California Sunsets #68

in goldenhourphotography •  3 months ago

Fortunately, most of the California fires have been contained. Tragically, the death toll mounts with many missing. Here is the latest update on and photos of the fires from CBSNews

Our smoke-filled sunsets are slowly changing back to normal autumn sunsets here in Santa Monica. Here was Wednesday’s with a smart Seagull enjoying the peaceful sunset.

Nov14a.jpgClick image to view full size.

Here he is checking out the Moon…


Click image to view full size.

Photos taken from the Santa Monica - Location Click Here

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The photo of the seagull looking at the Moon is incredible. Good to hear that those fires are finally under control!


Yes... that was quite trippy when I saw that alignment and then the seagull moved! Timing is everything.

I see you're back to the bird fetish (;! they usually follow you... great shots!


Yap. And you will see it in the post I just uploaded. Back to the birds my brotha!


Great shots.... good to see you are back with the flock of seaguls!!!

I am glad that the fires are contained finally @armentor and I am just delighted that you are safe bring us again beautiful photos like that seagull photo :)


Thank you for your kind words my friend.

Yes that seagull really is photogenic!


Thanks men! (;

So beautiful .. like the shots...


Thank you my friend.


You are welcome..

great post and very very nice photography @armentor



This is good news even though this disaster took its toll.
I am also concerned about the disaster that happened.
The scenery is very beautiful in color and also the bird that stands on the pole really makes this photo beautiful and unique.


Thank you!

in full resolution these shots are extra ordinary beautiful to check these out thanks for sharing :)


Thank you.