Collecting in video games - Videogame History #118

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Collecting in general terms has increased as history has grown, as carts, mugs, stickers, cards, postcards and countless other things are collected around the world.

Many people are those who join this hobby that satisfies their great desire to have a lot of objects that for them have a great value either sentimentally or monetarily, this without a doubt with the passing of the years would happen in the world of video games.

Some of my Nintendo Entertainment System games

More than 5 decades have passed since the advent of videogames, so many of their old articles have been fading with the passing of time, making it more difficult to acquire and therefore expensive to buy.

Some of my Sega Genesis games

However, in the last 5 years or so it has become a trend or as many calls it "a fashion", more and more gamers are joining the mesticulous world of collecting, but when they evaluate the panorama they encounter different factors which may frighten the newer ones.

Some of my Nintendo 64 games

Having a collection of video games is not easy, if you're old school you may know a lot of games so you know what you're really looking for, but if you're a user of the next gene you'll have to resort to emulators to find out which games you like in order to acquire them physically.

Some of my PS2 games

Currently the market for these "collectible" games is extremely speculative, there are prices that are really affordable, but there are cases where several lots of video games can cost you as little as $60, $100, $250, $2000 or $15,000 (even more).

This cartridge can cost you up to $2,000.

In this hobby there are different personalities so to speak, with time if you decide to do so you will define yourself in some of them, the most common are:

The one who wants everything: It has no limits, it is able to spend large amounts of money for the simple fact of having all the videogames of a specific console, it can even have several repeated games to resell and buy more games.

The reseller: He doesn't play at all what he has, he says he collects, but what really interests him is the money, he practically sees who can offer him the best deals for his games and waits for the right opportunity to buy them at the right price.

The gamer: Normally he looks for those video games that are simply great for him, he acquires them and uses them frequently, he doesn't care much if they are a little deteriorated, he just has fun with what he has, he takes advantage of good offers to acquire more video games, he may buy some repeated games, but to change them for one that he doesn't have.

The perfectionist: As its name indicates, it wants everything perfect, without any detail, if it is new much better, even if it seems unbelievable, it is possible to get 38 years old cartridges in excellent condition, but its price is not very cheap.

Any gamer who wants to get involved in this hobby must have a considerable income due to the constant acquisitions or purchases you make constantly, however, you must set goals and certain rules so that you do not waste your money, what I always recommend is to buy what you really like and enjoy to the maximum the things you keep.

Some of my GameCube games

Personally, I have been playing video games for more than 26 years, but I have been keeping, recovering and collecting some of them for more than 5 years, unfortunately because of the situation in my country it is a task that I had to stop completely, but I am sure that at some point I will be able to relive one of my favorite hobbies.

Some of my Super Nintendo games

Many people ask me why you collect old things, my answer is simple, they are part of my training as a gamer, they impelled me to be the person I am today, I enjoy putting a cartridge in a console and relive moments of yesteryear and finally it will be the legacy that I will leave my children (when I have them) in the future, and will be left by them if they decide to follow or get rid of everything.

See You!!!

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Nice I sadly sold my bookcase of them:(


Many people do that simply because they don't need it anymore or they need to advance in a new project, the important thing is that you like video games and at any time you can play them again. Thank you for your comment @bitcoinflood.

You got some really nice collectables there. My boyfriend would be jealous to see this ... but he's not so much a collector, as well a reall game addict to play.