Daily market review & Analysis July 22nd---> Follow up!

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Daily market review & Analysis July 22nd


Today I'd like to talk about 2 signals from last week, I gave 2 entry points for these signals, sell and buy meaning, there wasn't a clear direction for the future movement but we knew the timing of it.

Here's the signals from July 19th.
Like I said, a sharp movement will be appeared, the asset will go out of this channel at some point, so we'll place 2 orders for both cases.
An amazing breakdown movement with an amazing profit (still running) for the sell order (we cancelled the buy order once it dropped)
omg fol.png


GNT/BTC(July 16th)
The next asset is GNT (Golem). Let me copy-paste the text from July 16th:" At the end of this week, Golem (GNT) will make a very sharp movement. We can place a sell & buy orders according the chart below.
According MACD: 70%\30% downtrend."
That's exactly what happened, over the weekend Golem dropped at the exact point (see the yellow mark) all the way below the support line.
The trade position is still open again, the sell order got into action and we cancelled the buy order once is dropped below the support line which is also the entry point.
gnt foll.png

Market review- highlights

  • Switzerland Tries to Stem Exodus of Cryptocurrency Firms.
  • Big insurance companies such as XL Group, AIG and Chubb are quietly offering cryptocurrency insurance.
  • Congressman: 'Prohibit US Persons From Buying Or Mining Cryptocurrencies'.
  • Facebook Restores Coinbase Cryptocurrency Ads.
  • Vietnam Central bank supports ban on Cryptocurrency.
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Lucky for me, I followed your instruction regarding OMG... made some nice profit .
Thanks man!

re insurance, this might be the most under evaluated news of the day. to be able to insure your cryptos is AMAZING breakthrough for the crypto space.
your analysis is spot on as usual!

First of all, I really appreciate your work and the fact that you share it with us free of charge!
second, can you tell me what's the longest term analysis that you can provide?


I assume that those analyses are mostly for the day traders, mid frequency traders max (weeks).

bitcoin dominance (% of crypto marketcap) has hit a double top, do you think it means anything ?Capture.PNG


alt should start rising any time now, I don't believe dominance will go up

Got gnt on my portfolio, really looking forward on the developments ... did you use @John McAfee advice on golem ???


Hey there,
No, all analysis are unique.

hello there @thecryptohouse1 do you have news on other channels?


Hey James,
I have a Telegram channel, you're more than welcome.

Another day, and another great piece. Thank you!

this is cool, I bet facebook brought coinbase back because coinbase started a PAC lobby group in the US some time ago

Do you guys think the insurance companies will manage to handle this? I mean, how does this even work?

Hope you're right (=