The Mistake of Coming to Terms with Your Intrusive and Perilous Thoughts...

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Hello, dear friends!

As mentally strong as you strive to be, there are always intrusive and unwelcome thoughts that fester in the darkest corners of your mind.
There are some ideas that suddenly form in our mind on a rainy day or a nonchalant hangout with friends. These ideas are usually not welcome. We do not want to be thinking about them.
But these ideas grow in our mind as we ignore their existence altogether. After a while, they become a nightmare that we cannot shake off.

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These nightmarish thoughts are not dealt with properly. That is why they grow and fester and hurt as more as time passes.
We wrongfully believe that if we ignore their existence, they are just going to perish and fade away. That might work for some people, but for many, such thoughts return with ferocity.
Other people do something that is much more dangerous. They come to terms with these thoughts and accept them as a part of their identity.
This is as wrong as it can be dangerous. If you do not want to have a thought in your mind, you should not just accept its existence.

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I want to draw an analogy for you that can be true in every other aspect of life. When there is someone constantly hitting you, you do not accept this behavior. You start fighting back.
When life is punching you and throwing you to the ground, you do not just come to terms with it and stay down. You start fighting back.
When things aren’t going the way you want them to go, and the situation in your personal life goes south, you do not come to terms with it. You start fighting back.
That is the idea of being brave and courageous. The idea of not giving in under pressure and stress.

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Why should we not do the same with our mind? Why should we not take care of it, or when some thought threatens its well-being, start fighting back?
When you are experiencing intrusive thoughts, you should not ignore them, nor should you accept them. What you need to do is bring those thoughts right in front of your mind and really think about them.
Think about them with logical and apathy. Do not allow your feelings to cloud your judgment of what is the right thing to do.
When you do this, you will realize the worthlessness and futility of having those thoughts. That is when you will really be free of them.

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Most people are afraid of confrontation. That is why intrusive and valueless thoughts cloud their mind and fester in their hearts.
Before allowing it to become hazardous like an old wound, you should strike fearlessly into the heart of these thoughts and understand the nature of them.
Only then will you truly become free of such intrusions of the mind!




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Hello @chbartist. As indicated in your publication, we must learn to identify and manage intrusive thinking. These thoughts can achieve to displace our objectives changing our reality.

If we have an action plan, with clear objectives, with well-designed strategies, and we have a favorable environment, it will be easier to identify and manage intrusive thoughts.

Intrusive thoughts are improved with professional help, with which, through therapy, the root of the problem can be found. in addition, with the realization or practice of relaxation routines and exercise routines that allow the release of accumulated energy in the body.

Happy day to the people of @steemit.

The times I have had to deal with intrusive thoughts, they have left me emotionally exhausted, but it is possible to overcome them. The first thing that must be done is to identify the origin of that thought in the past, and if this is associated with a person or situation, you have to forgive them. Once identified their origin, we must let them go, not letting them fill us with anger, frustration or fear.

Best regards

This is really great. This touched my heart

most people are courageous to fight things that come on their way. you know the problem fighting against intrusive thought? I think it is the mysterious nature not to be detected as a problem by most of the human mind. but once learned as dangerous, then you become alert to sense and stand courageously to fight against.

Seriously we should take control of our thoughts!
Keep inspiring.

I once heard a great saying thay states “don’t be preoccupied bu your troubles, instead occupy yourself of them.”. This is a great approach as it is only a vicious cycle not to do so in due time.

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@chbartist imaginations create actions and need creates imagination but only the actions fullfill the needs. Now what are your prefrences in life, always cause of a newly born thing in your mind which is called an imagination

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thank yoy my friend, what you say its something that i learn years a go

I want to be part of this community, how can i be part of it?@chbartist

The biggest fear is the fear of losing something.

I love your thoughts process....

This post is very important, because it shows that those intrusive thoughts must be attacked, to be eliminated, otherwise, they will do a lot of damage, we must think, what we are thinking and if there are some of those bad thoughts, then we will not let ourselves be defeated, but we counterattack so that they are eliminated from the root. Many thanks to @chbartist for sharing their knowledge with us.

My friend!
You tell us a very good thing. From this post I have learned that we should never believe in dreams but believe in the truth.

Everything is going well when you have right though.

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Fear is amended unwanted think without fear with confidence good thinking.

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Yes, the mind is complex. What I find extremely useful in this instance is to journal. Writing out my thoughts - getting them down on paper. It helps create some distance and offers a new perspective. I'm not so blended with what's been going on in my head.
Normally the thoughts will have some origin story and/ or there will be a familiar theme, a familiar energy.
It's about being able to sit with the discomfort, acknowledge it and this helps to allow it to pass.

Well-done sir @chbartist.
Some of these intrusive thought are a reflection of who we really are deep inside; sometimes it just requires self-realization and basic acceptance of these facts... The more we deny these thought the stronger they become. It is after we realize and accept the truth only then can we work on the behave part of ourselves that actually breeds these unhealthy thoughts. For example, the thought of cheating on one's spouse, it is essential to understand and admit that we are human and are liable to cheat on our spouse if the right circumstances are encouraged. Only and understanding of this weakness rather than its denial will help us develop arsenals that help us remain faithful to our spouses. Such arsenals include: making a firm decision to love him or her despite flaws and mistakes and forgive easily, finding true comfort in the Company of our spouses, doing activities that show love and appreciating everything about them and just being content with them. Through these arsenals the grip of the negative thought of cheating is weakened and disabled and replaces with thoughts of love and a better relationship.
So self-realization, acceptance, understanding and taking firm actions are just necessary. It is said "in order to take a high jump above obstacles, one has to go down to almost ground level to spring up effectively"

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Meditation. Check out Dr Joe Dispenza

There are thoughts that are coming back over and over again.
There are times that we can't fight by our own and this is the general truth.
We sometimes need some outside forces to help us.
Its like a soldier who fight the whole battalion of enemies.

Then what are these forces that I mentioned?

I love this post. Something we all deal with to some extent. It's not talked about as much as it should be. :/

Another masterpiece of yours @chbartist through this post. As usual this is the amazing post.

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I like these words, let my inner peace.-1008651966.png

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