What is a human being?

in life •  8 months ago

Human being can be described in various forms. I believe it depends on how much opinions have you gathered and looked for while searching for an answer.

On the surface level human being is nothing more than a creature that operates with the help of a body that is controlled by our brain. Each of us serve some purpose here, otherwise we are going to be eliminated by a law.

It is the most primitive explanation and lots of people will probably agree with it just because we don’t think much and deep.

But if you are willing to explore in details about what human being consists of, you’ll be astounded.

I love philosophy and I do adore opening topics that not everybody got accustomed to discuss, which is why it is even more interesting and necessary to bring up.

So what is a human being?

To be honest, I have a peculiar mindset so don’t freak out if you don’t get it.

From my point of view, a human being is a soul that is created in order to elevate and improve itself gradually by dealing with challenges that life is presenting to it, and with challenges that the soul is setting up by itself.

In order to make those incremental achievements happen, soul was put into container called body so that it has an ability to feel various of emotions, collect and share its experiences with others, and simply to have fun.

Every soul has its own age. That’s why we can see so many people who are 60 behave as if they are 20. At the same time, there are people who are only 10 and perceive life too seriously or act as adults. This is not an accident, there are no accidents.

I also believe that a soul never dies. How can it possibly be complete? I mean, what does it need to reach in order to be truly perfect and fulfilled? Transcendence is a nice concept but is it really attainable? That’s why those iterations of progress are infinite (from my point of view).

What interesting though is how our body and brain remembers everything that we’ve been through, and can figure out what is the next challenge of this life can be.

My guess is that all of the previous lives and all of the knowledge from thousands of years of collective history is stored in our brain. But we just cannot access it. It is blocked or maybe even disabled just to make sure we are not bored to death in current life.

Evidently some info is coming up from time to time when a particular event happens in our lives, or we experience intense emotions, or meditate often, or do something that can cause our brain to open up a closed storage of data. You can call it memory leaks or whatever your creativity will allow you to.

In fact, most of the artists, writers, scientists and great minds in some mysterious way were able to connect to the source of information and just create impossible for that time things. Some of them were telling that usually it happens accidentally, as if the whole script is dictated by the words of God.

I don’t know your preferences towards religion but I do believe that we somehow are connected to something bigger, whether it is cosmos, universe or an unknown form of energy.

And the most impressive is that we are able to open up the channel so that we can be used for the greater good by the universe. It is fascinating and mind-boggling realization and ability of a human kind.

Speaking about ability, not everybody are willing to do such things because not everybody are willing to develop themselves or even accept that it is possible. But for sure you can try.

There are lots of other aspects of human being that I would like to cover but I better split them in separate posts because they are all big enough and sophisticated.

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