Being poor is just a mindset, you can become your better version

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Our body needs ATPs and the brain is the most part of the body that needs a lot of energy. An organ that cannot tolerate lack of oxygen, is the brain. And above all the brain needs its specific foods to maintain its alertness. The brain needs Motives to keep it alert and here we are as

to give your
(BMotives) so that it can start working for YOU not just functioning as it has to.

On this world people belongs to 3 classes; poor, middle class and rich. Depending on your actions and reactions you move firm one class to other.

I firmly believe that all starts in your mind and being poor is in mind.
If you have financial constraints and you're working hard to overcome that, let me tell you that you're not poor but temporarily broke because being poor only exist in mind. Both words are synonymous but not same words and nor 100% meaning same things.

A great man once said

If you take all the money in the world and distribute them equally among people.
after a while all the money will go back to their original owners.

They asked him why? And he answered

The poor people are mainly consumers and the rich people are mainly investors.

Let me remind you, poor is in mind and if you're trying hard to overcome financial constraints you're temporary broke.
When you observe POOR person you will realize that poor is a person who:

P - Passes
O - Over
O - Opportunities
R - Repeatedly.

POOR is that person who sees challenges in every opportunity instead of seeing opportunities in every challenge. What you think you become.

You will never sow negative ideas and reap positive results. That's the trick for successful people; thinking positively.
Being a human itself is a responsibility as genesis says that we are leaders of this world, and that means we have to make differences among creatures.

Which difference are you making if you want to eat without working? If you want a nice car, house... if you don't want to sweat to work hard? The answer is none.

Being poor is not only a barrier to serve yourself and others but also to be served. Here are the reasons why I believe that:

  • Give them for free, they will think it is a trap.
  • Tell them that it requires a small investment, they will say

You can't earn much.

  • Tell them to come and join you in a business, they will say

I don't have any money.

  • Tell them to try new things, they will say

No experience! Has it been proven to work? Who has gained from it before?

  • Tell them that it's a traditional business, they'll say

It's too HARD to do.

  • Tell them that it is a new business model, they will ask you

How many years has this business model been existing?".

  • Tell them to run a shop, they will say

I will be tied down, I'll have no freedom.

  • Tell them to follow a 1-year business plan, they will say

It's too long. Please, I can't wait that long.

  • Then you will ask them what can they do then? They will say

I can do ANYTHING.

Haha are you serious? You? Doing anything?

  • They like to seek opinions and advices from friends who are hopeless like them. Even the Bible acknowledges the fact that blind people don't lead blind people.

  • They think more than a University Professor and do less than a blind man.

🚩 One major challenge POOR people have is LACK OF ACTION

  • They enjoy their comfort zone, dwelling and swimming in their own type of knowledge.

  • Anything beyond their reasoning "can't work, and therefore it is fraudulent."

Remember: It's RISKY to take a RISK, but it's even RISKIER not to take any risk at all.

If you want big success:

  1. You must take great risks to receive greater rewards.
  2. You must plan and strategize.
  3. You must value profit not wages.
  4. You should never lose focus.
  5. You must be determined

This is July 16, 2018. And we have less than 5 months to go.
If you continue to earn what you are earning at the moment all through the months until the end of this year,
tell me; will that dream of becoming a financial pillar in the kingdom be achieved by the end of December 2018?

Well, YOU alone know the answer.


Learn to try out new things, the world is not only ruled by prayer warriors but by mental warriors.

Thinking is the highest paying job in every field. Think big, think and grow rich, think clearly, think....thinkkk.

Thanks for your time reading!

By Jado



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In many cases, "poor" is more of a mindset than a condition. It becomes a matter of perspectives:

In support of what you're saying here, back in college I would observe what would happen when different "moneyless" students would get an unexpected bonus sum of money.

The "poor" ones would exclaim "woo-hoo! I have $200!" And there would be dinner, and beer, and a couple of nights on the town, and maybe a party... and then they would be right back to being "moneyless," in a couple of days.

I, too, was "moneyless." But when a surprise $200 appeared, it would mean gas in my car, basic food stock for am month and perhaps an opportunity to use some of the money as a way to create more money: Go to a flea market with $100 and buy things I could re-sell for $200.

Perhaps what is also worth considering here is a person's ability to "delay gratification." From what I observe, "poor" people tend to want immediate gratification, while most "rich" people can delay the reward patiently.

Thank you for a thoughtful article!



I like such comments with personal experiences. Delaying gratification really matters. Law of detachment. If you reap and don't sow any of your seeds it's like suicide. Thanks a lot @curatorcat for this beautiful and helpful comment!

Great article @bmotives. Really having a deja vu' moment. I feel like I've read this before.

I think some are misinterpreting what you are mentioning as poor. Legitimate poverty, which I would believe you have seen first hand has nothing to do with mind set. It is a condition. It is not from people's lack of will to work, it is from areas where there are very little opportunities and basic needs aren't met because they are not readily available.

Being poor is different. As you mentioned. The poor person will make excuses not to do something. They always have a reason. Where as a successful person puts themselves out there, steps out on faith and the belief they will succeed. You cannot grow or progress in any part of life if you don't put yourself out there and TRY. If you get knocked down, you get back up and DO IT AGAIN. You keep doing it until you get it right. Don't get me wrong, you will fail, you will stumble. Those are lessons, not a message to stop trying and throw in the towel.

Keep up the great posts!!


Woow @tryskele you understand 100% my point. Some are born poor, live in a poor country but what are you doing to your situation will matter to call you poor or broke temporarily.
Thanks a lot for your comment!


You're very welcome :) We just have to keep working together to keep the right mindset. Support is a wonderful thing. When you have someone that believes you will succeed, it does make it easier for you to believe it yourself.


Yeah that's true @tryskele

True. But I think the reason why poor people don't understand the value of opportunities is not because they are ignorant or skeptic, but because of lack of education. After all, you can't make a person want something if they have never experienced it.


I've been poor. It wasn't because I wasn't an investor, or didn't want opportunity. It was because life was hard and doors were closed. They did open, but I had advantages, family who helped me, a path to education. Poverty is not a choice. Show people the way, educate them, give them tools, and they will choose to advance. That's what I, a formerly poor person, believe with all my heart. I like your comment @ayushjalan


Exactly! You have to make them realize the true value of taking initiatives in their lives and grasp every opportunity that knocks on their doorstep.

This is not true for every person who is poor. It is true for a subset of people who are poor.

We're (first world) poor atm and it's not due to choosing not to take on opportunities. I have a home business and it isn't generating a full income yet. I took the opportunity of starting my own business. I feel confident eventually it will do quite well. But atm we're poor (by the standards of our country). I haven't invested but I intend to once we get more money coming in but the fact is we can't yet. "I don't have any money" is not always an excuse - sometimes it is an honest reason. If I chose to invest I'd not be paying rent, eating or paying bills. There's NO spare atm. There are people who won't invest who should, because they think job loss etc won't happen to them so they don't vary their income sources in order to prevent the worst, but that's not the situation in all cases. Sometimes "I don't have the money" literally means "I don't have the money". It's a horrible horrible horrible horrible situation to be stuck in but sometimes it is the truth. Sometimes also the person cannot control what opportunites they have. I took the opportunity to start my own business, and I've taken opportunities to improve skills in some areas and improve other things that may have been holding me back and making me achieve less, but I've also been jobsearching and I can't force an employer to give me the opportunity of a job instead of someone else, and neither can all the other people who are also struggling in the jobsearch just like me. You can't blame poor people for their situation and say it comes from their way of thinking as that likely is true for some, but for many it is not. You can't pass over opportunities you don't have. I'm trying really hard to get out of the situation I'm in and it has involved job searching, working on my business, learning stuff to do with time management and getting stuff done and learning that works for the way my brain works, tertiary study and more and I am not passing over opportunities that come my way and I intend to do stuff like investing once I have enough money to do so (and also buy a house). I've had times I might not have been as productive as I'd like but I'm working on that and I'm learning about myself and how to do things in a way that works for me and there certainly has been an improvement but never was I just being "comfortable" or within my "comfort zone". Being in this situation with money is far from comfortable. I actually try different things, probably a tad too much.


Uhm I understand you @birchmark, you're feeling like no one understands poor but there few words that you have not read from my article

If you have financial constraints and you're working hard to overcome that, let me tell you that you're not poor but temporarily broke because being poor only exist in mind. Both words are synonymous but not same words and nor 100% meaning same things.

Hope now you got what I meant, I know there are people who trying hard but let me ask you why you didn't read that sentence and only focused on those that blame you??
Thank you for passing by and for your sincere comment!


Fair enough. I didn't only focus on the other sentences though. That sentence just doesn't make sense to me as to me it isn't a mindset but a horrible situation. I guess it also confused me because if people aren't held back by financial constraints that would stop them from doing stuff like investing, to me they aren't poor. They might not be rich but to me they're not poor if they have spending or investing money. I guess that's where the confusion really came from as to me the people who can take the sorts of opportunities you mentioned in your article aren't poor. They might be lower or middle class / working class but I wouldn't have called that being poor. It's certainly a better situation than some of us are in. Again I know I'm better off than some in third world countries, so that could be applied to me by someone in that situation, but I still would hesitate to call someone with disposable income to use for investing or spending poor. The statement also was at the very top of your article and I read the whole thing so maybe by the time I was at the end and commenting, that point got a little lost after reading the rest of it. I think I get what you're saying. The confusion arose from our different views of what poor people can afford to do.


Yeah having different opinions that's what makes the world beautiful. Thank you @birchmark


Ironically just before seeing this comment of yours but after writing mine I just got called to go for a job interview. It's even in my home town. Hopefully this is the one.


Woow great for you! I wish success in all! It's time for your hard work to pay you! You're the one


Thank you. Good luck in whatever you're working on or towards atm both on and off of Steemit.


I don't think you're trying a tad too much. I'm sorry you have to struggle and I admire your initiative. It's easy to become bitter when others have more opportunity. You have not allowed that to dampen your spirit. Whatever level of success you do achieve, you deserve respect. What you own doesn't reflect who you are or your worth. Try to remember that. Good luck.


Thanks. Good luck in whatever's going on in your life too.

Very wise words, its so true that some people are buyers and some people are sellers. Very good post.


Thanks a lot Mr. Possible
I like your username @mrpossible


Yes its beacuse i wanna belive that everything is possible, and i belive that our minds limit what we can do.


Yeah limitations are our thoughts, the rest are barriers that we can jump on.

Impossible=I'm possible

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