SOOOO Excited To Be On DTUBE! | What I Meant By Regulation & Censorship | Furious Pete

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The big test will be whether or not Dtube "users" bury or TRY to bury videos exposing the psyops. The fake terrorist attacks. The fake school shootings. The fake events that are SOLD as real by the mainstream media, but are entirely fictional and used to push agendas and provoke fear in the masses. And I use the term Dtube "users" in quotation marks, because while this platform is entirely community-voted and moderated, it's quite transparent how one can game the system and simply buy an overwhelming amount of influence (and censorship power) by hoarding more Steem / voting power, thus control of the narrative. (Or an attmpt to control the narrative)


Of course there will always be people trying to control a system. But other people are highly invested in this platform with their own VESTS and Steem Power and if someone goes a bit too out of line then humans react. Since we are wired for stable tribes and building communities like that.

Even though someone can do a so called game the system it's also very transparent in how people spend their money! So people can see what others are doing. And then you have the reputation and trust system which also helps people to behave. Nobody will be able to control the narrative since there is so much information overload right now. That 1 company will be able to control is just not logical.


Worst case scenario you get downvoted into oblivion and anyone who upvotes you gets blanket downvoted too. Thing is, almost nobody with that much steem power has any real political affiliation. It will take a long time before you see big corporations show up to buy steem to be able to censor content here. And if that does happen we would all become filthy rich. I would be damn near set for life if steem went to 50-100 USD a pop. That in turn would make it even harder to censor as the amount of steem power needed would only go up to counter how much more worth everyone else has.


Yeah that is true what you are saying. But we also already live in extreme abundance we just don’t like to see it that way. Money has been easier to get access to the last 100 years. Now we have so many interesting ways to start to make some serious money just by generate it online. Money will mean less in the future because stuff will become cheaper. As Elon Musk have said. True abundance is coming.

Then it will more be about trust, connections and reputation to thrive! And intelligence of course. The fun thing with these times is that it’s finally the Geeks time to be on top of the food pyramid of life.

It does sort of feels that Steem for sure will easy hit 100 dollars! And the amazing thing right now with your Steem Power is how you are in the top 1% of users on the website! Be rich in life will be defined in other ways. As in who has the most connections and has built up the most love by giving to other humans! That will be the real currency in the new world.

Since money will be so easy to generate. Hey Steem may even hit a 1000 dollars eventually in a couple of years. Then it will all be about how you could re-invest it in other people to get an even more awesome return to keep doing the same thing!


This is like saying american political system works with lobbying (and yet they are most corrupt) , thats only from economic side since you just need enough money to get into where you want to be so its all about access. Look how that went with gmo and other garbage they unleash upon world. Simply doesnt work.


While I don't fully agree with your political leaning and philosophical bent, I do however share the same concerns with you regarding the internal censorship between community members of opposing beliefs. I don't know what's the perfect solution to this to be honest!

On a side note, @furiouspete123 facial expression be like:



The Good Sides of Extra-curricular Activity

I heard through one of your YouTube videos that you're friends with LA Beast...?

Get that man on here!

We can use some more content creators like you and the Beast on here. Start to shake things up a bit like we need to.


Yea, LA Beast is having a hard time on youtube at the moment, a few months back he was totally demoetized and was only allowed to earn via live streams, then they banned his livestreams and put his account on hold because of "offensive" eating challenges. Needless to say, he was angry!


"offensive" eating challenges???What the hell?What else is left that allowed on Youtube? Nail polish videos??


he was hungry to :)


Maybe there was not enough equality between burgers and hotdogs!


LA Beast has said that he will never stop posting videos to youtube, and will remain true to his goals (you know how he goes on :P). But with all of the crap they've thrown at him recently, you gotta wonder when he's going to snap and come looking for another platform. I'm sure he's aware of Dtube. There's no way people haven't clued him in already. Maybe Pete needs to give him the talk.


Definitely want to see LA Beast here, too. Have a nice day!

  1. Nothing can be removed from the blockchain. Ever. "Regulation" isn't going to change this.

  2. Any app can choose any policy it likes for what it presents to the user. This means evil stuff can be blocked.

  3. The user can choose what app they want to use. They can choose to use an app that blocks porn, or an app that blocks political stuff they don't like, or an app that only blocks child porn, snuff porn and rape. Or an app that blocks nothing.

  4. works by simply blocking anything with negative vote counts. This means anything voted down to oblivion is invisible automatically. You can also report genuinely illegal content to Steemit and they will ensure that their web app does not show it.




These facts were probably in the Getting Started guide I was supposed to read, but thanks for posting them. Very helpful for somebody just starting out.


Is there a getting started guide?


Actually, it's called the "quick start guide". Here:


Thank you! :) I just posted that.


Well explained


This means anything voted down to oblivion is invisible automatically. You can also report genuinely illegal content to Steemit and they will ensure that their web app does not show it.

But this also means anybody can create an app that pulls out everything that has ever written on the Steem blockchain since genesis without blocking a single thing.

Perfect system! If the Bible was originally written on a blockchain--I'm pretty sure religion wouldn't have existed by now.



now that is an explanation that add peas to the carrots and fills my entire belly, with knowledge!


Thanks for the explanation


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Congrats on your initial Dtube success. Keep up the good work.

Hi! Unfortunately, I haven't watched your videos, so I have no idea about the content you usually create. However I think, that the most value for steemit and dtube communities are in your numerous amount of subscribers. There is huge potential of promoting dtube and steemit via your youtube channel, although I'm not sure if it complies with their rules and your intentions. Anyway, welcome aboard and good luck!


@everythink, exactly the way i was feeling.


Yep, I think that right now Steem's blockchain has around 100-500k real users, bots and twinks excluded. Each new thousand of users is extremely valuable for the whole platform. A million of new users would lead to a doubling of Steem price in my opinion.


But right now the important part is not to double the users. More to create a stable system and we got years to do that. Things that goes up fast will only cause lots of confusion and not stability. It's value creation that this platform needs. Especially unique content. Even if 1 million would come so fast that wouldn't really generate massive value since that takes more time to build up. The earnings are already extremely high they don't need to be any higher.


@furiouspete123 videos are quiet entertaining I've followed his adventures and cancer story on YouTube. You should be entertained.


many of the youtubers are shifting their time from youtube to dtube & steemit where they are getting less number of rules & regulations compare to youtube .


I dont know if this is that guy that i saw on youtube that had cancer and did videos about it ...
It was him ?


Man what are you talking about ..I'm not getting you.sorry


I am right sucker !!Screenshot_20180212-195123.png


I'm pretty sure he wants to test it out for at least 6 months before he can put his name on a service like this. Since it's so new and that we have no idea where it will go in the future. When you run a big YouTube channel you don't just want to put your name on anything that comes out. Since you have integrity and care about what you promote.

Thanks for the new post @furiouspete123 - great to hear that you are excited to keep making content here! You're right, although the community is much smaller than that of Youtube, there are a lot of people who support newcomers and the general creation of excellent content.

I've been following your content for over a year now, and I think that a lot of what you have already posted on Youtube would be really great for others to see herr - maybe you could post your best/favourite Youtube videos, repurpose or remake some of them!

Keep up the great work!

Yeeeeeaaahhh...there is some sort of "regulation." It's called the "STEEMIT Mafia." You have a group of folks who claim to be the "Justice Warriors" for good on this platform. But they are super jerks. They have power trips all the time and they dictate what is right and wrong, according to their own standards. And sometimes these power tripping whales get into fights with each other...and God help you if you get in the middle of it.

There is a distinction between Steem (the blockchain) and Steemit or dTube (which are websites that interface with the blockchain).

The teams that run Steemit and dTube can censor what is shown on their website. Indeed, anyone who has their copyrighted content shown without their permission on Steemit can write to the Steemit team and ultimately get that content removed from Steemit. They can equally choose to take down illegal material. Also they have opted to hide content that has a sufficient amount of downvotes from users.

However the content will still exist on Steem the blockchain. And someone else could create a "Steemit uncensored" website that shows everything, including content Steemit has blocked/ hidden for whatever reason.

Another distinction to make is that video files shown on dTube are not themselves stored on the Steem blockchain. They are stored on another (peer-to-peer) platform, IPFS.

So the videos themselves do not have the censorship resistance of the blockchain however they are hosted in a decentralised way. If a file contained illegal content, I believe there are ways that people running the nodes that host it can effectively blacklist it . If no-one seeds the file it won't be shown. However someone somewhere could seed it and make it available on IPFS. It's worth bearing in mind that there are costs associated with hosting IPFS files so the videos are not guaranteed to be hosted for all time, without further payment (I'm no expert in IPFS btw but that's my basic understanding).

From a Steem blockchain perspective, it hosts text, albeit some of that text may be links to media. So the question becomes whether text can be so egregious as to warrant censorship/ regulation - which would be virtually impossible on a decentralised blockchain, it would be like trying to censor the internet. If the issue is the media - then the best recourse would be to pursue those that host it (e.g. on IPFS) or those that show it (e.g. on a frontend interface like Steemit or dTube or Busy or whatever).

Okay, that answer was a little longer than I expected by I hope it helps. Welcome to Steemit and thanks for answer the important questions that many are bound to ask!


Will be very fun to see how the governments and big companies will deal with these decentralized platforms. Considering that they are still struggling how to deal with copyrighted content and chasing down regular people downloading files off the Internet. Not like these services will make their job any easier! Lots of potential for the humble hard working person that is a bit street smart.

Once they allowed Bitcoin to exist it was only a question of when people would discover ways to generate money digitally thanks to other humans! I guess in a way what you are saying that someone can create a Steemit uncensored edition that in the future privacy will disappear more and more. Everyone will know everything about everyone. Especially considering the amount of cameras that already records a large city. When these cameras becomes smaller we will truly map out every single square meter on this earth. And people will be used to know all about everything. Even the uncensored stuff!

Censor the Internet will of course get too much backlash since it’s so big now and impossible to stop. It has become it’s own monster that just keeps on growing and expanding every year that goes. We just keep on feeding the machine with more information and data. Until we hand it over to AI and Machine Learning to see what conclusions it will make from the stuff we have gathered together.

It will probably seem very silly in the near future to try to censor 1s and 0s. Especially when you finally will be able to simulate anything you want in your VR Headset. We will probably see the biggest generation difference between the young and old since things are progressing at such a rapid rate now in the technology field.

youtube is dead

Hey! I am so happy that you are here, been watching you on youtube. Love all your eating challenges and your world tour .
You are such an inspiration. Welcome on Dtube and Steemit. I am also new here. :)

Furious Pete vs KSI on D Tube Live, now that could lift the platform onto a whole new ground! Welcome to Steemit buddy, hitting you with future upvotes! Time to get Meldiva on here and blogging, additional income.

Told you the upvotes would start rolling in! It only made sense that it would happen, you truly do create great content

We luv you anyway, but know you are one of us pushig the platform.
One Of Us...One Of Us...One Of Us...One Of Us...
One Of Us...One Of Us...One Of Us...One Of Us...
One Of Us...One Of Us...One Of Us...One Of Us...

I'm glad you're here, Pete!
You won't be so furious when the Steem Dollars start rolling in. Then you'll be wondering why you didn't join sooner.


Yeah. Though just started, i got many people here since a year/two years ago. You can't escape that feeling of why haven't you joined earlier by the time Steem dollars starts to roll in measured gushes.

I totally agree with you Pete. There are a lot of fucked up videos out there and the idea of a site being "uncensored" is liberating but people need to remember that there are plenty of sick people out there. I hope there is a way where extreme and graphic content can be blocked and dealt with quickly. I mean, what is stopping someone from posting a video titled "My Favourite New Raw Vegan Recipe" and it's a video of someone being raped, murdered, mutilated, etc. The titles and tags itself won't trigger any red flag, but then people will be shocked when they see what the content actually is.

Hey Pete! Only text is safed on the steem blockchain, videos on dtube are hosted using IPFS, where it actually can get "deleted", there should be a option for cases like you said... I wish you very good success here on steem! =)

That so funny you shaved your beard off the other day because for no reason at all I decided to shave my beard that I've had for the past 7 years.

This is me now.


But this was me for a majority of my adult life


I am super excited that you are here

sooo excited to see you on steemit brother. You have been a huge inspiration to me I was once 6' and 115 pounds now I am 150 pounds...keep on with inspiring story

BIG FAN FURIOUS PETE! Much love from LA, welcome to steemit!

We are super happy to have you on DTube, Pete.

Even saw other user making posts about welcoming you :) warm welcome!

The whole block chain is supposed to be self regulatory and hide such content along with storing it for ever ever, so it might be a weak approach in spreading content like the ones u mention.

There are networks dedicated to spreading sick shit, keep it there, it will gain no visibility here, I hope: )

Btw what do you HODL? except muscle :)


Welcome to Dtube!! you will love it here :D

Lets get Vegan Gains in steemit jk 😉🤣


LOL!! 😅

I’m pretty impressed by the level of commitment that you’re giving. Yeah, we’re a small platform, but its a much more supportive and encouraging atmosphere than other places.
I think that the collective will of those who upvote content will police what happens on the platform. Those type of terrible videos won’t really surface if there isn’t a demand for it. I do think there should be some sort of function for hiding/deleting extremely obscene content, though.


Since people that get to the top needs to invest a ton of money and attention we will probably not see any super negative be able to surface since the demand for it won't be there just as you say. Especially when people are invested with Steem Power and VESTS they want the platform to run as smooth as possible!

The Steem blockchain isn't and can't be regulated but and are regular company and have to comply to take down notice just like any other company.


Will be very interesting to see how many companies that will be "built" on top of the Steem blockchain. I have heard that in the future will be playing a very small role in the grand scheme of things.

Petes Grinning from ear to ear 😁 awesome to have you here Pete! Steemit community is wayyy more supportive than YouTube. And it's welcoming to newbies unlike youtube If you try to get going now it's virtually impossible on YouTube. There's obviously an incentive to be more active on steemit. Can't wait to see what kind of videos you'll be posting! Keep it up.

Hey @furiouspete123. It is so awesome to have you here. You need to get Randy Santel on here as well. I have been holding @food.challenges for him since Sept. 2017. With his Permission I have shared several of his videos here hoping to get him followers, but obviously, I am not him.If he wants the channel here he just needs to contact me on FB, and I will give him the Keys. Will not charge him. I am not going to hold the account ransom. I just wish to see him here.

So cool to be an early adopter, on both steemit and Dtube! Great vid man..

wow easy way to meet you :)
I will add you

Thanx for your infos

I just resteemed this for you hope it helps

You may find your world on DTube.

Really good post


Thanks for the new post works by simply blocking anything with negative vote counts. This means anything voted down to oblivion is invisible automatically. You can also report genuinely illegal content to Steemit and they will ensure that their web app does not show it.

Can anybody tell me how someone without Steem Power can get into "trending" and "hot" category on steem on top 1??? I clearly dont understand the concept of this so far. How does this work? and DTube, is this from steem also?


Produce quality content. Be helpful to other humans. Actually care and be genuine and real! It works how you get upvotes from other people in the community if they like the stuff you produce. But with Steem Power you get more influence and can better get new friends and build stronger connections. The more you invest in the platform the better off you will be. Just as with any other platform! But it will obviously be very hard to get into trending as a new account user.

Haha never thought to see you here man. Love your videos!


WHOOW you are new to steemit and how con you are making it.... high upvoting here?

Hey there mate!! and WELCOMEEEEE!!!

It's so awesome to have you here with us and you are definitely right about engaging community because that it's all about here....RELATIONSHIP. You can not find anything like this anywhere on other social media platforms...GUARANTEED! ok...wait...let me take that back :D maybe there is, but I haven't found one yet. I was able to build a community called "dtubedaily" where all of the dedicated dtubers will come together and engage with one another and support each other. I never thought that having a family on the internet would be possible...seriously, it's just incredible!!!

I was actually wondering if you would like to join our community? That would be sooooo dope!! :)

Keep on rocking man!!

Winny out...for now ;)

Take the good with the bad. You can't have it both ways. Obviously some policing will happen on the front end but ultimately, it will reside on the blockchain.

Hallo.. Can u follow me ..

It's so great to get your content over here too.
Looking forward for your awesomeness :)

Glad to get more popular people here to gain traction for the platform, hope you enjoy the stay! :D

Great to see people like you here!
I just discovered this plattform and instantly feel at home.
The people are nice, the content is great and comments are constructive. :)

We didn't have any of that on youtube.

a few days ago I saw Dmania, now I see Dtube. Is this the same? Same idea different website? Dmania with memes/pictures en Dtube with videos? I'm new with this so excuse my stupid questions mate, lol!

Looking forward to all the attention you're gonna bring to steem/dtube. :D

man i also want to start this dtube career but its getting very tough to know more about its rules & regulations which we have to keep in mind.

After see you. I also curious to join dtube.I wish this also helps me. Have a great day @furiouspete123

I love that you tested out sort of anonymously the platform before announcing who you are and the number of subscribers you have on Youtube. Of course that got people's attention right away.

About censorship, videos with cases you described should definitely not be displayed. But they will exist on the blockchain, which contains a record of all operations, including all posts, and it is publicly available, in its raw form.

I'm glad you're here, Pete!
You should be entertained.
There is huge potential of promoting dtube and steemit via your youtube channel, although I'm not sure if it complies with their rules and your intentions. Anyway, welcome aboard and good luck!

The feeling of 'support or that $1000 post' must be super helpful to find inspiration to invest your time here . Would be cool if you found a community here to sprinkle some of that support back to. Welcome, RESPECT


da shark.jpg
You been #SHARKATTACK WELCOME to STEEMIT/DTUBE. Don't for get to stay humble RESPECT.

Yo FURIOUS PETE!! @furiouspete123 Glad you are on here also!

Great post

the idea of D-Tube is pretty nice. Lets see how it works out in the long run! Im excited

Or what if some guy uploads one of those crazy eating challenges, and some little kid watches ;)
I think there is by far more dangerous stuff out there which causes real epidemics, I’m interested in your opinion regulating donuts, fastfood and Co. :)

Looking good Pete! Can't wait to see some original content on here from you!

Yea, i see were you are coming from on Regulation, i not really sure how that will be handled but, steemit is still in beta and lots can still be changed.

Hi Follow me and i follow you back!

hiiii peteeeee!!! happy day ..... thanks for posting them... I´m new

Pozdrawiam ciebie @furiouspete123 you are awesome dude
Good luck in Dtube
Wellcome in Blockchain Word :)

Hi Pete @furiouspete123

You asked, what kind of videos from you we would like to see here.

I would love to see you slow eating some healthy food - seriously - that would be great :)

All the best to you.

Peter (Piotr)

PS: Pozdrowionka z Polski i pamiętaj o tagu #polish
You may add one more tag (5 is the limit).


Great and amazing.

Please follow and vote me..@jolfa

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hallo i am a newcomer in steemit
please help friend

Welcome to Steemit - I just learned about you today, but I'm really glad you're here! ☺

That pizza eating contest was purely epic!!!

Totally agree with your reasioning there mate! Kids have no buisness watching stuff like that. Aldults on the other hand, can turn what they dont want to see off.
Good luck on Steemit & Dtube 🤜

Finally ! I was waiting for you :)

SOOOO Excited to watch you on DTube.

Have been watching you on YouTube for years!

really a very high achievement, you are like a god steemit. super power vote @furiouspete123

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Maaan i just discovered you are on steemit! You are a myth, following you!!

and slowly there are more and more

One of the best youtubers! Can't wait!!

welcome to Steemit! I used to watch your videos since high school XD

Pete, you definitely are on the right track here. Excitement is mutual!

Are you making over $400k a year on youtube? Congratulations on your early steemit success. :)

Great content

Welcome dear friend @ furiouspete123, I wish you many success !!!!!!!

Hey Pete Cool thing here is that you can upvote your followers and give back some of the love they show you. This makes it way different from the one way platform of Youtube. I hope you let all your subs on youtube know that if they follow you over here you can engage with them and help them grow as well. Good to see you here looking forward to the new videos. Cheers mate.

keep up the good work. I am glad to be part of this community.

The Problem of is, that it is really hard to delete a Video form IPFS. So the kind of videos you mentioned will stay there for a long time. Actually the information of these videos will stay in the blockchain forever. To delete them from IPFS you need to delete them from several nodes. You won't have control of all these nodes.

So, you are obviously right. There is a serious risk for kids on this Platform.


Unless their TOS has changed, dtube actually only hosts your video for free for a while and then will charge you to keep it online.

If there is that type of content it's on the user to choose if he wants to watch it and up to dtube if it wants to promote it.I would hate if the same thing happens here what happened on youtube. There are so many great content creators that got crippled with violent censorship like Psyched substances ,your mate Tom.This should be a safe heaven for that kind of channels.

man, dtube is taking over!!!

Jeebers: only here 11 days and already close to 800 followers!

One of my favorit subject the supplement annd the use and when, love your work my collegue, lets exchange some ideas , i support u

Nice rewards on the last video!
I get what you mean about the possibility of inappropriate content that can be illegal and it could affect some people.
As far as I know, I think it's impossible to remove anything from the blockchain. When you post it stays there forever.
Although, you can FLAG a post down and it will be hidden. You can see that happening all the time here. A lot of users get flagged and their posts appear to be hidden. BUT, even if the post is hidden, you can see it and open it, but the images and videos will no longer be possible to see. So if someone posts rape or murder, then it will get flagged and hidden.
As for what I would like to see you post, I really don't care! I'll be watching anything you throw at this platform. I have watched many of your videos on YouTube and I couldn't be happier to see you on :)

Welcome to Dtube man :)

Hey man, I don't really think there is a system in place for what you're looking for, but I do know that post visibility has a lot to do with the downvotes as well. So if something extremely negative does, like that, happen on the platform, hopefully our community will promptly shut it out.

Only time I can really see this not helping is if somebody is actively looking for the content. If you're actively looking for it, you're probably going to find it if it's there. That's just the internet, unfortunately. @furiouspete123

You might have to change your name from Furious Pete to Steeming Pete or Steemin' Mad Pete.


great and amazing,, I like your videos

For those that are new to the steem blockchain, I've got this amazing trick to getting it to work at it's best.

Check out my latest blog for the details.

I'm a newbie here Bro. I don't really understand thid dtube of a thing. And how it relates to Steemit. Pls help.. I do really love this platform... Thanks in anticipation . I remain gabeman

Welcome'll feel great being on this platform. Youtube algorithm has been killing creators

Dear @furiouspete123
I'm trying to subscribe to your channel but I can't, please suggest me...

Hey Pete! Welcome to the community.
Very Nice to meet you!
I had no prior knowledge of your channel until you joined steemit!
Glad to be expanding my horizons to new community members!

Here is a formal introduction of myself:

Also check out my latest post: