).


PayPal are scammers! Totally ridiculous fees for selling on eBay


not a bad idea, for the same reason they don't let people gamble on their credit cards.

I think it makes sense, if the ban is on credit cards alone and not debit cards. Then I don't see why not as people can't seem to get a grip of themselves as they don't realize the persons who made money last year invested for a long time.

First, don't use a credit card to make investments.
Second, if you're an idiot and do use a credit card, there's an easy workaround. Get a cash advance or add cash to your PayPal...then do what you want with the cash.

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The entire reason bitcoin was created was to eliminate 3rd party bad actors like banks. So of course banks will want to eliminate that which seeks to eliminate them. Fuck the banks, they are on the way out.

I just posted about how the Bread app is just adding a way to Buy BTC with cc's lol Should be up and running this week..

It's wiser to buy with you bank account balance. No need to fall into dept.

Those are bad news. In my country is very difficult to buy cryptos, credit card is one of the few options we have.

surprised that they didnt do it earlier. Where I live banks just block your credit card if you try to do it, so I am forced to use localbitcoins and just exchange cash. Cant wait to move!

I was talking to a colleague about just this a month or so ago. He said but it will crash when they stop you buying it. I was saying how? surly that will encourage people and wont stop it just send it back underground until there is another way. But a we have seen crypto is one step ahead and is an organic this it is developing and can not be stopped, slowed maybe but its here to stay as long a people use it.