Good Morning Sunshine

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Good Morning Sunshine


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Getting up early to see the sunrise was reward with this spectacular sight. The morning sun reflects golden in the ocean surf. A thin layer of clouds on the horizon filters the direct light. I took this at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Category goldenhourphotography
Settings f/16.0 1/200 sec 106.0 mm ISO 640
Camera Canon 60D
Lens Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Location Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This is my entry in #goldenhourphotography by @juliank and @photocontests daily photography contest.

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There you go again, posting my favorite shots! I can almost smell the salt spray and feel the heat of the sun fading from this shot. I was down near the coast this weekend, but just couldn't get over to the ocean.


Thank you @papacrusher! Too bad you couldn't get to the ocean! For me it's so re-energizing. BTW, I had grits at breakfast yesterday at the campground we were at in North Carolina. I have to get my fix in before we get to New Hampshire!


The ocean has the exact same effect on me as well. Good job on the I had some with a seafood platter last night. I headed back home this morning.

I made shrimp and grits the other night and was going to do a "what's cooking challenge", but I forgot to take the selfie and by the time I checked the rules the meal was long gone! So I did just a regular recipe post.


That seafood platter looks yummy! I think that the selfie is optional not a requirement for the challenge. I need to check out your post.

Stunningly beautiful picture...
Great photography...
Really like it
Thanks for sharing, dear @rwedegis...
Have a nice day...☕🤗❤


Thank you for your comments!


You are welcome...❤

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This is such a beauty! Wonderful shot. I think I can learn from this. :)


Thank you for your comments!

good post


Thank you!


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A King and his trusted employee!

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Woow! Breathtaking!

Amazing shot! I hope to one day be able to shoot pics like this!


All you have to do is get to the ocean early in the morning. You can do it!

I love how you captured this and the shades of orange are spectacular. Really beautiful.


Thank you so much for your comments!