GoldenHourPhotography - Sunset today with horses

Dear Steemies,
I've just arrived home after my today's hiking in the Bakony mountains. One of my friends took me to places where tourists don't go. Details later...
Here are some pictures of the sunset at Somhegy, while we were waiting for bus.
Taken with Panasonic FZ82, unedited.











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Such a beautiful view 😍


Thank you!

Thanks for sharing these great pictures. I discovered your blog last week because of your AnimalSunday post. Funny thing my post this week for the challenge is about horses at sunset. Crazy coincidence.... :-D


Oh, thank you! There are no coincidences, only vibrations :)

Beautiful Sunsets but the horses are looking great in this orange sunset color. Thanks for sharing @kalemandra.


A lemenő nap fényei a lovas képen nagyon jók. Nekem a lovas kép és az utolsó tetszik a legjobban.


Köszi! A képek azért nem teljesen adják vissza a hangulatot. A két ló percekig mozdulatlanul állt a lemenő nap fényében.

A superb post @kalemandra It's always rewarding going to places that are not often visited by others and that sunset is a magnificent way to end your walk.


Thank you dear Trudee! I love these places, though they are not exotic. We have no high mountains, no seaside, but I love my country!


You're very welcome Kalemandra. I think that applies to most of us.......the place we grew up in become part of our DNA and nothing can replace those memories and experiences.

Wow, those are some excellent sunset shots. I particularly like the final few, with the swath of red stretching across the horizon.

And the shot of the horses is great, too!


Thank you! Well, it was not a dramatic sunset, but a very calm one. Then the Moon with Saturn - they were gorgeous!

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just amazing & simply beautiful!!!..thank you for sharing

Such beautiful mellowness in the atmosphere of these images Kalemandra.

Love the last of the light surrounding the horses especially. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎