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The GastroAdvisor’s aim is to introduce business owners to the great opportunity resulting by accepting Crypto-payment, also following step by step guides that will help comprehend and apply the system. The GA team will always be ready to support any request from the restaurateurs offering focused solutions. Thanks to the rewards dedicated to restaurateurs, we can introduce hundreds of companies to be aware and confident with this new technology, using video tutorials and specific guides. Expert advices about the legal and financial mechanism will also be provided. GA solves the volatility problem too, through the introduction of a token conversion system. GastroAdvisor is trying to expand the use of the Cryptocurrencies in the everyday life with the goal to make the acceptance of the main Cryptocurrencies easier in the gastronomy business, creating a useful, modern and simple system. GastroAdvisor creates the first blockchain certified gastronomic review. This function will only be available for restaurants who will accept the FORK token and more digital currencies from GastroAdvisor’s users at the counter. Just after the user has made the payment, the transaction hash will automatically be saved by the GA platform through the SmartContract and it will subsequently be notified on the users profile that there is the possibility to write a certified gold review within the next 30 days. By forwarding the review, the SmartContract will make a second payment with the reward amount to the restaurateurs and the hash of the first transaction of the user/restaurant. The fees will be added to the expense of GastroAdvisor. The review will then be saved inside the blockchain and forever immutable.


To develop the system, a token named GastroAdvisors token will be released with the FORK symbol. The GastroAdvisor token represents the main mode to use GastroAdvisor services. The FORK token, tradable among the owners, will be used on the platform as a voucher for the affiliate restaurants to obtain discounts, benefits and blockchain certified reviews. The GastroAdvisor system allows the payment of purchases in the affiliate restaurants through FORK tokens. The application will allow users and businesses to convert FORK tokens through an automatic conversion system, integrated in the platform.


FORK will be generated on the Ethereum platform and will be a ERC20 token. Every GastroAdvisor token investor will be provided, for the platform launch, by a free internal Wallet, with the possibility to also use the actual ERC20 wallets. To access the internal wallet of the platform and trade, it will be possible to set a 2FA authentication through “Google Authenticator”.

Reward-GastroAdvisor Eco-System

GastroAdvisor is creating a high quality, unique info and booking platform through the introduction of the Ethereum blockchain based token. A reality, which has not been possible with the previous services. This provides a great benefit to users and businesses. The users will be rewarded to have contributed to the platform with contents and infos, through discounts, promotions and FORK token rewards. The platform also helps users to find new and enjoyable restaurants satisfying their expectations, enrich their everyday life. Restaurants will also be able to connect with new customers and reward the regular ones. They will, in addition, be able to freely manage their infos and their page in an independent way


Restaurateurs will be incentivized to claim their page on the website, accept the FORK token at the counter and activate the online booking system through the Multi-reward system.


will be a ERC-20 token (based on Ethereum technology).

The total supply will be 200.000.000 (200 Milions) of FORK created through SmartContract

· Token total: 200.000.000 and it will not be possible to generate more tokens.

· Token distribued during Crowdsale: 100.000.000 (50%)

· GastroAdvisor Eco-System (Rewards): 40.000.000 (20%)

· Token Holder 10.000.000 (5%) · Bounty: 4.000.000 (2%)

· Marketing: 10.000.000 (5%) · Advisor: 10.000.000 (5%)

· Team: 26.000.000 (13%)

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