Investing in Whisky and Cryptocurrencies: What do Steem and Pappy Van Winkle Have in Common?

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I don’t like drinking whisky. It tastes like gasoline with a complex vanilla aroma, which does nothing for me. The last time I tried whisky may have been 15-20 years ago. On the not-so-common occasions when I drink alcohol, it’s beer or wine.

Nevertheless, I have half a shelf of aged whisky bottles at home. Why?

As an alternative investment, a well-chosen bottle of whisky has beaten the stock market in recent years. It has beaten real estate in many areas. An investment in good whisky has beaten everything but cryptocurrency. I’ll keep my cryptos, but you can keep your gold. My alternative physical investment is buying bottles of whisky that continue to appreciate over time. Like cryptocurrencies, you can think of it as liquid gold.

MostExpensive moneyconnexion.jpg
Expensive whiskies.

As with cryptocurrency and as with wine, people in new markets continue to discover good whisky. The price of high quality aged whisky continues to climb as people in Asian countries and elsewhere have discovered it. In the first half of 2017 in the United Kingdom alone, the value of rare bottles of Scotch whisky sold at auction reached $14.34 million (11.18 million British pounds), which was a 94% increase over that same period one year earlier in 2016.

New buyers are discovering more and more undervalued labels, which makes it much like cryptocurrency investing. The good news is that the price has continued to appreciate (across the board, but concentrated in certain areas) and this price movement is much less volatile than cryptocurrencies. As ‘undiscovered’ countries and distilleries become better known, the prices of their products, in particular, can increase dramatically. But as soon as that happens, it becomes harder to find any bargains in that particular space.

Source: Macallan Distillery.

As with cryptocurrency investing, you have to keep an eye on those trends and stay just ahead of them. For steady returns, you can invest in a basket (or a shelf) of good-quality selections that are likely to go higher over time. For the biggest potential rewards, you take a risk on picking an unknown and hoping it will hit the moon as buyers discover its quality. If you fail badly in cryptocurrency, your junkcoin devalues to nothing. If you fail with a whisky, then you have a bottle on your shelf of something that’s presumably good quality. So you’re left with something tangible and you can either drink it, give it as a gift, or sell it.

Comparing Scotch to Cryptocurrencies

Let’s take Scotch whiskey and compare it to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin might be analogous to something like Dewar’s or Chivas Regal, which are mass-produced and have more buyer acceptance than whisky from smaller distilleries. There’s nothing wrong with these whiskies, which have more of a market share because they’ve had it for a longer time. They are blended whiskies produced by some mega-company, so their value might increase, but it’s like buying Coca-Cola rather than some more interesting craft soda. Nothing special and they’ll keep being produced in large quantities.

For Ripple’s doppelganger, I’ll go with Johnnie Walker Red, since it’s produced by Diageo, one of the world’s largest alcoholic beverage companies. Bailey’s, Guinness, and Smirnoff are some of its other brands. I love me some Guinness, but that gets us close enough to being centralized like Ripple, which really isn’t a cryptocurrency any more than Johnnie Walker Red is a true Scotch Whisky. Both are for noobs that don’t know better; they’re for banks (Ripple) or bars and restaurants (Johnnie Walker) that don’t have the imagination to discover some real stuff with better value.

When the price of Ethereum shot up from $9 to $13 per token, I started shaking my head. Months later, it was $1300. There, we might look for parallels to some of the single malt Scotch whiskies such as Dalmore or Macallan. Dalmore is more famous (and some would say greedier), perhaps, because they have released a number of very limited edition bottles such as the 64 and 62. In 2005, several limited edition Dalmores sold for 32,000 British pounds. In 2010, some others came on the market and sold for 100,000 pounds. In 2013, they created and sold another set for 987,000 pounds per bottle. You get the idea.

Dalmore's liquid gold. Source: Dalmore Distillery.

And so, just as Ethereum showed a new use case, that of the cryptocurrency ICO, distilleries like Dalmore firmly established single malt Highland Scotch whisky. It became the height of luxury quality for a whole new set of young, well-to-do buyers and investors.

Where Should You Look Now?

So where do you put money now if you are looking at cryptocurrencies or whiskies? Maybe you see what Ethereum accomplished with an early-generation technology that has been improved upon since then by others. Maybe you realize that cryptocurrency platform for ICOs is just beginning and that, when there are better alternatives to the expense and overload of Ethereum’s chain, some of those better built ones like EOS and NEO may be in very high demand in the near future.

Macallan2 sgdgmag.jpg
Macallan whiskies and prices. Source:

So, too, might whiskies from distilleries like Balvenie, Bowmore, or Glenmoringie. None of these are bargain picks, just as you’ll pay a Top 15 price for any crypto platform like NEO or EOS that has a reasonable chance of succeeding Ethereum. They won’t increase by 1000%, but as the markets continue to mature and buyers look for high quality bottles from respectable distilleries in this proven region, they are safe bets to experience healthy increases in value. For that matter, if you prefer less of an active risk, you can buy shares in a whisky investment fund or ETF, which have shown some good returns so far.

On the other extreme, maybe you take a chance on something new and unproven. The good news is that it’s cheap. The bad news is that there are something like 900 new cryptocurrency projects per day now and you’re trying to pick a winner; you won’t know for a while since development can take many months.

Lots of junk coins out there and market cap doesn't mean a thing. Source:

It’s like picking a penny stock, the success of which has less to do with its technology than of its marketing team. In the world of Scotch whisky, I’ll use Kilchoman as an example in this category, since it has a recently established (since 2005) distillery on the island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides. It’s not unknown, as it’s already been producing some good Scotch, but buying a case of it is taking more of a risk.

Kilchoman adventuresinwhiskey blog.jpg
Kilchoman's first batch, 2005. Source: Kilchoman Distillery via

Looking further afield now, Irish whiskey is probably a better bet for investing than Scotch, as it has not been fully discovered yet by the investor set. There are good bargains to be had in Irish whiskey, but no certainties that investors will move to that sphere. When you buy a case of something like that and hold onto it in the hopes that trends will move that direction, it’s somewhat similar to buying cheap on a promising crypto that is not yet firmly established.

Steem as a Bourbon

To be bold, you need to predict the next frontier. Throngs of connoisseurs and investors have been all over Scotch whisky for a number of years. They moved onto Japanese distilleries, which are fewer in number and probably simpler to pump in price (just like your favorite crypto!). And perhaps Irish whiskey will be the next investment frontier. But let me turn back the clock just a bit to show you what you could have had if you were staying ahead of the curve; the timeline doesn’t quite overlap with cryptocurrencies, but that’s okay.

You could have noticed the cryptocurrency Steem sitting around the # 25 – 30 position on Coinmarketcap (as it is now at the time of this writing). Just like with American bourbon whiskey, it requires one to think a little differently than the obvious Ethereum successors like EOS and NEO. While whisky connoisseurs and investors were busy buying up aged single malt Scotch whiskies, no one was paying much attention to the other world hot spot with a history of high quality production from craft distilleries, which was American bourbon whisky.

Sitting on a gold mine. Source: Blanton's Bourbon.

Similarly, with Steem, you are looking at something just as well proven, but just as undervalued as those bourbons were before whiskey investors found them. With and other sites like, eSteem, Steepshot, and Dtube, Steem has proven one of the best use cases for cryptocurrency. Over a period of almost two years and with hundreds of thousands of active users, it has shown that good content can be rewarded by user upvotes. Steem is handling nearly half of the transactions in crypto now with a far more robust use case than nearly any cryptocurrency that has a higher market cap (hint: most of them have no real use).

And in the coming months, as Steem’s Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) become available, it is set to tokenize content on many other sites across the Internet. From Reddit to the New York Times to YouTube, almost any content site could monetize its content with a Steem SMT. While platforms like EOS and NEO are busy recruiting partners for ICOs on their platforms, Steem has a different niche: content sites that want to monetize their content.


Anyone interested in SMTs can look at the site to learn more.

Similarly, there’s a distillery that’s been making the highest quality Kentucky bourbon in limited batches for many years. This distillery is called Pappy van Winkle. Because production is limited, you know that buying a bottle of Pappy gives you a stake in a batch that is capped, rare, and in demand. When international buyers and investors looked beyond Scotch and recognized a similar promise in American bourbon whiskey, they discovered Pappy van Winkle’s 23-year old Family Reserve. A bottle of that stuff on the shelf has increased 972.5% since 2010.

Pappy Bourbonr.png

Of course, with Steem now processing nearly HALF of all transactions in crypto and with a market cap that represents only 0.4% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalizations, Pappy van Winkle may not be the best parallel. Owning Steem is more like owning shares in all American bourbon whiskey distilleries before investors discovered them. You get the idea.

Steem Half Transactions in Crypto.png

Steem Record Transactions.png

Active Users.png
Steem is now processing nearly HALF of all cryptocurrency transactions with a market cap of just 0.4% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. Source: Daily active users from .

Look just outside the hype box for something that’s proven its quality, has an important niche with committed followers, and deserves a bigger audience. If investors are as smart as you are, the hype will shift and they will find it also.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended as investment advice.


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Top image is public domain.

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Nice analogies - beautiful formatting. Just followed you. I think SMTs are riding an undercurrent that no one knows about. They will definitely change the social media landscape, and possibly sooner than we realise.


And it will be awesome. So we get more value out from our time we invest in the online landscape! YouTube seems to be going a little desperate how they have added ways to donate money in live streams. Just looks a bit spammy. These tokens will be a better system.

Will also be better for larger media companies to have a system like this instead of an annoying pay-wall to access content. Clearly they are also desperate and is trying to go back in time. Instead of opening up more they are building walls. Digital value transfer + Trust + Reputation + Speed = Winning Formula for changing the social media landscape.

As you say this will probably happen sooner than most realise. Especially since technology is growing with exponential growth and how this is global and with a large world population we now could easier connect the smartest minds to come up with revolutionary ideas and put them into real projects so much faster than in the past!


Agreed @hitwill with re SMTs, I'm so glad for this post because it has reminded me of my promise to myself to get to grips with them, and fully understand them. Yay @donkeypong! :0)



I think You are right and also think it' ll be sooner


@donkeypong thank you for that very informative article you've posted, but as a newbie in steemit, reading this makes my brain freeze and my nose bleed with the terminologies and how everthing works in cryptocurrency. but taking time to read all the informations and with comparing whisky to cryptocurrency helped me alot to understand atleast little by little.. hoping to read more good articles like this I wanna learn more about this


I am rooting for SMTs to conquer the top social media platforms and make the internet a better place. I think genuine earnings from SMTs can beat the rampant issue of scammers too...


sorry for accidentally downvoting - it happened to me twich :( , I was on my smartphone and the screen isn't large enough - fixed that with a little upvote :)
The good thing from this - I looked into your profile and it looks pretty interesting so you have a new follower :)


More need not to be said as a great analysis has been done and only the wise can see the gold mine contained in the post. The STM is just the next gold mine that is waiting to be tapped.


It is my opinion that Digibyte is one of the best crypto currencies and will make a lot of people wealthy as the adoption rate of Bitcoin grows. I'm not going to bore you with a technical analysis of the project, but rather provide my theory as to what the catalyst will be that makes the price of this coin rise in value.

The Digibyte team are geniuses from a technical standpoint. I'm sure if you are reading this you are already aware of the superior asset Digibyte is to other cryptos. The problem lies in marketing. With the adoption rate of the most popular crypto Bitcoin under 2% it is no surprise that very few people know of Digibyte and their nerdy crew. But no worries because Bitcoin is going to save the day.

As the masses become more familiar with Bitcoin and merchants attempt to implement it as a payment choice the faults of Bitcoin will become known on the big stage. I can see the morning news now talking of 10 minute wait times at Starbucks for a Bitcoin confirmation to clear. There will be a desperate search for a faster more secure payment method in the crypto space. And there with their big dicks swinging in the air will be Digibyte to the rescue. It is simply the natural progression of any new technology. Bitcoin is like Motorola and Nokia, but Digibyte will be Apple and Samsung.


It was an interesting analogy indeed.


Price Analysistt.png


Never thought of buying Wishy as an investment. even if I did it would not have lasted long in my household.. but may now as no one living here drinks whiskey anymore.. I was always a beer drinker myself but just turned 50 and I set myself a goal to give drinking away and not to touch another drop of alcohol again and get my health in check and start doing stuff I want to do in life.. try and start living some dreams... anyway thanks for sharing the information.


forgot to mention boobies to hit the trifecta


Protect Private Information


Well, when Bitcoin collapses to $1.00 per coin, at least you can drown your sorrows in your other investment! 😁

I am really glad I took the time to read this. I was not aware of this site prior to reading, I somehow missed it. But this is great to show illustrations of how SMT's might work. I'm talking with a lot of Steemians and it's difficult to explain, so any and all tools are helpful.

So Steem is like a boutique bottle of bourbon, I like it!


sorry for accidentally downvoting, I was on my smartphone and the screen isn't large enough - fixed that with a little upvote :)


I'm all out of analogies. This one seemed to work.


I really salute you @donkeypong on this analogy. Especially they way they dovetail. But as a ghostwriter who have worked on books around wine and whisky before, i am more in tune with the appalling side effects as a result of its abusive intake (excessive alcohol consumption), than discourses about how huge investments around them is.

Good write-up though.

Wow. I never knew wines appreciate do much that you can compare it's growth with that of cryptos. I just know in movies, I hear something like a 1000-dollar bottle of the 200 year old scotch. So prestigious for those that know their wines. Nice exposition there.

Steem is taking over the world and I'm happy I joined this platform when I did. Nice one @donkeypong

I feel like I'd end up drinking my wealth away if I did this lol. I always wanted a good collection of aged whiskey though... Great post.

I agree with you to invest in alcohol. But breakfast is counterproductive

""NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Middle-aged men who drink alcohol in large amounts are more likely to lose memory, attention and lack of thinking skills than those who did not, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of London.

European men who drank more alcohol were more likely to suffer mental losses faster than others who did not drink alcohol, scientists said"" . @donkeypong


No liquids for breakfast. :) I don't drink this stuff either, but it will have value as long as others do.


Yes, that's for sure!)Although it is crap but it is in demand!It was great to compare whiskey and crypto currency!;) It's like bitcoin and Johnnie Walker BLACK LABEL 12 years!We are waiting for the growth rate, when the red will turn green.


Hello @donkeypong

I'm very sure this is going to make the talk of town in days when people really get to know the essence of investing in distilleries.

Recently, people are really scared of not loosing and this have drove many people that ought to invest really big into crypto away.

Although, crypto is a wizard, still got the heart of many and it's a game of the wise men and those that than "risk it".

Here comes the opportunity for those that value distilleries to have a gold throne in their home.

Thanks for this


Just another form of liquid gold.


Oh yes! @donkeypong A liquid gold that will give rest of mind to investors because it's not gonna lose its value just like crypto does all the time.

Many crypto investors are liable to check their blood pressure twice a month because when crypto lose its value,such investor is not gonna be happy.

And here an opportunity for those that can risk giving distilleries values by investing so hard to it.

distilleries will soon have it's own form of gold just like you said

liquid gold.


This is a good one. I can't relate too much about everything there is in cryptocurrency but pretty sure I do with the liquors you mentioned which gives me a clearer overview with what crypto has in store for someone as ignorant as me. I'm into Johnnie Walker only when my friends treat me as to this is absolutely pricey :D I've been interested with bourbon lately since most people in Virginia makes it seem like a very smooth drink (been addicted with Vampire Diaries, shooting took place there). Anyway, the whole thing gives me an idea to where I am standing as of the moment. More power to brilliant posts you have there! ;)

Perfect investment plan you showing compared high rated whiskey market. Ha ha...Why you don't like to whiskey? My favorite choice is Chivas Regal. Lol. It nicely matched bitcoin tokens. I'm learning something from you now. I like your comparison of cryptos. Currently best option to have alternative investment scheme. If not probably can be down. Excellent analyze @donkeypong.

I’m a buyer of actual bottles of my favorite liquors as well. I buy two bottles for every label I want to invest in – one to keep, and one for me to drink and enjoy with family. Buying actual bottles mean that I have the real value in my hand – it’s easy to store and move, and its flavor keeps for years.
Amazing post!

Interesting! Using whiskey as an investment, these bottles really gain in value over time and to the correct buyer you could sell them for a lot...

But if whiskey is a huge market, there another alcoholic beverage that can be used as an investment, wine! There are bottles of wine that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and there are many bottles trapped in cellars gaining value right now.


Here in Venezuela, I think the dream of everyone who tries to get rich quickly is to own a liquor store! :') I'm always hearing about it. I hadn't understood their drives until I read this post today. It really seems profitable in many ways.


Wine is good also, but there are so many wineries and regions that you really need to know your craft if you are buying low for an investment.

I completely agree with you about investing in alcohol overall. Especially when bad times come prices of any alcohol skyrocket. Its weird, but it’s true. People are more drinking and smoking when there are tough times, such as crises. I’m big whiskey stacker as well.
Great post!


There are some things that are always in demand. If you're stacking, you probably have more than I do. :)

You sure are putting your dot connector title to good use with this article, I totally love it! My only worry with investing in whisky is that we would drink our investment away hahah. Not sure if we can HODL the whisky as long as we would want.

I can't believe that steem is processing half of the transactions of crypto transactions...that's super exciting and promising for all us Steemians. I definitely believe in it! Steem to the moon! :)


It helps that I don't like drinking whisky, but if you're so inclined, HODLing might be difficult. :)


Steem made it to the moon already. Next stop, Mars

I'm totally agree with your invest whiskey overall. Whiskey bottle being valuable with old year. Also lets see market value of half year whisky. It has huge market price.
Your explained with comparison much better. I'm big fan of Johnnie Walkers whiskey. I much like you steem compare with Bourbon.
Absolutely brilliant idea indeed best investment solutions post.

Lol, I also think whiskey tastes like rocket fuel but my husband loves it. I think like you build a taste for whiskey, you build a taste for crypto. Most people have no idea about steemit because they don’t know about crypto and a real use case for it. I think if the marketcap can remain steady for a couple more weeks you will see new people coming into the crypto-sphere again and eventually it will lead them to joining here. I just hope it doesn’t happen too fast because I need to buy a lot more steem before it starts going up! 😂


That's a good analysis. Yes, slow and steady is fine!

I can't invest in whisky because it keeps disappearing by the next day..



Hehehehe. Very funny. Then get a whisky bank where you would not have easy access to.


Good point. Maybe that's why I buy it and don't drink it.


Lol! Whisky too good to keep around!

"Steem now processing nearly HALF of all transactions in crypto and with a market cap that represents only 0.4% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalizations"
Just amazing for steem, This step for steem will be continued I hope. Steep will reach in last step success. Justh thanks to share and Congress to steem team.


Steem has so much potential. There are some economic issues that need to be fixed though, like whales dominating curation and possibly censoring certain users.

This is a wonderful well written blog. I love a good bourbon. I have tried a few different irish whiskeys but never truly appreciated them like the Kentucky Bourbons and Whiskey. I'm fortunate to be in the Baltimore and Eastern Shore of Maryland where you can wonderful deals on these items. I will definitely start trying different brands and storying them. I just have to make sure I lock it up when I have visitors because my friends and family know I only drink top shelf brands, not because I'm it's because the taste comparison is amazing. Thanks for the great information

how do you store your whisky to maintain its value ?


Actually, storing the whiskey in the bottle will not increase its quality. Before they are bottled, they undergo a process called aging. You can read more about it here


I didn't say anything about increasing its quality and this article is about whiskeys that are already bottled.


I just keep it in a dark cabinet that doesn't get hot, though I also have fairly low humidity here.


if you started buying $100,000 bottles then you start needing vaults and climate and temperature control and insurance and such, that has to eat into your margin. You don't want to drop a case of those and not have insurance. Or find that teenagers had a million dollar party.

I took time to read your whole article. You really did it and smartly you compared.👍👍
(Steem is now processing nearly HALF of all cryptocurrency transactions with a market cap of just 0.4% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. Source: Daily active users from)

I really happy to be a member of STEEMIT

You've blended three of my absolute favorite things: making money, whiskey & crypto. I live in the middle of the whiskey belt right in the Middle of Tennessee and only an hour away from the KY border. I've never considered investing in the brown, but I have a killer unused wine cellar that basically stores my old boarding school trunks and college pictures. Cheers to you!


Aha! You could become an inside spy and let us know the hot lables. Or you could start your own moonshining in the cellar there...


Made a few rounds of moonshine for client gifts and way too much effort for shitty shine. There's some artisan whiskey in my area... Bunch of rich land owners all around me.. apparently they like their brown.

Crypto The Currency Dog approves. Glad to think of Steem as good bourbon.
Crypto The Currency Dog.jpg

Great analogy! I like how you compared Steem to a rare bourbon whiskey. I guess that makes Bitconnect the MadDog 20/20 of the crypto world - packs a powerful punch and leaves you with nothing but regret. Ha! Since we've seen so many new coins rolled out lately, it is a wonder someone isn't working on a "liquor coin." ;)


Haha! I hadn't thought of that one, but good comparison too.



Source: Blanton's Bourbon with my own tweak. :)

Are you familiar with Cleveland bourbon? An entrepreneur down on his luck made a last ditch effort to start a business by reverse engineering the aging process in bourbon. Long story short: instead of putting the whiskey in the barrels; they put the barrels in the whiskey and infused the flavor more quickly and efficiently in their product. A very successful business was born out of innovation, efficiency, and ultimately desperation. What a great story of making something out of nothing.


Interesting. I hadn't heard of that, but the reverse engineering makes some sense.

Wow.. This is gold. Investing in Whisky is now the deal yea... Haha.... This is just business mindset. This is so wierd, yet so true. This is how entrepreneur's reason. This really sounds like a very good business with less risks, unlike cryptos. Thanks for this insight @donkeypong

Always preferred some Irish single pot to the Scotches, although Indo have friend from Scotland who’d always asked me to join him on a hike down the whisky trail. I think at some point I need to go just to savor some of the vanilla fragranced gasoline of the highland distilleries.

From my perspective, while I do love STEEM, what is becoming more prevalent (I believe) is how Uniledgers and superledgers are not a scalable solution to blockchain tech. I think sidechains May be the solution in the medium term to blockchain bloat, but then again I like an Irish whiskey.


And that makes you a free thinker, which can be a predictor of common sense.

Booze has always had and will always have value! If you get the right stuff well then you are looking at an appreciating investment. Think about it like his: can you imagine a world without alcohol? Prohibition proved that people will do anything to get their hands on the sweet nectar.
I personally became intrigued by booze as an investment when I became a bartender at a posh golf club. It wasn’t good enough for the bar to have just any whisky or scotch. These connoisseurs wanted the highest valued and therefore assumed to be the best tasting bottle available. I remember being schooled by these guys about the why and how to serve it and the whole nine yards. It was an education I’d keep with me forever. I was going to build a vast collection of wines and whisky. I bought my first bottle of wine for investment at that time. A 1980 Bordeaux. I thought I was king of the world. I have yet to truly get my wine collection going as life dictated other terms for my financial disposable income but I have always kept the idea of building that collection in the back of my mind.
Thanks for the intriguing post.


Death, taxes, and alcohol: not going away anytime soon.


Hahahaha ain’t that the truth!!!! If you're interested in a fantastic Whisky that is already considered premium and aged significantly before sale check out the Glenora Distillery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia , Canada. The stuff is smooth and delicious and will gain nice value over time.

I love whisky and feel fairly indifferent to Crypto (its got its good and bad elements, but it is necessary as the world's financial systems need to be "disrupted").

I love a good clean Japanese Yamazaki 18 though.

You gave me a great idea, man. I would've never thought to invest in whiskey. Liquid gold, eh, it never came to my mind before!

Yeah... It's huge... Steemit is just breaking all the limits now. Can anyone stop it now? I doubt it lol :d

well good to know about whiskies and its prices and compare with cryptos and really amaized to know about whiskies prices and i think its really like as crypto investment give more profit to its holder but one thing,, is its price go up and down like crypto or stable @donkeypong?
i also dont drink any whiskies but to read your post its force us to invest in whiskies like cryptos man


It's less volatile than cryptos, but past performance is no indication of future promise, so any investment can decline.

In just a half of the year bottles of Scotch whisky sold at auction reached $14.34 million!!!! tremendous. I've been doing investments in cryptocurrency for some months now, and I had no idea there is another investment which could pull some big money similar to what I've been fetching in the returns of cryptocurrency.
It's the first I've heard about trading in whiskies, and you've explained all there is to know in this trading, enough to convince me to join the market.
Making a good selection of the whiskies that are likely to go higher over time is the best way to go about it as detailed in this post.
From this report, I believe Irish whiskey would be a good bet for some of us who take risks at under valued cryptocurrencies.. who knows, we've seen crazy raises in prices of some of these currencies like etherium which shot from $9 to $13 per token to $1300, and the same could do for Irish whiskey. Just saying you can give it a try, as long as you invest in money your willing to lose.
And for Pappy van Winkle, increasing by 972.5% since 2010, outstanding, I give it the same respect I give to steem which is handling nearly half of the transactions in crypto now. This is the future.
Go Steem Go Pappy van Winkle

Really liked the acknowledgement that whiskey isn't as great as the world makes it out to be. I feel the blockchains that make it easier for developers to build on top of will win. The developers build the ecosystem of apps and websites. EOS doesn't even make you learn a new programming language like Solidity making it all the easier to actually dive right in.

I'm really excited to read this interesting investment planing post @donkeypong. I agree with you totally with whiskey bottle investment. Whiskey has massive market price with brand name. Excellent compare with various branded whiskey with various named cryptos. I much like BTC comparison with Chivas Regal. I uses only Chivas occasionally. Crypto price always up and down. But whiskey market I've seen only up.
Nice initiative and valuable information indeed.

Upvoted and resteemed! Nice article BUT I have to give you one really, I mean really really really, important advice: Make sure to lock them away at the next party!!! Please check my blog as well... there are some posts in english! Best wishes from Germany.

investment in whiskey is profitable but may be in decades. coupled with invest crypto, at the time the price of crypto soar we can directly have fun by drinking a little from the savory wishkey hahaha.


Very true/cool points!

Comparing whiskey and digital currency into writing is an excellent idea as it is easy to digest. If I were to invest in the whisky business, I will invest in these undervalued American bourbons as they are the real hidden mother lode gold waiting to be mined, just like Steemit. I couldn’t wait any longer the SMTs’ launching date, this will further skyrocket the Steem value which is good for the Steemit community.

I think Steem will be having some competition soon as other has came out with idea similar to Steemit. Company like Current, backed by Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban will release their own token (CRNC) that could be earned through social networking like participating in creating and curating media contents. But Steem is the pioneer of contents monetization and I believe it will stand strong among thousands of the cryptocurrencies out there.

Thank you for the time you took to make this informative article. Whiskey meets Crypto!? So Crazy we love it!
The Crypto Crazies!

Donkey - great article!
I always wanted to buy some bottles of whiskey and store them as an investment.
My problem, opposite of yours, is, that I will drink the whiskey. Scotch, less so, but a good bourbon or rye, wimple wont make it past a few months on my shelf. In my household, the shelf-life of whiskey, is halved every week (o:
Followed you and re-steemed!

Great post and I like many of these analogies and examples. I didn’t know the steem blockchain was doing half of all blockchain transactions... just goes to show how undervalued steem is and how great the potential is! Thanks for the info. One problem I see in investing in whiskeys for me personally is that they probably wouldn’t stay on the shelf... well done and cheers! 🥃🥃


Yes, that seems to be a common issue with alcohol investments. :)

mentor @donkeypong thanks for the advise, Now you make zuckerberg 500 billion market cap nervous . if zuck would create its own crypto that would be a struggle on his part. The more time will prevail, the more people will know about STEEMIT.COM. Just a matter of time ,soon this will be the biggest social media that rewards the content creators. :)

Love the interesting perspective, thanks for sharing :)

Interesting info, I did not realize Whiskey was such a good investment :)


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Wow, this is really interesting @donkeypong. While I do enjoy the occasional good bourbon on the rocks from time to time, I'm not a big fan of hard liquors. Unlike cryptos though, if cryptos move to zero you have nothing. If whiskeys move to zero, at least you have a good drunk left! 😉 Good post!

Excellent post and i agree with your thoughts steem blockchain is amazing and i never experience such flawless blockchian before and i hope with the upcoming SMT and communities, steem will go to the moon, so right now buying and hodl steem is a wise decision.

Like cryptocurrencies, you can think of it as liquid gold.

I am amazed that investing in wines could be this lucrative and from your analysis, it promises to be a very cool business. This is valuable information Sir.

Wow! Buying into distilleries. This sounds like a very good business with less risks compare to cryptos. Thank you sir for sharing.

Steem certainly is one of the most lucrative investment one can have even this post isn't meant to be an investment advise.
Steem is undervalued now but it has the best project backing it up and that ensures a very bright future for it, it's just a little more time before it tops the list!.

Great analogy


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well done. i'm a fan of both #crypto and #whiskey, so i can really appreciate the effort and analogy. i have a tough time holding on to a bottle long enough to see it's value go up, but if you have the patience and willpower, whiskey can be a good investment (though i don't think it's ever as good as crypto). ;p

Bloody brilliant!

I had never considered buying spirits as a mid-long term investment strategy.. but it makes sense.

I am brewer myself and though I don’t distill, I can see how well Mead- for instance- appreciates with time. Looks like I may need to dabble into the consortium of fine whiskey

What a smart comparison. But I must admit I have no idea of the drinks you mentioned. Anyhow, I believe that investing in crypto will do us good.

I never knew one could invest in whiskey and be this profitable..
Steem is being more recognised and people are embracing it daily, i can't wait to see where it will be in the next few months.
Thanks for sharing this info on whiskey, i will be researching it for my investment plan.

Whiskey/Alcohol is the new Steem. Invest wisely. Hahaha. This actually made me laugh as it is also an eye opener. I am able to draw an inspiration from it. It's all about staying ahead. Those who see further go farther.

Wow, I really admire your open mindedness. It's commendable

Haha had the same thought 2 weeks back as I wrote a post about Investing in Whiskey after reading of the Single Malt Fund, the world’s first publicly traded whiskey commodity fund.

I get the idea, people who got the idea for bitcoin and acted on it are millionaires and billionaires today, I get the idea of investing in STEEM today, investing before the investors is what actually makes you heck of molla. This is a great piece of info, am glad I read through. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the update boss, we they follow you 24/7

Wow! This another investment idea, if the bottle of whiskey is appreciated in value I think this is another business opportunity.

great.. !thanks for this valuable post and good work !!

Educative analysis, wow! If you know you know

Thanks for relating this in a relatable analogy, i gained alot from this post

Interesting post

Price Analysistt.png

thanks for following this valuable post
resteemit done

Whiskey is for drinking my friend. Not for storing. The more that you drink the more appreciation that you have for the different blends and flavours. Personally I love a glass of 10 year old Jameson or Glenmorangie.

Booze coin!

Great read. First I heard of Steem’s Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) gotta look in to those.

Where do you sell old bottles of whiskey?

Is there a website dedicated to Whiskey buying and selling?

Haha now that's some great comparisons. And it's really something new, because I never ever thought that whiskey can be a form of investment :O learning something new every day on this platform!
Great whiskey comparison to Steem! We just gotta wait until the "whiskey" investors discover this amazing Steem blockchain!

Liquor bottles investment is really booming in my community. It is even done in the smallest unit possible in the community to the point that buyers cry the town for sellers.
Good one here👍🏽

Thanks for this cryptocurrency news update providing... i appreciate this post. i always follow your post. resteemit done

Nice write up. Analogy is a powerful way of Education. Enjoyed reading along here.

thats great and really a new and helpfull information and good sharing @dongkepong ,,,and to see this post and know about these whiskies price and profit in old whiskies i really say it old is gold and i think you are also a millionar if you have some old and vaueable whiskies and more amaizing thing that these whiskies price up to all cryptos
i really appriciate you that you shared this intresting and much knowledge full post today

Thanks for sharing @donkeypong

Wow, i used to think the craze for whiskey was just for cowboys and trend following elite who just want to socialize, i never knew it had more especially the part of investment.
Thanks for this insight boss @donkeypong. Once again thanks for what you do to the steem community esp. The african communities

You had me at #Whiskey & #Crypto! lol

Although I like the fine whiskeys, I have no problem, with a little Johnnie, Jameson, & Crown..

Good investment ideas. I never knew that a bottle of whiskey is that expensive. I don't take alcohol either but I don't think investing in this is such a bad idea. Thanks for this insightful post@donkeypong.

It is unforgettable what you find out in a diary you take the time to read it and it is interesting, I agree with the opinion of @gringalicious is something like a boutique bottle of bourbon. What fun

Cool article. How do you store your whiskey's? Any tricks of the trade?


Read about aging here

resteemit done dear

At first I was like "nah, gotta read this to prove how it's wrong" but aftear reading it I'm like "fuck, gotta read it again to learn this shit out!" magnificient work putting together such ideas.

I would like to take thoese bottle and enter my hand through the screen to your post. nothing better than alchool , yummmmy who agree ;)

We will look back at this time and realize that we were very, very savvy investors who were ahead of our time. I have missed a lot of opportunities. I am delighted this is not one of them. Thank you for reminding everyone just how awesome it is to get in this great opportunity we call steem.

@donkeypong wow wonderful post store your whisky brand is fun liker valid ball brand the craft liquor didn't sell as well as Diageo officials had hoped — it was part of the company's Catalyst Division, which focuses exclusively on high potential brand thank for shear

to my knowledge alcoholic beverages are not good for health
and hopefully you will not drink it again
I like the same people do not drink alcohol.
a very good post and I am amazed of you

this post got me drunk....

Fascinating. A bartender pal gave me my first taste of Japanese whiskey on Saturday night. Smoooothe...

Enjoyed the article, the hilarious analogy of "gasoline with a complex vanilla aroma" drew me in, as it does with actual whiskey.

Wow @donkeypong , I'm going to bookmark this. Some really valuable stuff. I did not know hardly anything about Scotch whiskeys and investing in that area.

I will have to look at that Pappy Van Winkle as well. Looks interesting.

Honestly, I haven't read so much in one article (in a long time) that has made me have as many 'aha' moments as this one ;) Thank you !!
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Holy mother of god and Santa balls!
I've read it but the only one thing is on my mind - 14,000,000$ whiskey.

I was not aware of valuable information thanks for sharing those good analogies, investing in alcohol, investing in cryptocurrencies, all wonderful and well explained @donkeypong


When I was in school, one of my Lecturers said he buys whiskeys and stores them.
And I was, why doesn't he drink it, but drinks normal wine instead.

Now I know better....

This is an eye opener....
Thanks for sharing....

Es interesante, se dice que el licor envejecido es mejor y adquiere mucho valor monetario, por lo tanto es buena inversión al igual que el steem.

I tried to get my brother in law to get me into the Ohio auction for some Pappy. He missed the deadline though. -@bozz

Great read, I really like your analogies. Without question, Steem is a beautiful bourbon, aging beautifully and soon to be discovered. Appreciation will be quick

wow! it is wonderful how business mind thinks, I could not have imagine someone stalking up whisky as a form of investment except for future chance of dumping more pressure on the liver.
It is great having business minds close, so one can always have inspiration as to how to go. Thanks for sharing this wonderful investment opportunity in the form of liquid gold (lol).

Ha, great analogies here. I actually hadn't considered investing in something like whiskey either.

WOW im really happy that i am able to read this very informative article.. i might considered investing on alcohols.. how to store it to maintain its value and taste.

That an awsome input on secondary investment. Seems "old is gold" is the best to use for whiskey the older the whiskey is the more it has worth and with overall inflation is on rise u never know wen it gona shoot to moon. Crypto is total virtual whereas whiskey are physical although doesnt like to intake but good to have in stock👍 a must to resteem !