The Current State of Affairs in The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Space with Jeff Berwick on

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In this video, Jeff shares his views on what is happening with the volatility in the crypto space. He also talks frankly, and in his sometimes completely candid style, about what is happening in the "Bitcoin War" that is going on now. You are going to love what he says about Anarcapulco 2018 and you'll want to be involved, even if it is to watch the streaming video.

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Nice interview. Cryptos are indeed undervalued and the bearish trend is the long overdue and much needed "correction." Markets will surely bounce back, hard to tell when though. Meanwhile I am holding on to my BCash. 🙂

Undervalued is probably an understatement. I am fortunate that I got in during a pull back and experienced this as my entry into crypto. Only one way to go from here. Kinda liking my odds after such a pull back! Thanks for the post!

You really should have remained neutral in the scaling debate to keep the anarchists united. All the real innovation is still on BTC and the fact that the technology couldn't keep up with adoption is normal, please don't choose for a reckless and faster way.

Core did a great job till now and the coming year it will become visible and Bcash will be obsolete. Roger is clearly a scammer and the Bcash price clearly drives on manipulation:

Bcash attacks.png

They fear it, like they always feared the new. They will talk bad about it spreading FUD, like with the computers and the internet decades ago. But all these voices will eventually get more and more silence, until you hear them say.. i always believed in cryptocurrencies.

Even if out from 2008, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, are still in a very early adoption stage, just look at the market cap, compared to stocks.
The potential is indescribable. Few people know what cryptocurrencies are, at least here in Canada, and many of the few even think it's a "scam". Obviously, it must be, since it doesn't come from Master Government, and some anonymous guy made it.
This volatility will continue to exist until widespread adoption that will eliminate most of the FUD behind these drops.
Just know your fundamentals, buy the dips, and HODL to the moon!

Crypto Assets are undervalued, we know that it will be more valuable than stocks someday. the value of stocks around the world aprox: 70 trillion, compared to Cryptos: 400 billion which is just the beginning. :)

I sold my few Bcash for BTC. They are a nice trade pair as the miners and hashrate flip back and forth. I never go "all in" on one or the other, but it is evident who has the name brand. Does anyone really think Bcash will replace btc? Seems like Dash or LTC is more likely. I would like to see an anonymous coin take #1, but the "flippening" might not be ETH, like most of us thought 6 months ago. Could be anything....What do you think will be the coin to take #1 market capitalization after BTC?

I believe in the future of the Crypto-currency

They want to regulate it...

Lol everyone is trying to get on that crypto train

I pray Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency should be acceptable in every part of the world,some countries have embraced. Thanks for this beautiful videos that analysed the position of Bitcoin.

On the bitcoin cash reddit there is a post that you explain how bitcoin cash is the way to go...I have to severely disagree with you...lightning network is the right path ...give it time and you will see I am right

Great info!! I'm in it for the long haul , so what is going on currently is entertainment.

Wow nice post.
You have submitted some very important information about Bitcoin and a beautiful video has given us all to see all of your videos. All of us will benefit from your comments. All of us will thank you very much, thank you very much for giving us some important information.
Thanks for sharing

Nice videos,, very nice

at least the fud is now over, the market is now recovering strongly.

Nice interview,crypto is very hard .

Hello friend, thank you for such valuable information. I trust Crypto-currency. Blessings

You have submitted some very important information about Bitcoin and a beautiful video has given us all to see all of your videos. All of us will benefit from your comments. All of us will thank you very much, thank you very much for giving us some important information.

Jeff and Rick Valkvinge gives detailed insights, plus Ryan X Charles in calm collected manner. Yet the Segwit group keeps going for verbal abuse, name calling, very vile and creepy. Some developers in Segwit are great. They won't do personal attacks or nonsense though many many Segwit punters, followers, are using disturbing behaviour. This could be an epic social study. Hooligans even.

Did anyone else notice the blatant reference to Time mag 1998 front cover during Winter Olympic opening ceremony accompanied by John Lennon's Imagine?

I like coin' s...nice video......

Remarkable video

Nice video
I think the BTC is now recovering, I think is going to 20k again

Hey Jeff, great interview this is a nonviolent monetary revolution. Pick your ammo whether its bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc.

Btw is Anarcapulco considered a tax write off for business education?

There are lots of people that are taking bitcoin as a joke still, but it is a great thing. and it is a great thing that really going big. however i defineately agree that it will snap back eventually.

I agree with Jeff. Also, people need to start using more cryptos, don't be an ass an hoodl it all lots of shops accept cryptos now. Treat your self with some of your profit

It's good to see people trying to educate others on the use of crypto currency for the future.

I hope btc and bch both succeed, there is room in the world for hundreds and thousands of different types of money. Especially with the open sourced environment one's gain are everyone's.

At least, that was the spirit in which BTC was founded.

I am holding on to my Cryptos. Hope the people who are laughing at me now, will someday be laughing with me.

My name's Jeff. Goooo Jeff.

Great info, great interview

You really need to stop tying up your cart to the Roger-fer Sumi. Did Roger Fer pay you off? Every reason you can make use of the B cash you can use the same argument to use Lightroom on coin b. Why does the garbage keep configuring and pumping B cash instead of the light Quinn?

Great advice as always! wish I could make Anarcapulco 💯🐒