GoldenHourPhotography - Another view of the congress of the Argentine nation.

The Palace of the Congress of the Argentine Nation is the building where the Congress develops its activities, it is one of the largest congresses in the world and it is located in the City of Buenos Aires. On 1909 Anatole France said this palace is actually a mixture, a "salad" containing Italian, Greek, Roman and French ingredients. They took the colonnade of the Louvre, they placed the Parthenon on him, they managed to locate the Pantheon and, finally, sprinkled the cake with allegories, statues, balustrades and terraces".

It's such an impressive and huge building, makes you feel small. It's way too imponent. The other day I was walking by and had the luck to witness one of the most beautiful scenarios I've seen, it was a magnificent sunset, those colors mixed with the lines of the building in the backgroun and the trees enjoying spring, just wow. Made a couple of good shots that I'd love to share.


Camera: Nikon D40 Lens: AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm Settings: ISO 200 55mm f/ 8,0 1/250 sec.


Camera: Nikon D40 Lens: AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm Settings: ISO 400 18mm f/ 10 1/200 sec.


Camera: Nikon D40 Lens: AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm Settings: ISO 200 55mm f/ 8,0 1/250 sec.

One thing I'm sure of, Buenos Aires has some crazy sunsets! Good for me, being a sunset lover feels more like being a hunter, going from one sunset to another.Maybe the only difference between other people and me is that I always expect more from the sunsets. More spectacular colors when the sun reaches the horizon, fuller of life, but at the same time so soft. Maybe that’s one of my worst expectations.

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Those are pretty photos. I'm following. I make music too be sure to peep that out
Have a wonderful day 😊

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Great shots @vanessapineda7
The colors in the clouds are awesome

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Ooohhhhh so gorgeous! Love the sky colours with the building silhouettes.... ahhhhhhhh...........


Loved the scream at the end lol


Hahahaha... that was an 'admiring oohhhhh... ahhhhhh' kinda ahhhhhhhhh..... lol

Oh, I really love that last shot - the color of the sky and the simple line from the roof - perfection.


The colors right? I love sunsets!

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wow beautiful photographs of golden hour..
Nice click my friend...

Wonderful photos. I love the soft but clear contrast between the grey and the orange clouds.