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...Huh. Rather cryptic, or maybe I'm just dense. Four seemingly inactive accounts involved with #steemdev.... potential ability to delegate bandwidth from dedicated acounts as part of a solution to solve the bandwidth scarcity issue for plankton? That's my best nondeveloper's guess @ned

I don't know what the Secret Steem means,
but if it is what I just guess only from its name,
it would be great.

Someone send SBDs or SteemPower delegations to @null to make secret steem writings,

He collects clients to pay and view the secret pages,

Clients send SBD to the secretpagemakers to get the permanent or period-limited license password to view the secret page.

The pages is hidden encrypted as long as the SteemPower delegation is kept. ?

This concept will keep Steem more useful and Steem price up.

Well, that is a good idea.
It doesnt impact others negatively, that i can see.


You can take me, but you will never take my bunghole, Hm heh.... For I am the Great Cornholio Hm heh I have no bunghole, hm heh...

How do accounts like @goldibex exist where there is just $35k sitting there? I'll get there one day but my current goal is to where I can control my voting power. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there! Cheers!


you are just a little bit closer now ;)


Slowly but surely. I appreciate it! :)

It's always great to read ned's posts even if they are cryptic as this one :) They stir our imagination and that's cool!

I need to get some of that secret advantage 😅🤣


yes you need to get it @stackin.

Uh - possible new business model, eh? I have so much available bandwith myself - wouldn't mind renting it ;)

Yes please! I would like a secret advantage. I promise to use it wisely.


Not sure what this is in regards to, but I assume it will draw a ton of interesting comment.


Poking at EOS? :)

Secret Steem Advantage?
I want


you want what you don't understand?

Planktons be like -

Oh yeah, I kinda saw this coming when Steemit team described how the new bandwidth system based on Resource Credits would work! :)

It will be fun and probably profitable!

@theoretical no movement in over two years 30,180.256 STEEM POWER
@vandeberg no movement in over two months 99,000 and change STEEM POWER
@youkaicountry no movement in over five months 96.696 STEEM POWER
@goldibex no movement in over eight months. 20,714.984 STEEM POWER

yes, please @ned


there are many of such accounts on Steemit...
Isn't it a little bit scary?
Especially when new users stumble over such an account...
Best regards


Idle sp increases everybody's vote value.
If bidbots stopped voting our votes would go up by a minimum of 30%.

the hook has been baited

Not pretty sure about the message you are trying to pass, but I will have a look at the listed users. Maybe I can get something

EDIT: Does this has to do with user being able to add additional tag to their content by simply adding "#" ?


I think the 4 people are " Developer Steemit Blockchain: ) "some more active than others

The amount of spam and shitposts will increase exponential

wow, that is new to me. Keep up good work! Thank you for everything!

Should we expect an announcement @ned ?

Mysterious.... i need to dig into this,

@ned - so, we have the equivalent of RAM sales ? :-)

Hello witnes @ned [Ned-scott]. Welcome to #steemit.

Something huge is coming?

How does one delegate their bandwidth? I certainly don't come even remotely close to using all of mine, and if it could be provided out to others who need it, then I'm all for it.

We are waiting for what it is Sir Ned.
I.hope it could help since the word is secret advantage.. Sir Ned

How I would like to have a delegation to help the new steemians as well as me.

What is secret steem advantage?

Something big is coming, I can feel it!!!

Wow steem secret? Can wait pls

Will trade first born for said secret

I like it... bandwidth delegation!

*****There are secrets that must be hidden to achieve it.*****

@ned, thank you so much for all your excellent work!

I see secret

I guess this post is under construction, please give us insight!

This is cool @ned I like the practice of making the delegation system better. I am glad you are active in this community and it's upkeep, and also thanks to the delegaters who made the offerings.

Image result for steem

brother wanted to warn you ,

I see you invested strong,
In 5.7

There is ban on bitcoin in India it may effect steemit money as well..

Protect yourself ,

I see your #bandwidth-delegation-pools and I raise you one time traveling cat.

where to get more info on this ? help newbie with low sp on bandwidth issues ?

STEEM remains the best, no doubt about it. I think the idea is kind of cool.

What's with the link that takes us to a page with two comments? Is the point that if we can get people to link to our posts or resteem it increases it's chance of getting a large audience? Care to put actual words behind your post? It's almost as if you accidentally posted with with writing the post...

This is super amazing. Really excited you always look out for us on this platform. It would be a welcome relief i must say. Well done to you @ned

I hope the spam fairy hasn't waved it's magic wand on you and that this actually means something 😂

I think bandwidth delegation pool has already be running and some kind witnesses usually delegate SP to minnows who ain't having enough to help with the smooth running of their steem account. Or is this something totally different?

lemme don't confuse myself. You need to break the secret steem advantage down


As is, delegating SP loans the delegatee both voting power and bandwidth. I think that what @ned is suggesting might allow for these functions of SP to be delegatable separately. Just a guess though.

Straight up!

You can tell us more about it!

hmmm could this be about SMT?

Don't forget to deny negative bandwidth delegations :P

May the gods of Steem and steemit face shine upon me all the steeming days of my life on steemitsphere. Amen and Amen.

30k, 90k yet ladden with inactivity? And here is yours faithfully slaving since day one without missing a day! Hmnnnnn............. @ned.

Yep. I've been thinking about that for a while but basically the way delegation works today is that it will delegate bandwidth and voting power, but not the witness voting power.

If we had a better delegation function, where we can delegate each one separately (bandwidth, vp, wvp), it would be cool, without removing any feature compared to now.

hmmm, so they are starting a bdp 🤔

2 can play this game ...@ned

Oh gosh...secret advantage :) - I like the concept of bandwidth delegation pools, if it means we can get a little something for loaning out the always unused...

Eh.. trying to understand how Bandwidth allowance bytes (as it appears on SteemD) is calculated?

Does anyone know if you delegate out SP if this is impacted? and what this specific measure does


Im loving advantages :)

#gathering steem

that might tell us something too?

that is a good idea

Wow :)

bluengel_i.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

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Hello @miguelblanco I really liked your music post. Congratulations. Nice theme, very original, Greetings.

Why does @ned doesn't get any payout for a long time all of them are declined

@ned I had a dream you delegated 500k SP to me but I woke up and checked my account but found nothing. What happened?

You'll have to pry my bandwidth from my cold dead hands!!

ohh, please do tell!

Well you have most of steemit power but theres no 💰. I am new at this if your free please see my content if you like it hit follow and upvote. @rrs007

3 months later and I am none the wiser.

I love the sound of this.