My First 1,000 Steemians! THANK YOU!

in dtube •  10 months ago



➢Furious Apparel:
➢Lifting Gear:
➢Weight Plate Necklaces:



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Why are you always resteeming?? Pls respond to my page. I have something to tell you

Congrats on hitting 1K so fast! Keep up the good work!!!

Congratulations on this big achievement.

I am going steadly but hopefully will reach there one day.
What advice you would like to give to the new users for a growth like this and success on steemit?

Yea! It is happy to follow you!



He Sure Is Growing Fast!

I'm just joining the party and missed the first 1,000 but I've become a fan and am interested in seeing what else you put out there.

@furiouspete123 You and other BIG YouTubers coming to STEEMIT are Going to Blow our Crypto, STEEM HUGE to the UPside in my Opinion. We are Here Early and the Best is yet to Come !!

congratulations man

Hello peteee, always a follower here!

I'm glad on your behalf :) ..

You are number one..

Congratulations :D Nice to see one of my favorite youtubers here also :) Still can't believe how you can eat all that food :P

heyyy man

im enjoying and like your videos and keep going on !

1300 followers in 2 weeks after YEARS on youtube.

You can hate this fact. You can love. But you can't deny that youtube helps even without ads revenue. Those thousands subscribers will find you everywhere, and promote your account on different platform.

We know that steemit was created for empowering steem. Make it popular with all those user base. If you can promote, shout about steemit to your big subs base - then you will win here.


yep I will do that soon! just want to get to know THIS community first :)


It's great to have you around Pete. I'm pleased that you are testing things out before jumping into the heads of a bunch of people. #Iapprove ;P I am pretty sure you are going to like the digital value you are able to realize on the Steemit platform, even before a large portion of your current audience knows you are here.

Oh, and helluvah dumbell you gots there! #sheesh!^2


Congratulations, and really happy for your super quick growth on this amazing platform and in my opinion you will definitely going to forget YouTube because Steemit and Dtube is really amazing. Keepup the great work. 🙂

Stay Blessed.

You deserved this

hey pete long time fan here :) continue using steem and their plattform so the commuity grows :)

Hey Pete you should add the full link to all your social medias in your posts including the https so that if people are interested they can click on it rather than having to copy-paste it!

I have 7 subs on youtube and more than 123 on steemit.
Youtube gets worse each day with censorship etc...

Don’t forget to follow a person or two @furiouspete123- you’re an asset to this community—follow others to give back a little to those who’ve welcomed you so warmly.


i will also feel among your people .. Happy valentines

congrats Pete! keep your private keys stored safety offline, don't want you losing this account too lol

okay ... to subscribe opened to the public or not ... haahaha

Follow me and i'll provide content to make you cryptowealthy

well done!. I am sure you will have many more in the future. I am a new subscriber, and am a cancer survivor too. It is now almost 6 years since I finished my treatment. I am sure you inspire others when they see how much you can achieve in life

Awesome dude

Congratulations for achievement, Keep it up


A big wowed congrats to you boss, have been following your hadle since i joined steemit , am highly motivated, beliving that one day i will become a boss like you,

More greaze to your elbow.

Congrats on your first 1000 followers Pete, good to have a big YouTuber like yourself seeing the benefits of this platform!

good lock

A HUGE WELL DESERVED CONGRATULATIONS! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Congratulations !!!

this guy has the look on his face of changing his life.

Congrats on the 1000!! I did the same thing with my private keys the first go around. Oops. Keep fightin and stay hungry.

Enjoying these vids man keep it up 👍

Great video i will always support you i will try and follow you all on any of your post ...more power to your elbow

1337 Steemians

Good lock...

Outstanding achievements. you are a very lucky person, because you can reach such a follower. it must have taken a lot of time and effort.

but, now you can feel a sensation of success because it has produced remarkable achievements.


this can be an inspiration for me and other steemit users. to follow your successful trail.

thank you @furiouspete123 for sharing.

Congratulations bro. It's an achievement for you.

i did the same shit with my keys sucks, welcome my dude


Haha I don't know your first attempt in Steemit was fucked up then your second i excellent you got 3 day ago almost 1,400 Steem Dollars :) this huge @furiouspete123 take care dude Pete aka Piotrek

What a grow up ! :) Nice, Why I subscribe You here and on Youtube?! :D

congrats, wait for more video/post :)

congratulations to you ... a great achievement .... !! hopefully one day I can imitate your success step ... !!

100k son!!


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Congratulations! Do you eat healthier now?

To be honest, I’m totally new to your content but after reading up and watching a lot of your backstory, it’s incredibly inspiring, especially using your influence to help others while you’re going through a ringer as well, that’s fantastic. Looking forward to keeping up with you more as you continue to share!
Myself and the community kicking around at #dtubedaily are excited to have you on board!

Big congratulations its all about steemit

Big congratulutions 😘😍😴

Glad to see you here man!


Congratulations. The last time I visited your channel you were at 77, if I recall correctly. Keep on Steeming.

This is GREAT Pete, seeing where you've came from and you're leading the way for the guys on the new former youtube where you could "broadcast yourself" Decentralized blockchain platforms are the future and are gonna allow a lot more people to be successful in the future. :D

Been a fan for years man. Your story is inspirational. Cool to see you on here.

How did you achieve it so soon? Guys follow me too. Thanks

Wow nice love your blog so much Pls Pls Upvote me and follow back @davibes

a milestone achieved
great to know this
good luck from side and a huge congratulations @furiouspete123

Congratulations Dear Bro on this big achievement. Keep it Up.

Good, vollow & votes me @wannis

I barely got 100 the other day and awaiting for my first 1000 followers, congrats.

Gratulacje Peter ! ; )

Dick tube, boob talk, crypto fomo, fun video!