Government Reverses Food Truck Restriction After Being Sued

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Not that long ago, food truck owners in North Carolina launched a lawsuit over an ordinance which restricted them from operating their trucks in Carolina Beach.

The rule that they were fighting back against was one that stipulated food truck owners had to have previously owned a restaurant in town, one that they would have been working at for more than a year, before they'd be allowed to set up their food truck and operate in Carolina Beach.

Many entrepreneurs who own their own food truck business wouldn't be able to meet this requirement and therefore wouldn't be able to serve the community.

The food truck owners that were fighting back against this ridiculous rule, were arguing that the rule violates the state constitution; the restrictions prohibit food truck owners in an unfair way from havine the freedom to operate in this region. Those behind the fight were arguing that the rule was discriminatory against their food truck business.

A Small Victory

Their effort in fighting back against the restriction on their business and livelihood has paid off, now that Carolina Beach has recently voted to end their unconstitutional food truck stipulation that was being challenged.

The town council in Carolina Beach only a few days ago decided that they were going to repeal their food truck law that would have kept many food truck business owners from being able to operate in the region.

Their decision to revoke that stipulation comes only one week after that lawsuit was filed by the various food truck owners who were seeking to have the regulation eventually overturned.

Those behind the fight are hoping that this will be a meaningful lesson to lawmakers, one that hopefully persuades them to avoid using government to favor a few businesses over others.


Food Trucks Fight For The Freedom To Compete

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Glad to see the government stepping back from this law, clearly motivated by the restaurant lobby. An unfair, uncapitalist, anti-consumer law.

Great news- it's the tiny battles we must keep fighting against a relentless group of psychopaths

What is the aim of such legislation? Likely protecting interests associated with the legislators themselves. Otherwise, if they really wanted to encourage local/established owners rather than harm others, they could make it easier to start and stay. This veiled manipulation is a big reason for such mistrust in the justice of a free market; but instead of cronies, capitalism is the Boogeyman.

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I would bet that Carolina does not want to get involved in a financially involved lawsuit. Too much money. Also no one likes bad publicity as it ruins business. Thanks @doitvoluntarily

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There are many ridiculous laws that when we hear then say: It is not possible, because it sounds so stupid. But in reality there are many stupid laws and regulations. Nobody knows how they were approved.

I can understand the small business owner who have paid a lot to make them independent and just would like to work and earn money and of course at coast there are many people who are walking, enjoying nice weather, having their children and probably wanted to have a little picnic. In my opinion such little trucks attract people to beaches too and I love to have an ice when I am walking on beach :)

I'm glad to know that they revoked that attempt to sabotage the food trucks, we all love street food, do not mess with it !!

well deserved the victory over the de manda, are people who also want to have a job and it is a good way as long as they follow the rules this truck seems to me that it has all the conditions it looks in good condition and in a good place


@doitvoluntarily excellent news, a good decision on the part of the government, was not very founded the previous decision making, some things are improving
Many Garcia dear friend for sharing this news
I wish you a great day