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Honestly I was most impressed by how high you stacked the cookies! lol

I stay Hungry, I love you Pete and when is that crypto video coming :) Just curious I'm an investor.

I need that appetite to bulk.

What's intriguing about those binge eating contests is that they never show you the morning-after outcomes...


Do you really want to watch someone taking a dump?


No, I wanna see how stupid these challenges really are in the long run! They perpetrate binge-eating habits. We never see the bad sides of them. We praise quantity over quality.

I wonder where did all those food go? I could only eat maybe 8 cookies and one glass of milk...

Great to see you on here, Pete. I thought it was a fake account when I first saw your username pop up, but it seems you're legit. I hope you're doing okay health wise now. Welcome to Steemit!

I would really like to get to compete in this contest.... I really like food too 😀😀😀

what will happen after you do that?

dairy for days

Now this is the stuff I'm used to seeing from @furiouspete123

I'm on diet. I watch your video. I'm no longer on diet.

Merry Christmas Pete! Oh wait it is February 21st. Nevermind. It must have been harder using milk to wash down the food as opposed to water which you usually use.

This is indeed a freaking crazy challenge! :D I think I would die LOL

i love your challenges pete <3

Merry Christmas :s

You are a myth!