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not so young guy as I imagined from the profile photo.

Have a nice flying...


Could you bless me with an upvote so my account becomes visible again?

In person meetings are valuable interactions in my opinion. Opposed to only have conference calls over the internet. Safe travels Ned!

@ned the boss Here is the link to the full summary of promoting STEEM.

The aims and objectives of the vision of steemit is

• Global adoption of STEEM.
• Help the broke student.
• Distribution of STEEM globally.
• Bringing crypto to the knowledge of students.
• Help the kids (Olivia and the superstar)

STEEM can not be globally spread by a single person but someone have to start with his immediate environment, this global adoption of STEEM can not be achieved if there is no proper campaign / awareness of what we want to be globally adopted.

I introduce to you SteemJet CAMPUS STEEM , we are team of 10 delegates of the SteemJet Spaceforce members from different states in Nigeria (background), and we stormed 4 higher institutions {2 federal institutions, 1 state institution and 1 private institution}, 1 primary school and 1 secondary school in western part of Nigeria with the message of steem, creating awareness of steem while teaching the benefits of steem and crypto {campus steem}(olivia and the superstar)

I have successfully onboard 10 delegates members of steemjet from different states of Nigeria and am till onboarding more members of steemjet, to actualize the vision of the community. @joshuaetim also made a great effort for this campiagn and awareness, he supposed to be in the team, but he couldn't because of health challenge.

On Tuesday, 9th of July, 2018 to 13th of July, 2018 myself and some set of steemjet delegates start the campus STEEM campaign project.

We went out on 5 days campaign and seminars at stretch back to back from Monday to Friday.
Here we comes with the report of this great campaign.


From the left
@emmatallest , @ninoh22 , @sirpee1 @dimsyto , @thompson2 , @OYEC, @benjamin60 , @sirdeza , @josoft

We make our campiagn and seminar in 4 higher institutions (2 federal higher institutions , 1 state higher institution and 1 private higher institution) , 1 secondary school and 1 primary school.
Our campiagn was done for 5 days.
Our campaign report will be written in 6 post report, listed below from Day 1 to Day 5

• Day 1 {Monday} - we went to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA)

• Day 2 {Tuesday} - we went to two higher institutions namely : University of Medical science (unimed, state higher institution) and Westley University (Private higher institution)

• Day 3 {Wednesday} - we did a seminar on crypto currency in Adeyemi University of Education (Titled : bringing crypto to the knowledge of students)

• Day 4 {Thursday} - We did an awesome Open campiagn in Adeyemi University of Education (AFUED).

• Day 5 {Friday} - We went to St. Mary Primary school and St. Stephen Secondary school Ondo, western part of Nigeria.

Day 1 {Monday} - we went to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) .
Read the full details here

From the left
@dhayor , @dimsyto , @sirdeza , @benjamin60 , @josoft , @thompson2 , @sirpee1 , @ninoh22, @emmatallest , @oyec
These are the unbeatable team.

We all went to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) for the campaign and seminars. FUTA have over 20,000 (twenty thousand) student on campus, we target to visit on Monday so as to get enough attention of student. Our aim of visiting this higher institution is to bring crypto to the knowledge of students so as to make global adoption of STEEM easier to achieve.

As we got to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) , we have to observe protocol by visiting the student union president of the institution called comrade Ibrahim Aluta P and the vice president of FUTA .


After meeting with the president of the institution, we troop out to meet the student of the institution to let them know about the STEEM and we also tell them more about steemjet and what steemjet has done in the life of steemian.

We met with some of the steemian in FUTA and they complain about not getting enough upvote. We have to tell them about steemjet, that this community encourage talent and alot if questions in which we give them answer to it.
As we told them about steemjet, they have no other choice but to dust their phone and come back to steemit to continue.

We also met with so many student who have interest in joining steemit, we welcome them and teach them how to easily make it on steemit, we as well visit the student in lecture rooms. We have many pictures took many pictures, but we have to upload some, so as not to make this page heavy to upload.







We also met with the Admin officer of the institution. We have to let him know the benefits of investing in crypto and what he will gain while investing in crypto.








We are happy to tell the community that we registered over 183 student in FUTA instantly on Monday, while others promise to join steemit as soon as they get back to their hostel.


Day 2 {Tuesday} - we went to Wesley University and University of Medical science (unimed, state higher institution) .
Read the full details here

These are the unbeatable team.

Wesley University of Science and Technology (WUSTO) is located in Ondo, Ondo State Western part of Nigeria. It was founded by the Methodist Church, Nigeria.

Wesley University of Science and Technology (WUSTO) with over 7,000 student (seven thousand). It one of the private university in Western part of Nigeria.

We spread out on the campus to make crypto campaign, it was clear that most of them know about crypto currency, most especially bitcoin. But to our surprise they don't know about steemit, and they are happy to know about steemit and most of them have different talent like singing, drawing of art work, playing different musical instruments.

We also let them know about the benefits of investing in crypto especially now that STEEM is low in price.

We can see the jet flying

@benjamin60 dancing steemjet dance.


@ninoh22 and @thompson2 orientating The student about steemit and steemjet






Student doing instant registration on steemit.


Here we are at University of Medical science (unimed, state higher institution) .

University of Medical science (unimed,) . This is a medical school full of intelligent young student, it a State University.

We are happily welcome as we preach the gospel of STEEM to them, they are happy to hear us out, even most of them ask us why we are just coming now, as we ought to have come early before that day. We are also happy we were warmly welcome.


Here we are at Mimiko lecture theatre at UNIMED giving lecture to the student of the institution











too bad Mr. CEO dont give any shit to what common people are doing for the platform


I hope he didn't see it.
Am sure if he sees it, he would have do something or make comments about it. And we will be happy if we can as well get the support from other whales in the community.


Well I am sure he would not want to stimulate people writing pagelong comments on his posts. And @skreza i know that he does give plenty of shits on what people do for the platform.


Thank you for the clarification @news-today. But at least all good work deserve compensation so as to encourage others to do more for the platform.

I hope he hear our voice.

Thanks and regards.

nice pic @ned

welcome to san francisco

Safe flight to the man who has opened our eyes to blockchain technology.

Who taught you to take selfies?! That is a terrible angle! And the contrast level is hiding your eyes!!!

(I always notice the important things, don't I?)


It's a selfie. Not an artwork. ;)
The most important thing I noticed: his relaxed smile. ;)


Selfies are an artform. :)

have a safe trip.
i don't make much on steemit, I'll be glad if i can get some delegation from you sir.

All the best CEO!
We anticipate feedbacks.

The price of steem is almost a cause to cry..Please at the meeting, focus your topic on improving the steem blockchain.
Am begining to wonder if steem is in recession or purging into it.Because it has lasted for a very long time now.
Rescure our efforts please.We need good news after the meeting sir.Save trip.

I'm curious, would you like to share more about your meetings if it's linked to steem and steemit? Thanks in advance:-)

Hello cali

Care to share who you are meeting with and what the meetings are about?

Safe trip Captain @ned, Steem all the way!!!

In person meetings are great. To your success in the meeting and safe trip.

Hi @ned, great to see you. I was actually thinking about you today and hoped to see a post from you. Cheers and enjoy your Sunday 😊


Hopefully, some of these meetings would make steem to moonwalk....

Safe travels. Looking forward to hearing what’s next for Steemit. We are eagerly awaiting!!

Come back with goodies please


All of una dey here

Happy journey.

Safe Travels.... Steem


Good trip admired friend, Greetings from Venezuela!

Ned our niccur thanks for the gift

Happy flying, have a nice day @ned

Safe journey @ned
Best wishes for you.

Do have a safe trip @ned

Have a safe trip!

Have a beautiful day sir, sir you have impacted a lot in our lives on this platform

I just made that trip! But it took me a few weeks in @thedodgemahal! The weather is nice and cool on the coast though!

I wish you a safe and pleasant meeting

Safe flighy through and fro @ned

GOD SPEED sir... We all love and pray for you...

Safe trip @ned. Buy bread for us when you coming

Hey brother, sending you some positive energy from Canada 🙂

Hai @ned. Anda sangat terlihat tampan dengan senyuman itu. Maaf saya berbahasa Indonesia. Terimakasih atas platform steemit ini. Platform yang sangat luar biasa.

Wishing you a safe flight. Enjoy the meeting.

Enjoy your trip. Hope to hear how things are going for you and the team.


Enjoy your trip. Hope
To hear how things are going
For you and the team.

                 - steevc

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I heard it's hot in CA too!

Love you Ned.

~Said in high pitched voice~

You're such a blessing to our world @ned. Your creativity has positively impacted our world and you're a major source of inspiration to me. I want to be an entrepreneurer too! Thanks for making crypto a piece of cake for newbies like me. Thank you Ned Scott

I think you're so much in love with selfies taken in the air, between, did you grow your beard?

Welcome to San Francisco

Don't loose that smile it'll help you and others who see it.

hope to get good news on steem, safe trip all the way .

@ned, you are doing wonderful job! We are new venture on steemit, providing users of steemit with risk free betting. We upvote quality content from losers of bet, so that they can recover what they have invested. It also helps steemit as we entertain steemit users with our service and it helps some quality authors to stay on the platform for long. Users have already played 35 games with us and all are happy using our service.

We are here with a request for delegation of some Steem Power.
Following is the post regarding delegation request:

If you could help us, that will definitely a boost for our venture.

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful platform for everyone! We really appreciate your work..


Hey NED very glad to see you. Keep it up

we wish you all the best because..i guess the korea investment is not working..we have not seen improvement ever since you went there....

you need a shave man... Hehe

best of luck

ATX can I know what it means

Safe travels, sir! Have a nice day likewise!

Binance why are the transfer operations closed? @ned

Awwww, how cute you are ;) But you're late, I was in Cali two weeks ago! hee

p.s.- was that airport bar inspired by any chance?

Wish you the best @ned looks like you are going to have a productive meeting of sorts.

Sometimes white background could highlight the colorful life.

@ned I have a 2018 Steemsilverround with your name on it I could meet you in SF and give to you if you want :)


I was wondering if you'd fix him up again. Good to know you're on top of it :)


Ha ha you remembered!

You look like my friend @ned.


Hello, Can I talk to you on Steem Chat? I think this is very important


Or reply to my protonmail address

i hope to visit san Francisco in mext month..

Hello @ned sir!
Can you please help me?
yesterday, I have sent 11.7 SBD to a wrong account @payment from my bittrex.

I thought address means memo, that'swhy
I wrote here example payment.

I have checked the @payment account.
I request him to refund my SBD.
I have noticed that, This account is not used from 2 years.
So, there is no chance to refund from him.
I think this account user forgot account password or any else.

So, please help me to refund, I am very poor. My financial situation is not well.

Please take my request.

Here is the transaction screenshot


Withdrawal Screenshot.png


Have a safe flight Ned, Steem!! On.

really looking forward to an update from you on whats happening with steem and steemit & SMT. I think a lot of us are. Exciting times. Best of luck your way

Gathering steem

Hi @ned ! I'm new on the Steemit platform and honestly, I don't know if you'll notice me but I really want to do an interview with you about Steemit success and other stuff I wanna ask. Really hoping you'd notice me - it would be a dream-come-true if I can learn from the best.

Whats going on @ned? Can you give us all an update on the backend of steemit?

I am new in steem world. I'm learning in web how give great proftis in steemit. I see my text answer me "write a good content" but i see in steemit many users with poor content and they receive many or some votes with good earnings. There are my post in steemit only "title" receved many voted and great profits. Why this ? Do you learning me how get good profits with some voters? my e-mail

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Hi Scott, what do you think of the way the Hispanic community is using the Steemit platform? What advice would you give us? Thank you...

Continue gathering the steem agenda..
#changing life and equipping minds

Hallo Boss,

Wondering what "ATX heat" is?

Hope you are doing well... Steem has changed my life and made new opportunities I would never have had without Steem, here are my newly "designed" and already order promotion material:

Don't know if you know, but I been telling a lot of people about Steem in person, with my simple sweatshirt with the Steem logo on and a link to my blog, for almost 2 years now...

This new promotion, I think is going to be wild.

Also I did a price prediction of the STEEM price:

The arguments for a $10 - $100 STEEM price in 2019 - 2021.

Keep it up and stay safe (I guess that is important when having all that STEEM POWER)...


Hi Ned :)
How was SF?
I've been hearing some crazy things about the exploding homeless population and feces/needles all over the streets :/
Did you see any of that? ...I haven't been in a number of years.

I hope all is well :))))

I am really looking forward to an SMT feature or these Oracles you were talking about. Steemit is just a baby! The future of the web is here. How can I help you @ned?

Hi ned!
You must read this post.

This posting is about steam bills. :-)
Bless you.

Untitled-1_0000_Layer 10.jpg
made in @kiwifi . hey, ned. How about making steembill? you can see this one in steem it.

Flying too high. Best of luck

is this the new Tom of Myspace?