Learning the Art of Compromise as a Great Merit for Life.....

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Hi, Steemians!

It doesn’t matter how much of a solitary creature you are, when it comes to doing something in the real world, you will need all the help you can get.

It is also fair to point out that many things cannot be done by a single person and it takes a group of people to deal with some jobs properly.

In a social sense, we interact with people mainly because of two reasons; we are either in an emotional relationship with them or they are a part of our team at work.

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In social situations where you have to interact with one person or more, you need to learn the art of compromise, as this is the foundation of healthy relationships based on trust and respect.

As it might be apparent to you from experience by now, most people disagree with each other over even the most fundamental thoughts and decisions. But these small or rather big disagreements do not usually end in conflict.

That is because people understand the idea of compromise. Even though you think that you are right, sometimes it is wise to listen to other people or respect their choices.

As the saying goes, sometimes it is best to leave well enough alone.

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The art of compromise is to understand that even though you may feel that you know the truth of something and that it is best to do something your way, you need to respect other people that you interact with.

After all, relationships are just as important as the reason that causes them. Your interaction with other people should not be seen as a means to an end, rather an end unto itself.

That means that you should treat people with respect, even though you feel that your beliefs and values may be violated in the course of such respect.

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As a good example of this, we could take a look at the lives of couples who live together. The man likes to watch the sports match on the television, but the woman wishes to catch up to her favorite show that is currently on the air.

The man or the woman here may feel inclined to accept a compromise and let the other person enjoy their time.

The art of compromise happens all around us and it should be both ways. In every relationship, people need to learn the art of compromise and let go of some of their values and ideals to keep the other person happy.

It is also important to note that this is not just about romantic relationships. Even in work and especially teamwork, you need to understand the importance of compromise.

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At the end of the day, those who understand compromise and bring it to their lives have much healthier work and romantic relationships.

Compromise is about contentment and acceptance. It is a humbling merit that could allow you to grow so much as a character.

After all, what bad has ever come out of a little bit of humility and contentment?




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I could not agree more

It is also fair to point out that many things cannot be done by a single person and it takes a group of people to deal with some jobs properly.

Things get done when peole commit talent and time and honor their words

the art of compromise, as this is the foundation of healthy relationships based on trust and respect.

One important thing I have learned is to never underestimate the value of those around us. Every person is good at something or knows someone who can be the missing piece to a puzzle. When we are able to join forces with all kinds of players just about everything can be done.

I think that sometimes, if you take a single question, you achieve more if you agree to a compromise than if you fight to the last drop of blood. But you can't live like this. If people find out that you are ready to compromise when a difficult situation arises, they will always try to make the circumstances not in your favor but in their

I think that in life everything is built on compromises. You sacrifice one thing to get another, and you cannot get both together. And this must be accepted if we want to live in peace.

I love this publication, always tell people, that you have to respect the ideals of other people, but many people prefer to impose theirs, I think that if we all respect the ideals of others, it would be easier to interact and socialize.

Respect for others is the basis of relationships, and humility is what gives us attractiveness and reliability. The compromise in a relationship is to put aside our ego and give participation to the actions, thoughts and emotions of those who share our lives at home and in our work. Always win the first one that yields.


Pity is in reality it is seldom about compromises. In most long lasting relationships is is 1 person always giving in, feeling like an empty barrel. One takes, the other gives.

At work it is the same, the higher the rank the less you are heard. Own opinions are seldom appreciated.. they feel like a threat.

It would be for sure a better world if we all did compromise or did not care about "winning" or violating ...

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@chbartist obviously it us your first step to reduce your mind frustration when you politely deal with your unhappy life moments. In other words you may say that iluminating the cause of crashes

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Compromise is important in building value for all parties involved as otherwise trust would not prevail and relationships will bot be sustainable. The long term success of partnerships are based on this ability which create value for those involved.

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This compromise is basic need of every relationship or bonding. I would say this is not a compromise instead it's an understanding between two people to keep the relationship strong.

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@chbartist I believe that all people are unique and special and that, when we strive to do a job, we must commit ourselves and accept the different opinions, advice and knowledge so that the project is the best possible. But many times, it is not so easy and many people think only of themselves and refuse to collaborate with something, unless it is their idea or is done in their own way and we should be aware that in the world where we live, in people reigns selfishness, and it is totally unfortunate, I hope we can change and be better people every day respecting and giving more love. Thank you for sharing this article with each one of us, I loved it.

Compromise is about contentment and acceptance. It is a humbling merit that could allow you to grow so much as a character.

Its kinda like contented with what's happening because there's no way can really change and accepting things or people that needs to be accepted regardless of disposition because we're confident that everything will be fine in the end.
In the end is good, peace and love will prevail.
And we live happily ever after.

I think learning very humble and gentle habit that makes any person better understanding.

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el compromiso es mas fácil cumplirlo cuando se disfruta de lo que se hace por eso es bueno comprometerse con las personas afines que son nuestro complemento...

Learning a good habits that makes a great person.

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@chbartist, Every Human Being is unique version and everyone face their own dynamics in their life so we have to showcase the kindness towards everyone and we have to behave respectfully. Definitely sometimes we will not going to follow the same way of path because we are emotional beings and our emotions drive us on to different path time to time. togetherness brings ease of burden. Stay blessed.

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Relationships are transactional, give and take if you will.

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Great post. I guess i now know the importance of compromise

Very true.

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excellent I liked this information very much thanks for sharing this post go ahead

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Thanks for yet another great post!! @chbartist

Great tips and useful post
please upvote and follow me if someone can

hay es que ser real, como diriamos, ser unicos, ser como somos.

Very true.

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