Get 100% Upvote and Free Shrimp for Joining EtherShrimpFarm

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Reach Your Inner Bubba Gump

Watch out EtherGoo, there is another production game in town, EtherShrimpFarm Its pretty simple. You get some Free Shrimp to start with. They start producing eggs. You can choose to hatch the eggs into more shrimp, or sell them. The more ETH in the contract, the more eggs are worth, and visa versa. Shrimp can't be sold, so you have to decide between making more eggs and taking profit. You can always buy eggs to give yourself a head start, or if you think they are at a cheap price. You also get 20% of the eggs that your friends hatch. Claim your free srhimp and have a little fun EtherShrimpFarm

After you claim your Free Srhimp @ EtherShrimpFarm, just follow these instructions and get your 100% Upvote:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Like and Re-Tweet this Tweet
  3. Comment on the TWEET with your EtherShrimpFarm referral link
  4. Upvote and Resteem this post
  5. Comment on this post with your EtherShrimpFarm referral link

Your comments on the tweet and this post will count as 2 entries total!

I will validate the entry and then give you 100% upvote

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Thanks @brittuf for conducting such contests and giveaways
Here's my referral link

Enjoy the free 140,000 shrimp @brittuf



Wow I don't know what to say... your the man!


I think I made a huge mistake, uh oh.

Interesting Ill have to look in to that!

This is going to be bigger than crypto kitties

All the best for your new venture

I like Steemit's new view. I like this post to you because I can not benefit you much from this post because thank you for posting this post is very important for the newcomers.

Thanks @brittuf for conducting such contests and giveaways

Please guide me.I am not understanding from here !!!



you have to use


Ok Thanks

great post really like it.

i read your all post and one thing i know in your post is your all post is very informative and interesting that why i am following you keep it up bro

I didn't get back in Goo when they relaunched. I will check out EtherShrimp