Thankful Steemian needing advice and love !

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Guess who's Back !?

Did you miss me? Not even a little bit?

I wanted to share my thoughts with you

Dear Steemians,

I came back from vacations and I am so happy to see that the entire Steemian Community is still there.

Since we are in 2019, I had to set new goals…

As I have been on the platform for quite a long time now, I would like to continue to post quality content. 📂📂📂

Nevertheless, I see that I attracted very small support from orcas or whales 🐳. I thought a lot about it, maybe I am not publishing good enough content, maybe I am just bad at networking.

My posts

Here are the type of posts I write, I am listening to every suggestion you might have to attract new readers or interactions

I would still like to thank 🙏🙏🙏 some very special whales that I always see upvoting quality content from many authors: @newhope, @alexis555, @mangos & @redes.

Thank you for everything that you do !

I decided:

  1. to post only 2 times a day (One Daily Crypto News and 1 "quality" post)
  2. to try to post better content
  3. to spend at least 3 Steem @steem-bounty per day to make people interract more in the comment section. This is what I miss the most from the "Bull Steem Market".
  4. to delegate more SP to cool projects. I am currently delegating to @partiko, @actifit or @steem-ua.

I know that you are many to follow my posts and I want to thank you because YOU are the Reason I continue. Some of you even set out automatic votes ! Even a small ammount means a lot to me. 😋

I would like to listen to what I should improve to deserve your upvote, comment or Resteem

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I'm honestly using steemit not for the money anymore, lol why would I? I came here for the money saw I couldn't make any now I just have fun with it. I get to find alot of info im interested in and chat to cool peeps. It can be 1 cent or 10 dollars I'll be here posting daily my thoughts, rants, discoveries lol this is my online scrap book


That’s the spirit ! 💯💯💯

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I think your content is great and it is like the old relationship phrase “it isn’t you, it’s me (us the community)!”. I think all we can do as content creators is remain consistent and genuine to create the following but the problem is the lack of engagement around the ecosystem. This mind boggles me as well as engaging and commenting early on is what help me grow via rewards as my content would also stay behind in grabbing attention. So I really think it is about patience and consistency.

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Indeed, I see that you are extremely active commenting on other Steemians’ posts.
I like that. Let’s try to continue to create good content and interact with smart Steemians.
Take care my friend 😉

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Where else would you want to be. We are here until it hits $100 a token or burns to the ground. It should be interesting either way.

It's not east to attract attention from the big guys but if you get enough little ones it's the same difference.


Exactly ! It is my point to say that just a little bit of help from many Steemians can make the difference !
Thank you for your comment

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I've been here a long time but have only seen a handful of decent upvotes. I have however built a good group of people and get a small upvote everyday that I can build with.

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Hy vlemon

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Hi, please STOP.

I consider this as SPAM. Especially since you go on EVERY POST I do.

Thank you for your understanding.

I try to post once a day. My gold and silver coins post seem to attract attention. But I haven't bought lately so I've been posting other stories called #freewrites.


Hello @wonderpop, thank you for sharing😊.
Indeed the gold and silver coins community seems quite big here !
Take care,

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Miss you? Why did you go somewhere? :P

Haha, welcome back!


Thank you, I was just on a 2 weeks vacation !
But it felt like a long time 😂

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Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @vlemon
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The most terrible thing is the answering machine.
Because you react with them,
They always reply : you breaking the law...
For example, twitter and Facebook, freeze your account, you go to appeal, it replay that you are breaking the law, still freezing or unfreezing you, but still did not tell you the reason, the official is like a robot...
So in the past 3 months, many of my friends have left the twitter and Facebook. Because of the above phenomenon, the twitter started before 3 month, and Facebook started before 2 month. The two major communities started to stop you very easily. So I lost a lot of friends...
on stemmit, I also lost a lot of friends, the reason is downvote, they express their own ideas, perhaps not in line with other people's thoughts, other people use downvote.
downvote is not good, because here, there is no borders, there are all kinds of people, Everyone has different nationalities, different languages, different religions, different polities, and different ideas.
but, It is okay. please Listen to other people's ideas. Even if you disagree, you should not deny him. Real democracy is listening, thinking about yourself. Maybe you have something wrong with you, instead of thinking that you are right, when other's mean is not the same for you, you think to hit him (here is downvote).


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This is the system Steem came across with. But in the end you are not banned but « not shown directly » if you get too many downvoted.
Take care ,

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I was checking on your blog like I most times do. You always came up with great contents and I always look up to for Crypto related information.

Nevertheless, I see that I attracted very small support from orcas or whales.

You're not doing bad, there are less whales and orcas compared to the rest of the community. I wish I'm in this category so I can always make my presence felt but at the moment I am not.

Keep doing what you do best as I'm sure you love it that way.

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I really like your posts, especially the eSport & gaming news post :)

weocome back @vlemon hbow was hbolidays. enjnoyed?