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you totally have to build a sweet design out of that sound proofing would be so bad ass. 1 million steem power would be epic and I know you can do it!

Steem to the Moon brotha!

youtube is dead


not a bot ha

I can eat faster than you..If this vote can get me at least 10 SBD then I will challenge you to a 1 topping $9.99 pizzapizza

Whole wheat dough
4 cheese base
chipotle sauce base
extra sauce
NY style Pepperoni
Well Done

We can do it for fun, or we can bet like 5-10 SBD
If you agree reply to confirm, record yourself and your time for DTube, and I will do the same. I will probably beat your time ;)


That looks DELICIOUS 👍✨❕



this is what it looks like


I would destroy that right now


@ssjsasha I Love Pepperoni Pizza and that one looks awesome.

Love that you are powering up your STEEM that will give you a nice vote to reward your viewers with and share the love. Thanks for building so much value for the platform.

Let it compound... best way to go.

Damn, over 90% gone? That's insane. If you are making well over 6 figures though, you are still doing quite well, but I can see how a drastic drop would irritate someone.

Good luck on Steem!

very smart man,having steem power in the long run can be very beneficial!


yeah, it's sooooo smart. all those people who spent 0,006 btc per steem in august of 2016 were totally smart.

Thats a pretty large goal :D


Hay man this is pretty?

nice move mate!

1k steem power in a week - nice!

Respect for speaking honestly. The youtube payout decline was inevitable. I look forward to all the content you bring! Been watching you for a while now.

@furiouspete123 good thinking... steem power is the main wepon to succes in steemit...
upgrade your steem power we with you..

It's everyone dream to put all earning into sp but the problem is I need to bills. And to the fact that its hard for me to earn single usd per post.

very good!

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Thank You! ⚜

I'm doing the same.... of course its nothing compared to! Glad you have found success here, please continue to spread the word about Steemit so we can change Social Media for the better! :)

It would be so cool if you could see the number of views on videos like Youtube

I think this is wise decision that you boost your steem power this way.

1,000,000 Steem Power is some serious gainzzzzz. Let's get it!

that's the best thing that you can do

That's what I do with my earnings. How could I not approve? :-)

the need for steem is real

That really is the best way to build up your steem power quicker. Just keep powering up. We are very happy you are here @furiouspete123

OMG @furiouspete123 I would expect nothing less from you. Always rising to the occasion. If you Do that you would probably be the biggest 🐋 on @SteemIt. Good luck !!!! I also left YouTube all though I am very small in comparison to you. Use the internal market best rates of conversion.

I will follow your path, and Power Up.

I always follow your post everything is good if any time visit my blog @mamaathiyya

So, what do you do? Fitness or workout vids?

Show us the numbers :)

Pete, are you lowkey a chess player or am I trippin?

Yo Steemit and DTube is brilliant bro you can even get paid for your comments and replies to it. Definitely grow this platform brother.

Smart move

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Thanks for investing here in Steem

I'm stoked to see you already giving back the little you're generating off the platform, any bit counts towards the growth and development overall.

You should also look into upvoting (curating) more comments and content, it's beneficial to everyone and the platform as a whole.


yes I agree. I think a lot of people posting blogs and videos forget about the comments section. This is a shame as some of the best information is shared in the comments!

Damn, over 90%? That's crazy! Are you not part of Googles 'preferred' partner program where they pay you more per ad?

Wellcome friend team steemit vote back 👍👍

wel come on steem power

I saw your dtub post, amazingly you are a star.

here rating 10/10 as far as I am concerned!

@furiouspete123 YES 1 Million STEEM POWER and Don't Stop there. Power UP Young Man !!!

Brainy, people dont understand that

I know you can achieve it 1M SP, and maybe some Whales will also delegate big amount of SP to you...Good luck and God bless!

Keep Steeming it up!

The only way you're getting 1 million Steem is if the platform collapses and 1 Steem is virtually worthless. There's only so much Steem to go around, the more popular it gets harder 1 Steem is to earn.

thanks for doing that instead of simply selling everything like many do. Hopefully many will follow your example :D

I'd have gone for black... But the combination is cool.
P.S I see no tomato-coloring anywhere 😄😄

Top Lad haha!

Nice video! My upvote brought the money made down by $0.003. Haha, I'm such a minnow. I love Steemit and its a great buy rn due to it bottoming out.

Yay 1 million SP, that's a tight target. With this you currently get a vote of nearly 250$ steembucks. Now all you have to do is go outside and vote for others.
Good luck on your trip on Steemit

Well done Pete, you won't regret it! I am reinvesting all of my earnings in the community as well.

Thank you @furiouspete123 for this Vlog post. And thank you for believing enough in Steemit to invest back what you make. Nice 🙏


just upvote bunny.gif

Super stoked to see you on here man! Hope you love the platform!


shoulda went with black and yellow black and yellow

@furiouspete is the best.
nice move mate
thank you for sharing

this is a very awesome thing to do. I hope everybody will do the same as you. I am trying to get as much Steem Power as possible,, I am not planning to shut down a cent at least in the coming 3 years.

Nice Steam Power 😀


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That's a Trooper right there! 💪

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Good post my friend :)

I am always humbled and captivated by your humour and generosity.

This always makes me wonder, if I would reach that expert level too.

wow that was are a great content creator...plz visit my account and upvote my post if you find that relevant and give some tips to improve account growth

wow drop of 90%... fck that!!!


Hi Furious Pete!

First thing you have said "my polish brain always kicks in " at the end? :D haha ;) But yeah even if you born in Canada you still polish Man! Ive born in Poland but I live in UK since 2007. Funny thing is that we`ve got a same first name and our initials are same as well - "PC" :D There is more same thing between your personality and mine. Serious. If we meet one day I will tell your the rest :) How do I know that? I've watched you a lot on YT :)

Anyway. Im doing the same for now. Invest all i've earn on platforms to Steem Power.

All Best!
Bless :)


Hello neopch!

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That's really cool, I didn't even know you could do that! I learn something everyday on here! Thank you for sharing these tips..

is the best in sp-

Hey Pete great to see you on DTube. Best wishes for your health, I hope you will bless us with your videos for many years!

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welcome to embed ;)
two tips:
if you are in science, do not miss @steemstem, they are curation service from knowledge about writing and upvoting them is the right time! make your video dance and upload to @dtube! I'm sure people will love it! waiting for you until some publicity :)