WeTransfer launches "A Message from Earth", tribute to Voyager Golden Record

in life •  last year

You've already heard of it: in 1977, the astrophysicist Carl Sagan sent Voyager's Golden Record, a record supposed to portray as objective as possible our world and its culture. Images, sounds, languages ​​and music from all over the earth have been launched into space for all forms of extraterrestrial life. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this Voyager Golden Record, the WeTransfer platform is launching A Message From Earth (https://amessagefrom.earth/), a site inspired by this disc that presents 40 contemporary "cultural lights".

These 40 artists contribute to pages dedicated to the major arts of our culture. First there is music, selected with 6 artists from each continent, and Gilles Peterson (DJ and presenter of a BBC Radio 6 show). Sounds, too, created by the synthesizers of the band S U R V I V E (the band that produced the Stranger Things soundtrack) and to which you can contribute. As well as photographs of 5 artists from all over the world ... Finally, the brainwave part leaves the field open to 10 authors, who imagine in a few lines the forms of life to which the Golden Record could arrive (if it happens one day). The introduction is also important: it is proposed by Wanda Diaz Merced, a visually impaired astronomer who uses sonification to study the stars.

This site is therefore a rich source of inspiration, built by humans with exceptional courses. It is also a passionate project so exciting, to explore without limit. But A Message from Earth is more than just a platform; Beyond the created content, it is an experience WeTransfer offers: a representation of the human today through the arts, an interactive exhibition, a tribute ... Finally, the confusing design adds to this immersion. The best is still to walk there.

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