My Fitness Routine - Capitalizing on Micro Moments

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Hi Friends,

One of my favorite things to do throughout the day is to fit in these little “micro-moments” to work out. I honestly don’t have a ton of time to go spend hours at the gym every day, and so I’ve found that this works really well for me to stay fit – without a huge time commitment. I do this, in conjunction with going for a walk every day.

Everyone’s body will be different – but me and some of my friends have been experimenting with this lately with great success.

What do I mean by micro-moments?

Well.. you could go about this a few ways. It is basically working out more often throughout your day, but for shorter periods of time. Here are a few ways I’ve experimented with:

  • Once an hour = stop for a minute and do reps of something. Wether it be situps, planking, squats, lunges etc.

  • Tie reps to some sort of acticvty like every time you finish a glass of water, or go to the bathroom you have to do X.

  • “Pre90secs”. It’s a workout that my friend came up with and used to lose a bunch of weight. Basically, you have to do a HARDCORE workout for 90 seconds before you eat anything. He found that 90 seconds was just long enough to make it challenging, and it even made him snack less because he knew he’d have to do a 90 second workout.

There are a lot of ways to go about it – but I’ve found that the biggest benefit isn’t my waistline, but my energy levels. By getting my blood pumping, even if it’s just a little, more frequently throughout the day totally reenergizes me. For example – I’m at work right now and have done 5 mini workouts and I’ve been super productive all day.

How do you do these workouts if you are in a public place like work or a restaurant? The bathroom. I have no shame. Take the big stall and do some squats, lunges, standing oblique twists… whatever floats your boat.

If any of you are like me and lead a super busy life that doesn’t always make time for lots of exercise – you may enjoy experimenting with this! I love it and have gotten a ton of my friends doing it with me too. In fact, my co-worker and I have a little daily challenge going. Here’s our tally from today.


Yes that is supposed to say lunges… not lungs. I blame early Monday morning brain.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you decide to give this a try! Again, I’m not a personal trainer or anything like that, I’m just sharing something that works well for me. Always listen to your own body to see if it will be comfortable for you.

Xo, Lea



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It really does work! :P

I am sorry, but you left yourself open to this!


Bahahaha damn. I look good. 💪🏻 🤣



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Look at those guns!! 💪💪💪 You’d be super scary to run into in a dark alley!! 👀😳😂 Nice dress tho!! 👗 Super hot!! 🔥🔥🔥

There is extreme value in performing exercises throughout the day, no matter how small. Have you tried any of the dance exercise routines such as Zumba or BollyX? If not I recommend it... super fun. In fact, I'm in the process of getting BollyX certified and I may possibly instruct a class in Austin if IJ lets me lol.

The office is an easy place to get some activity in during the day as there is nothing as sedentary than sitting at a desk so anything helps. For example, despite there being a bathroom on my floor, I would to the one upstairs or two floors up. I also never use the elevator during the day. Also, great options are chair exercises and also having a pilates ball to sit on which at your desk as it engages your core. I have tried them all in the last and you ultimately get used to them and they help plenty; especially now that you can get @actifit to motivate you even more by earning Steem along the way!

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~eat ! :) ♥
Gooooooooooood introduction to stay fit ! ♩♬
thanks ! :)


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Good info! I too don’t have those long blocks of time! Micro workouts makes sense! You could make an entire series on this!

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Greetings, dear coruscate

Well cool that you're doing exercises. You look beautiful in the video. I went back to work, too.

Thank you and good night!!!

@coruscate, Yes, everyone have their own priorities. And in my opinion, no matter what activity, no matter less or more, we have to engage in effective movements or activities so that we are giving that flexible motion and movements so that our body can breathe. Keep enjoying and stay fit. Stay blessed. 🙂

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I will try wat all you said☺

  • Calf raises when brushing your teeth or in the shower.
  • Calf raises on the edge of a raised curb.
  • Skipping steps on a stairwell.
  • An exercise resistance band at your desk you can step on and do curls/shoulders with.
  • Arm circles in both directions to burn out are also sneaky effective.

Wow! Awesome way to fit in some workouts throughout the day, you also must keep a well balance diet because you look great :)