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Tell Everyone!

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lol nice shameless whoring there buddy haha or DARE I SAY IT

nah i wont

i just wont even say it but you know what this is

you know EXACTLY what this is, and it rhymes with elf A Land Diamond

The Grateful Dead is my favorite band

Dear @Ned, been trying to get into contact with you for an interview about "Smart Media Tokens", I have a large audience of fellow YouTube content creators who are interested but have some questions about how it works, and if they should do this when it launches. So please hit me back, I followed you on twitter so you can send me a message here on steemit, or hit me up on twitter with a DM:

Nope. I'm not sure I'm listening to the dead. I know its a metaphor but I was like WTF those this mean?!. Would like to know more trilling details about their music though. Raaaaargh.

Cool 💭 though


dude hah u need to ask Ned why he isnt listening to classical music or something,

Ned needs to come visit Africa and have an awakening experience LOL im serious, he can just start by Showing up over Skype or video chat program of chopice to whatever steem confrence happens to be next in Lagos and show Ned what Steem has done in West Africa. Its huge man, he will love seeing all of these people in developing countries, Ned will see he ALREADY HAS lightening in a Bottle and he can INSPIRE these people , he can do a campaign where Ned can actually travel to key hotspots for steem , setting up small confrences to have intimiate personal one on ones with all the hardest working steemians in the world in all the countries around teh world and I just see hthat as a great way for Ned to literally connect phsyically with ALL the leaders of steem

because the world is small, and Ned could actually knock out a dozen or so of the top steemians on earth with just a few week tour and it wouldnt coist very much, and the edn result would Ned gets to travel the world and see how his global network is changing lives and changing humanity for the better

IU believe @ned would even be able to visit just 6 places maybe after next big launch or maybe it can be to promote SMTs

we know he visited Korea, now Ned just needs to visit South America, Africa, Europe, SouthEast Asia, Indonesia, Philipines, those places are so key to steem's growth, places like Nigeria and Myanmar and Venezuela even if possible, these places are so key, and they are not dangerous, with money you can travel safely and hold meetings at Hotels with security, steemians on the ground would have chances to come meetup, steemians would feel like they had a Leader who cared and I know Ned is just busy but it will be amazing to see Ned travel the world inspiring Steemians , and Ned could simply do this via SKype jat first

he could skype into all the big steem confrences even gving quick 5 minute hellos for the smaller confrences, but seriously this would be ghreat. i canot wait for Neds trip arpound the world to Inspire the people in developing countries and help solidify them as a future multi billion person lifetime userbase who will always be grateful to Steem for helping pull them out of poverty!


Very cool idea bro. If the idea could be implemented, that would be great. Cause, in developing countries such as some in West Africa, you'll be amazed at the communities - steem based has been launched and the fun part is that, more and more communities continue to spring up on the steem blockchain from this region and I mean, such a vast number of people here are steem enthusiasts and it will be really nice for @Ned to take a tour here. I've been in various meet-ups about steem, about steemit and so many interesting other meetings for specific communities for the steem blockchain and I've learnt alot. My focus is on smt currently and why I set my focus on that is cause of the impact its gonna bring on the steem blockchain. I picture like this.... As we all know, the steem price is down, and the quantity of available sbds are not balanced to keep up with steem and so the rewards in post payouts are much higher in steem now than sbd because of the balance value.... "I like to refer to it as the pegging ratio" .... But this issues are as plain and we know, steem is quite low now.... What I think is the introduction of smt will boost the value of steem!! How? Well this smart media tokens are all dependent currencies on the steem and as such, the demand for steem will become high so as to get this smts and that should be a great boost for us.

I do hope @Ned comes and enjoys a new taste in music here @ackza.... And if possible, a tour will be nice and some talk shows on smt. Will love to hear more from him.

Yes. Tried several times to like them. But I never managed.


Haha sounds like me when I talk about my parents in law jk

Grateful dead actually THIER best track. But I dozed off listening to it though. But the killed the Music Industry then 😀😀
And the tags gathering steem 😎😎

gathering steem

Ok I get... I'm also gathering steem too.

Let's keep gathering 😂😂

Grateful dead???

Mehn!! I'ont have any reason to be grateful for dead, afterall we're still gathering steem 😁

Wait a minute, Dead?


Haahah! @ned today is really challenging!


Lol. This is hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂

wow wow wow.
The image above looks really horror
When I am in a very deep sleep.
No other way.


Lol , i like it .!

Have you heard of the Tragically Hip?

I have not listened to the Grateful Dead. Actually, I don't even think I've known anyone who really has listened to them either. Damn it, that makes me feel like listening to them now.


Well, here is another that has listened to them, and I got to go to one of their outdoor concerts, they were different.


Dead fans like many fans of festival bands, end up cutting themselves off from the rest of the world and enjoy said bands and little else in life. Greatful Dead has broken up so many families ;_;

I just got to know about your love for music... This is gonna be amazing.
But the title is scaryyyyy ;)

I like the Grateful Dead. The early Dead to be specific. I'm the 60s guy on Steemit and I own the #garagerock tag pretty much by myself so far. Not saying the Dead are Garage, but in their very early days they had more raw energy, in my opinion!

Check out Cream Puff War from their very first album in 1967. If you've ever seen clips from Woodstock of the people dancing like crazy, spinning around and jumping in the mud, this is the kind of thing they were dancing to! @Ned, maybe you could use a tension releaser like dancing like a madman. :)

If you're a big Dead fan, you might be interested in going back even further to 1965 when they were The Warlocks! It's amazing to hear the very beginning of the identifiable Grateful Dead sound, even in its infancy. Also amazing that they were playing psychedelic music before there was even a name for it! That didn't come for 2 more years when The 13th Floor Elevators used it in their album title for the first time in the history of music. Have a listen to Mindbender by The Warlocks before they turned into the Grateful Dead, and prepare to have your Mind Blown!

every soul will surely feel death.
but for this one I do not know what to say ...

Just did. I've heard of it but didn't know the genre: psychedelic rock. Good music.

die, to live!

I didn't know you like the dead, pretty cool man

wow well this is in two ways lol first it seems it's going to be really thrilling? that image on the screen looks quite terrific, So what do you like about the song?

@ned, no siempre, pero me ha pasado cuando estoy casi quedándome dormido y a lo lejos escucho voces... sin embargo, no puedo afirmar si son muertos o no. The children of the korn te la recomiendo. RECOGIENDO STEEM, Saludos fraternos!

The Good Old Music, Nostalgia...

hi ned...!
i never listen to it, i will search for it

you mean The Grateful Ned? 😊😊

Now that title is creepy.

I'm actually watching a movie right now.
It is titled Crypto blood bath

but i'm not dead yet :D

No becoz i dont want to die until i see steem @ 50$

No matter where I am in life. Whether that be 23 years ago or to this day as I battle the darkness a life in Babylon rat race will do to a person. This song takes me through the dark into the light!

Truckin'... got my chips cashed in

I have to admit I've not listened to much of their music even though I like a lot of 60s and 70s rock. There are some gaps in my collection.

Lol... I would, must be a nice frequency. But I'm here. Ain't no Grateful Dead Radio in Nigeria.. Hahahaha..

i have never listened to this song ..
all living beings will surely feel death...

Nope, I haven't because the only dead i can think of is that in the movie Pirate of the Carribean. Lemme go google it and see what is all about


I just watched the video on youtube. The song is really old and even the video quality can tell
Dunno what to think of the song, I just have a mix feeling

Oh heck yes!

I didnt listened to dead sir @ned .its first time that i am hearing about it i will definetly will listen and give my opinion.
Thank you

Deads are great singers ... ;)

@ned I'm sure being dead ain't what to be grateful of! Haha

I have not heard the dead, That image is scary, hehehe

Are you still alive?? :D I thought the greatest mind behind the steemit is no more :D

The GD are one of my all time favorites!

Sorry Ned, I just could not pass this opportunity up. I do not know if you know of any of the people involved, we are just a bunch of steemians having fun, and interacting with each other. I wrote a song for a game, (IFC), Ed Privat, took those lyrics and made a song in the flavor of the grateful dead at my request, charisma, took that song, several of our pieces of art work made for the game, and made a video of the song. I am not sure, but our song may be the first one created for a game on steemit. With out further ado, (I wonder where that term came from, will have to search one day), here is our song:

The game is not my creation, but that of another, I am just a participant in the game.

@ned I have never done and thought or wished about that. What is it about the radio? Is it real?

I am not that surprised to find out that you are into psychedelic music as well!

dead-head oh yah I could see you in high school with the multicolour tye die group! . Sure you are from this era lol..

A classic. I used to play that record gray. Oh man, thanks for reminding me I am old! Still cool to listen to!

Actually I never liked them that much, my brother used to play them all the time and I had to listen.

Greetings, Big Ned

I didn't know this band "the Greatfull Dad." I heard a little bit to see how nice it was. It reminds me of a band from here in Brazil that I like so much called "Tanza". Thanks for the musical tip!!!

I not only listen to them, I watch them too. In my country Venezuela there are enough.

Hello)) I first hear about such a group!))) Now I'm interested in finding their songs and listening))) I really like the band "The King and the Jester", especially the song "Dead Anarchist", but they sing in Russian. If you are interested, then you can find the translation and listen))) They are funny)) 10359.png

We may disagree on MBTI, but at least we can agree that Deads are awesome :)

uffff listen to her. Good track

The Grateful Dead is an older band but nonetheless very good =)

I only listen to the music that our band creates. You and I have made some rockin’ tracks during our time in Dband, bro!

Great the CEO listens to dead people, you do look a little bit like that kid from the sixth sense, had that kid not grown up to look like a giant troll looking guy, haha. Hard to imagine never listening to the Grateful Dead, then again I cannot imagine ever eating a Tide Pod.

changing the world!! Congrats!!!

The "Dead"? A movie or a song? I don't seem to understand as yet. I'm quite curious at this ned. I trust/hope there's a message in this still.

·'s clear now!

Hello @ned. Normally, I know you gave delegations for different projects. We would like to you delegations for science and technological writings in Turkish language. We have just started and we need some delegations. I want to know if you will support us. İf you return, we will happy.

Wow thank you for this reminder - In 1977 i met a young man from the US who was working in Germany for a while. We felt in love and his favorite band was Grateful Dead. Here is my favorite song:

Now that is in my ear!


Dig them Roots !!

i do NOT own this video... but, i damn sure like it !!!