MarketFriday. Crafts of Sven fair (25 pictures)

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Hello, dear friends! It's Friday, so it's time for #MarketFriday! I propose to visit the huge Sven fair, which takes place every year in Bryansk at the beginning of September.

This year we visited there together with my daughter, because Аngelina wanted to see the huge number of different crafts, which are full of counters at this event.

What here only there is no! There were a different glass figures and all sorts of funny toys, all kinds of dolls or household items. There were even paintings made in various techniques, using not only paints, but also beads, threads, or made on birch bark.

We spent many hours there, but I'm not sure that we were able to see all the goods and crafts, because the number of items on sale was incredibly huge.

Below I'll just post a few of my photos that I took on my SLR camera. This is only part of the pictures, because it is not easy to placeall of them within one publication .

This is my contribution to #marketfriday, hosted by our lovely Denise, @dswigle.

Photo taken with camera CANON EOS 50D, TAMRON 28-75mm lens

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Отличный пост, Юрий!

Теперь добавьте ссылку на него вот сюда:

думаю что его увидят многие пользователи и будут очень довольны таким ярким фоторепортажем с ярмарки, прошедшей в Брянске.

Меня больше всего впечатлили миниатюрные кареты и хитрющая рыжая лисонька. Очень люблю сама такие выставки-ярмарки. Спасибо за красивые фотографии!


О, спасибо вам, дорогая Синга! : )

Wow! That certainly was a huge market with a wonderful selection of crafts and handmade items.

These kind of craft fairs are always popular and usually well attended. Did you buy anything? I cannot imagine leaving there and not buying one of their items! :)

Thank you so much for being part of #MarketFriday! It is so nice to have you in the challenge!

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Hi, @dswigle!!! Sorry for long silence of mine. Yes, I was there with my daughter. She is 11 and there she wished to buy some of toys made of colored glass. I could not to refuse it!

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Oh! Thanks! : )

WOW so many wonderful things ! I love the photos very much, @yurche <3 <3 <3


Welcome to Russia!!!