Colorchallenge FridayBlue: Snegurochka and Ded Moroz

in colorchallenge •  8 months ago

Hello, dear steemians!

It is FridayBlue. And this is my entry for colorchallenge initiated by @kalemandra.
This photo was taken at the New Year’s Eve. We celebrated the New Year Holiday at the kindergarten. I played a role of Snegurochka. Snegurochka is a fairy character. She is a granddaughter of Ded Moroz (Father Frost or Santa Claus). She helps Ded Moroz to keep the house and prepare presents for children. Children like her very much.
As you can see, Snegurochka and Ded Moroz had blue costumes.
We had a good time. At the end of the Holiday we took photos with children to remember happy moments of New Year’s Eve.

#Colorchallenge FridayBlue: Snegurochka and Ded Moroz


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Trees look like poplars, don't they?


Yes, not totally sure

This picture is cool.... Hi to everyone on the photo.


Thank you)
Have a nice day

Hy @gritata, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!


Thank you)

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