5-Minute Freewrite Prompt: Discord

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When I knew about this prompt for today, the first thought I had was why the communication and chat application for Steemit users and gamers is named Discord. I wondered and asked the husband who had no clue as well.


There is a story told to us who are Chinese-educated since young to show us discord vs unity. There were 3 brothers who always fought with each other in front of their father. The old father knew he could live long, so one day, he called the three sons over to demonstrate something before them.

The old father gave each of the sons a stick each and asked them to break it. All of them could break it easily, without having to use much effort or strength. Then the father passed them a bundle of sticks each, and asked them to try break it now.

This time, they used all their might to break the bundles, though some of the sticks may have been broken, the whole bundle just would not break. Some of the sticks even caused splinters to enter their hands. Such weak materials possess great strength when they are bundled up together.

The father saw their facial expressions and said, "Always know that though all of you may be different and have different opinions, standing together will always give you extra strength. Unity is strength, the more you fight, the more discord you have, you may open up ways for your enemies to attack you. Do you understand?"

All the sons looked at each other with regrets. They managed to learn that their discord has made them weaker, and they maybe "broken" just like the sticks. Since then, they decided to learn tolerance and forbearance with each other, to agree to disagee.

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Freewrite is a prompt writing initiated by @mariannewest and @improv to write a free-flow post without correcting or editing. I checked out her post to really get what it is before I jumped on the bandwagon. Basically, there is no right or wrong, just let the mind and fingers do their work, to find our creative self and let it come out of us.





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In my tribe too there is a version of the story that goes this way, all outlining the importance of unity.