"Goodnight Post" - Those Were The Days My Friends!

in funnies •  3 months ago

You know, before than what I took on the job of being a witness here, I was having a ball of a time.

Some may remember my "GOODNIGHT POSTS", literally me just being me and having a laugh, mostly on my own account or about stuff that put a smile on my face and many a time on other peoples faces too.

Seriously, it was fun.

I remember one time, @tremendospercy spat out a full cup of coffee all over his PC at work when he read about the description of Tassie (aka Tasmania) looking like the bush of the world map.

The posts actually had a good following, many people viewed them, some dared to comment them, but all in all, they were a laugh and brought smiles on peoples faces.

So considering that I have opened this profile up as a follow on profile to my "serious profile" I guessed that it was time I got back into action with having some fun again.

After all, that is what this profile is here for!

& to continue on with the tradition,

Here is something that all Aussies will have a good laugh at

& remember:

& when I can't laugh at you, I'll laugh at me!

So, in my good ol' tradition I wish a:

Goodnight to everyone where it is night time, Good morning to everyone where it is morning and G'day to everyone else.

Yours truly



PS. Time to BUGGER OFF... I'm going to bed!

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That minion meme made my kids giggle. ;)


Ohhh man, I didn't realize just how much I missed these "GOODNIGHT POSTS"

They literally made me laugh before going to bed.

So from tonight on, I'm back in action, only here on my support account for third party apps, can't have my "serious account" looking "not so serious".


Laughter is the best! And a great thing to do before sleeping, for sure. ;)


Minion Kevin #labalala 😂
For 🍌 ...

Haha @jackmiller. ¡Good Night! to you too my aussie friend. :)

And since I suspect that right now you rather must be enjoying a clearer night after an amazing sunrise over there in your place. I will have to wish you ¡Good Morning! instead. Hoping you get a nice 'boogie tan' along all 2019 jointly with your family, friends and loved ones through the collective hippy sentiments & brotherhood feelings that only can be felt and enjoyed in 'community' under a massive sunbury blast.

Yeah, Those Were The Days My Friend! ;)

Greetings and Happy New Year mate. Of an old hippy Cranky Gandalf from Vzla!! :)

hi @mypics im sorry, i don't comment on your writing, it's just that i want to say "Happy new year" hopefully in 2019 get the best for us.

Haha made me chuckle. Reminds me of my time in Brisbane 💯🐒

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Well, I managed to promote this post and make sure EVERYONE who wants to know, can know that it is mine (@jackmiller s) and that I will be using it from time to time instead of my "serious" account.

So there is no "confusion" out there!

Remember to finish off what all you have to finish off for this year, it's not toooooo late to get it all done!

Hey amazing clip, kids and myself really enjoy watching it!! Keep up the great work!! Looking forward in seeing more of this soon!!

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Amsterdam fucks the ausi boogen

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Let's hope that you'll be singing about your awesome prosperity here on Steemit in 2019. :-) Happy New Year.

Let me laugh at you 😂

My aussie friend was like do you have Bogans in Canada? I was like what the fuck is a bogan? He described it to me, i was like yeah we call them white trash

i cant stop laughing