US Stock Markets & Cryptos Crashing... Is This The Big One? Jeff Berwick on FSN

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Kerry Lutz for the Financial Survival Network podcast. Topics include: the North American Bitcoin Conference, the crypto-bubble pops, a much needed cool off period, all bubbles caused by central bank money printing, problems with Bitcoin, Bitcoins rivals, privacy coins, the crash is just a side note to main events, crypto as asset protection, making stock markets obsolete, the technology is here to stay, parallels with the dotcom bubble, big buying opportunity, one world currency, Freemasons, numerology, the upcoming TDV Summit.

The Dollar Vigilante’s Internationalization & Investment Summit web page:

Anarchapulco 2018 is sold out but you can catch the live stream at: http://anarchapulco/livestream

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It's only a price correction in my opinion. I think there was actually a bubble but not the whole thing is a bubble. Bitcoin being a bubble is a misnomer since there are established support lines. We're now back closer to the actual value of bitcoin. The price keeps getting higher after the dip but its intrinsic value is well below the price, thus there are "bubbles on the surface" if that makes any sense.

There was a very quick dip in the market, like a minute dip, just look at the 1 day DOW chart, it could very well be a sign of washing out the weak hands


I think because the stock market is crashing the banks are obviously lashing out against crypto as they are scared, pain in the arse though as it's bit harder now to buy as I can't use a debit card hopefully the price will stay low until my money arrives as I think this is just a brief liquidity squeeze, and like you said will just wash out the weak hands!

Crypto crash, stocks heavily down (Dow suffered biggest single day drop in 122 years before recovering slightly). I believe bonds are ok at present! Will trump claim credit for this as he claimed credit for the market rises a few weeks ago?

bought Bitcoin at $10k thinking I was smart af for getting it on sale, But now it's down and I lost almost 50%..... fml....

thumbs up if you're in the same boat as me...I can't be the only one


Don't worry it has happened before. Wait a year or two and you should have your money back + %

I would suggest it is based off of a lot of new money entering the market over the last months and combined with people who have become savvy "investors".
I believe it starts with a minor drop (probably caused by legitimate profit taking or a random piece of "bad" news) and causes new investors to "panic sell" their coins (thus lowering the price even more).
Older and experienced investors then sell their stacks in the hopes of buying back in lower (sound strategy, if you know what you are doing). That decrease in price drives even more selloffs until steady hands can't pass up the opportunity to buy even more coins.
Eventually we will find the bottom and start all over again.
I believe this is the new "normal". We don't have office hours, we have scant regulation, and limited oversight; we just have each other--a global community.
People often say they want freedom, I suspect what they really want is comfortable prisons with "certified" people looking over them; as for me--I prefer a dangerous liberty. @dollarvigilante


Well put!


Thank you..!


It's a pretty interesting market at the moment. It feels almost like a heard of deer - one gets spooked and everybody runs downhill with them!

Anyone who did not take profits late last year has little brain power, and now less money....

The mainstream outlets are desperately trying to paint this crash in a positive light by saying that it was down to a strengthening US economy and potential for rising interest rates which markets 'don't like'. I'd say that was the understatement of the decade! 1

I am sick of reading crash articles.

Awesome interview Jeff! I do believe Bitcoin will have a lengthy bullrun after the crash and there are other cryptos that will outperform Bitcoin like Bitcoin Cash and others. We still need to be wary of government regulation though, especially the IRS who wants to crackdown on tax evaders by pressuring the exchanges. But overall, I do believe crypto is gonna thrive as long as the people demands it.

This nice post i like it thanks for sharing this dtube..

Master steemit

For me as "cryptonewby": Great interview - good background information.

Great vid!! Always informative!!

Bro great content.

very interesting information, very useful for me, thanks, a little more I have added insight from you.

no 1500 at anarchapulco

I'm a few days into learning about the markets and while not enjoying having my meager beginner's Steem earnings losing a third of its value within a day, it should rectify itself.

The media is talking about investors, but it really is actually bots using algorithms behind this. Wish every person vested in Steem could/would buy a small amount of Steem while prices are low. Would this not at least boost our beloved token, because the bots don't seem to be buying.

I may also just be talking out my ass...

The same who are complaining about bubbles are causing said bubbles, the Central Banks by printing money like crazy out of thin air 👿

As usualy interesting information, but also as usual, (aside from new highs updates of the past) its delayed info. Information that jefff updates his magasene subscribers about long before posts like these. And from my perspective, i gotta say the subscription fees is high, comparably to other independant alternative news and media personalitys / organisations. Yes its economic info that is promoted to be something that you wil gain from, but still... the price to me tells a messege of "this is for the top "top dogs" involved in crypto and alternative investments". And that does not tell the alternative and anarchist messege to me.

Just saying. In one way one could compare subscribing to him to be subscribed to a pump and kinda dump group. When looking at events. Partly because of his own statement of: " when I recomend a coin it alwasy goes up" ofc, then your subscribers wil likely buy it, making that coin go up. And then secondhad buyers wil see it go up and want to buy.

Regardless, the information is coinciding with what I hear others say too, that this is not the bubble popping, but a substantial pullback, that it wil grow more before it actually popps, something that can happen this year or next. But who knows.

Best time to buy BTC & ETH

The warning has been deafening, for decades, and was trumpeted with renewed vigor after the Federal Reserve created several trillion dollars to bail out the U.S. economy to counter the Crash of ’08: the massive borrowing needed to bridge the gap between what the U.S. government spends and what it gets from us taxpayers in revenues will jack up borrowing costs, meaning higher interest rates, meaning

This is so crazy. i see how the price of Gold is SOARING!!! @dollarvigilante you remind me of Robert Kiyosaki. You expose me to economics, but it makes sense when you drop it. Jeff Berwick is the MAN!!! So glad I get to see this and find a strategy..

All theories of conspiracy!
This is far from over and not even close to explode!
BTC is feeling a correction plus the fact that all the stock markets are going down too... so it's a black time for every single investment in exchanges.

They may be caused by the same people, but they are both signs of a crash.
The DOW crash is definitely a potential sign of the collapse many expect any day now.
Bitcoin is under attack by Jaime Dimon et al. Once the crash goes into full swing, crypto will go through the roof.

I was wondering why some platforms don't accept prepaid debit cards. Great post. I hope things get better. Joy

@dollarvigilante in last couple of days all the cryptos are crashing..
i wish to run far away from all this
this is not acceptable

Cracking advice as always! I'm hodl at the moment buy when I have any spare cash. Mentioned the recession coming to a colleague today she said "but they've only just raised inflation" ! 💯🐒

a very rapid decline soon find a solution