Lonely Wisps of Cloud Bathed in Glorious Solitude … Chiang Mai, Thailand – GoldenHour Photography

A sole cloud remained above us, floating in the center of our goldenhour view. 

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Let’s not call it a day … yet

While most of the clouds had descended peacefully into the mountains, a few wisps of cloud seemed unwilling to call it a day.  

Another glimpse of glory

Maybe those tufts of cloud still had something to do. Maybe they just wanted to enjoy a bit more sunlight. Maybe they continued to waft through the orange sky simply to give us another glimpse of glory.
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s GoldenHour Photography contest.
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This fine shot reminds me of the world map with the black clouds representing the various continents on the face of the heavens. Surely, everything looks perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Nice shot.
I like your philosophy of "When confronted with all the chaos of the world, I strive to view the disorder and madness dispassionately, in order to transcend it and focus on the beauty of the UNI-verse."
Indeed, how many people are able to do that, and how many can even begin to understand what it meant.
Cheers! :-)


Thanks. Glad you like the shot, and very pleased that you like my "philosophy." Basically, it's based on the perennial philosophy, which takes from many religious traditions across the world. My statement above takes a little bit from Buddhism, and a greater bit from nondualist Vedanta.

I see you are in Singapore. I lived there 2012–2017, and thoroughly enjoyed all my time there. I soon realized that your city-state is the peak of civilization. Clean, green, safe, honest, non-corrupt, great education system, great tax system. I could go on, but I think you know what I mean, and I trust you appreciate your home.

After I lost my job in Singapore, I moved to Chiang Mai, where I remain. Thailand's OK, but it aint Singapore! The good thing is, it's cheaper to live here than in Singapore.



Sorry to hear that you had to leave Singapore - especially since you obviously like it here. I hope you are settling down nicely in Chiang Mai.

Thank you for your kind words on Singapore. The government is not perfect, but I believe that they did what they think is best for Singapore. And they have done some great stuff. I am happy with them and proud to be a Singaporean. :-)

I embrace Buddhism as a philosophy of Life, not as a religion. I don't know much about Vedanta. Will have to look up on that.



Yes, I was a bit sad to leave Singapore. But I consider myself very lucky to have been able to live there fore 5 years.

Of course, Singapore aint perfect. There are certain minor issues which some people may not approve of, and in which Singapore could improve,

But, on the whole, Singapore provides an amazing society and culture in which to live, grow, and thrive. For that, kudos to the leaders. Those leaders are not perfect either, but any leader(s) who can develop a backwater from a 3rd-world country into a 1st-world beacon of prosperity and comfort within the space of a few decades ... those leaders deserve the utmost respect. Would that other countries had the same.


I agree whole heartedly with what you said about Singapore. Unfortunately, it seems that only the foreigners know how to appreciate Singapore. The locals are always complaining, whingeing, wanting and demanding more and more.
Anyway... :-)

Amazing photo. The first thing that came to mind was "get a great picture from this photo."


Thanks. Steal / borrow the photo if you want!