California Sunsets #67 ~ Malibu Fires

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“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sadly, the fires continue here in California with thousands of homes destroyed and many lives lost. This evening, the fire fighters have started to contain most of the major fires.

Please visit my Monday Red colorchallenge post of some Santa Monica Firemen who are most likely fighting the fires in Malibu right now.

Here is tonight’s smoke-filled sunset.


Malibu in the background to the right.

Click image to view full size.

Here is a surreal photo my neighbor captured on Saturday (Nov 10th)


Another neighbor took this video from Lifeguard Tower #23 just a few blocks away.

Photo taken from the Santa Monica - Location Click Here
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Yo! amazing pictures. Did Vicken take that shot of the sailboat? Thinking since you were gone and the angle of the photo, it seems like he took it from the tower?


Yes Vicken took that shot from his condo about 20 floors up. He is quite the photographer. I have tried to get him on Steemit, but he has limited time and is an IG guy.


Vic takes great pictures, but I can see why given his IG followers. I ran into him a few weeks ago in GD.. unique guy.

We keep hearing about the devastating fires in the news here in Europe every day. It is horrible. Stay strong guys. Sending thoughts and prayers to California and its people.


Thanks man! Been lucky with a handful of friends and family who had to evacuate. So far no houses that we know of. One friend's Malibu ranch is still in danger, but the winds have died down thank god.

Lovely sunset shot there @armentor and I also feel that I want to sail to the sea or just walk on the seashore.


Thank you. Hopefully you will soon!

You will have to get your neighbors posting on here as they do some fine work! So sad about the destruction and lives lost.


You're right and I have tried. A few started but with the drop in crypto, they are dormant but still hodling steem. The fires are brutal... many still missing. Tragic.

So beautiful sunset view! :)


As always, thank you :)

How terribly tragic all these wildfires are! I still have relatives in California and every year, I hold my breath that they won't have to load up their RV and run out of town.

And yet, I wonder. How can something so devastating make such beauty all around you?

Incredible colors and soft from the smoke. Tragically beautiful.



Its tragic. Unfortunately, with global warming, cut in federal forestry funds and fire prevention by Trump, it was a perfect storm. Most all of the fires started on Federal lands that were not maintained appropriately which made the fires unstoppable. My family and friends are all safe, some still evacuated but no homes damaged (yet). Hoping it ends soon.

Sometimes I hate sunsets @armentor, it just means that we can never go back to the past.


Very true and I think of that as well sometimes. However, to quote Noor Unnahar ~~ "With every sunset, a new hope is born, an old expectation dies". Keep strong my friend.

Awesome view of sunset. Really great photography. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you my friend!

It's so sad about the fires! Beautiful photos!


Yes it is. We are just hoping it will end soon. Thanks.

Loved the first two shots the most very unique in their own great photography once again :D


Thank you as always!

You are doing well dear.


Thanks man!

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Thank you.

Aww....awesome sunset photography 🌅...i like it my dear friend @armentor you


Thank you!

great post and very very nice photography @armentor


Thank you.

The view of the sky is very beautiful really very amazing.


Thank you.


are you welcome.😀

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