Understanding That it is Just a Matter of Time Before You Experience Your Breakthrough...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Any achievement and merit that I gained in life goes back to a simple and golden rule that I have always cherished in my heart and on my mind.

This simple and golden rule applies to any struggle or endeavor that you go through in life. It is not the whimsical wishful thinking of a dreamer, nor the hopes of a relentless warrior.

This is just the rule of a man who has a good grasp of the rules that apply to our universe.

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Even if we see life a big scene of chaos and random occurrences, this golden rule can give you an initiative to go through with your plans and realize your goals. You might be dying of anticipation to hear it.

This is not going to be a magical formula that changes your life overnight. This is not going to be an epic speech that compels you to do things that you otherwise would not.

What I want to do with this rule is to give you a perspective on your own endeavors.

It is a simple rule that defines every breakthrough from the dawn of mankind to the modern society that we live in today.

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Here is the golden perspective: If you keep going, it is going to be just a matter of time.

Someone might say that success is not just about hard work. Sometimes, we need to have luck and chance on our side. I can understand that sentiment. I can see it in everyday life; it is true that not everything is in our power.

But even if it is just a play of chance, someone who keeps trying and keeps going despite all failures is eventually going to experience breakthrough.

Why? Because for someone who actually does the hard work, it is only a matter of time before ‘chance’ comes on board.

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You might be in a difficult situation right now. Perhaps you are not someone who procrastinates or protracts, perhaps you are someone who actually does everything within their power to achieve success but constantly fails.

Well, if you are that kind of person, you should know that it is just a matter of time before something amazing happens and you are compensated for all your hard work.

Every achievement and success that I experienced in life derived from this single perspective. This perspective gave me strength to never give up.

Because I understood that… it was just a matter of time!

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And I was proven right. My resilience and consistency in doing everything within my power proved to be my winning card.

Have faith. Even if you see the world as a big bowl of mess, you need to understand that chance will eventually shows its face to you, as the rules of chance always imply.

Your big success might be the next step in a staircase of trials and errors!

Do not miss it!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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hello @chbartist.

the probability studies are executed with the data of the variables studied. It can be said in this sense, the more information we have, the better our probability of success will be.

The work we do, the studies we perform, the experiences we have, the people we meet, the mistakes we make, all will be information that will allow us to be more efficient at work, better people in human relationships, and most importantly, we will become the best version of oneself.

Every effort generates a reward!

Probability comes forward not only for the sake of information, but for the sake of the time we're spending on sth to get a chance of success or a good timing. that's called perseverence.. keep on doing sth, trying new ways for a year or two and finally breaking the wall of failure and stepping inside the lake of success..
that's a miracle..no one will fail while keeping perseverence..


Hello @bitpost, excellent your contribution. Perseverance is the most important variable to take into account, it is the one that will mark the difference between success and failure.

Thank you for your contribution!

Good sharing friend I like understand person.
my friend for better relationship between two people fait understanding a beautiful bounding habit.

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I think that you're right. Persistence pays off in the end. Hard work creates opportunities and opportunities with hard work eventually leads to success. I'm sure that many people give up right before their big break through, never realizing just how close they were to accomplishing their goals and dreams.

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Thank you, @chbartist for such a meaningful and powerful blog post. This is probably one of my favorite posts on Steemit. You have truly touched me with your words. The vividly beautiful photos you used are a great visual for each part of your article, especially the first one. The combination is magnificent. I am a huge believer in helping your fellow Steemian. I too agree that together we can launch this amazing platform to the moon. Together we are stronger than apart from one another. I love to share my Upvotes and Resteems to my fellow Steemians, especially those who took the time to produce high quality work. I make it a point to go to the "New" section of Steemit so that I can explore the posts of newer Steemians. I am no whale, but a strong minnow in a large ocean of incredibly talented Steemians. This blog post is so moving and inspiring that it truly deserves an Upvote and a Resteem. Thank you again @chbartist.

<3 shari-loveurlife <3 Healthy Living - Happy Life <3

Breakthrough is a factor of time and time is a factor of patience. Is all good to know that breakthrough will certainly come and to wit patiently for it

I wish to think like you about it's a matter of time.

When I read your work from start to end I understand that living in the world is all happened to everyone of us is a result of our thinking last 5 years 10 years and other...


He is loaded with thoughts and facts about living. Great guy!

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Great article sir understand a good quality that's must for faith.

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I needed that little moral boost, thanks!

Greetings chbartist, it has been a long time saying high! It is always amazing performance on your daily post. Thanks for sharing.

Great post...I stay prayerful that when the door of opportunity opens the wind is at my back.....lol...pushing me through it, giving no time to ponder..lol....Should I? Hmmm....let's see....

No....just a huge gust of wind to propel me out into the newness of the now.


Consistency is a powerful factor when trying to gain advancement in many ventures as the likelihood of achievement with little effort is highly unlikely and unsustainable. The eventual aha moment will come and clear the path to success!

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Hi @chbartist I completely agree with you ln this thought and liked these lines a lot-

Every achievement and success that I experienced in life derived from this single perspective. This perspective gave me strength to never give up.

Thanks for writing this post.

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Luck does not exist, what really exists is the ability to see opportunities. And you must insist and persevere until reaching our goals. It is a matter of time to obtain the desired results of our actions.


Sometimes we think that we experience a breakthrough but most of the time its not the case.
If we see ourselves as popular and have lots of friends and resources, we would consider it as a breakthrough for all the hard works we made.
A breakthrough will not end only in this world but will continue forever.

Nice post. We don't just work hard to achieve our goals in life, we should also work smart and believe beyond every reasonable doubt that one day our hardwork will pay off. The universe has an amazing way of rewarding hardworking people. Move with the right team, employ the right techniques, be proactive and boom! Your breakthrough is just around the corner. Lastly, we should always see our endeavors through the eyes of ecclesiastes which says: there is time for everything; a time to sow and a time to reap. Sow great seeds and reap bountiful harvest. Regards @chbartist

Yes to consistency. Keep going and have a vision. Also patience.
and a tapping into an inner knowing and wisdom that tells you you're on the right path.

Great photo

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hi Friend,
nice piece. Really a good food for thought.