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➢INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/furiouspete
➢FACEBOOK: facebook.com/furiouspete123
➢SNAP: bit.ly/FuriousOnSnap
➢TWITTER: twitter.com/furiouspete

➢Furious Apparel: FuriousApparel.com
➢Lifting Gear: bit.ly/LiftingGear
➢Weight Plate Necklaces: bit.ly/TCNecklaces

➢GOKU GAINS Pre-Workout: FuriousFormulations.com
➢AMINO's BABY! BCAA Intra-Workout: FuriousFormulations.com
➢Workout Programs: coaching.furiouspete.com

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Wow! is it really you? You're coming over too?


Yep! Totally. If I can get enough subs, then 100%!


Absolutely insane dude. PLEASE come over!!! You've got almost as many followers as me and I have been on here for almost two years, trust me, you will like it here ;)

sick power



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The HULK is now on @steemit!

hi mister please help uvote me

Hello bro you are providing nice stuff for health freak. I like the way you working and encouraging youth. Have a great Day.

thats one strong deadlift! great form!

Hey Pete! Congratulations on the deadlift!

I am happy to see you over here on Steemit! I noticed your handle is @furiouspete123 and not just @furiouspete. I checked that handle and it seems someone is using it and they have the a similar channel of description of "I like to eat, lift and HODL." Is this you or an imposter?

Nice form and an amazing milestone, what is your next deadlift goal? i teared my bicep at Arnold classics last year and I’m 33 years old so I’m kind of done with it now. want to focus on my family. if you know what i mean.

Insane Pete! Been a fan for years!

Stay hungry, say sexy, and of course... get laid!

wow amazing power!

Damn son!! Doin work!! When you gonna get 800 lbs lol. Glad to see on on D.tube and Steemit. Stay Hungry!!

very amazing @furiouspete123..
please vote back,thanks u very much..

Wow! is it really you? You're coming over too?

Strong man..

You're a beast man, you rep 225 better than I rep 135 hahaha, congrats on the massive achievement dude, absolutely incredible!!

700 pounds...alright beast that's huge.

Furious Pete! Congrats on your viral explosion bro! You are a happy wealthy man!!