Jeff Berwick - Bitcoin All The Way Up (feat. Freenauts) LIVE At The Palladium, Anarchapulco

in music •  9 months ago


Jeff Berwick of The @DollarVigilante Performs 'Bitcoin All The Way Up' featuring the Freenauts LIVE at the Palladium in Acapulco, Mexico during Anarchapulco, 2018!

We should all be thanking Jeff Berwick, Nathan Freeman and Avi for an incredible Anarchapulco. We can't even imagine what it'll be like next year. I'm sure they want to relax before focusing on that anyways.

See the FULL video here:

Stay tuned for more from Anarchapulco, 2018!

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An amazing time!

That club accepted Crypto that night :)


That guy in the blue in the front row jamming ouuuutt lol!


Very good agunas ves llergare a tener todo ese $

hahahaha that was fun :)) Alll the way up!!!

Lol that was nice , we went all the way up hopefully it will return up again only time will tell but I have a feeling until the greedy exit it won’t really hit its max potential.

That's really good. When this kind of music will come out and people will start listening/singing it like other songs then it is going to help a lot to crypto currencies in growth.
Can't we have someone on steemit who is singer write and produce song for steemit?

If that is Jeff he has covered up his grey/white hair and looks younger than the Jeff I see on interviews. Thanks.


he is young at heart, all the way up

All the way up!

damn, I missed that :(

Bitcoin made all anarchist dream come true!

Berwick looks like a character from Grand Theft Auto lol


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Jeff slaying the track :) ha! Amazing <3

Really cool! I wish I was there :/
Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

music is part and parcel in life
this is nice on and appreciate that
carry on

Nice to see Jeff Berwick performing- the chain and sunglasses make him look so cool. For sure bitcoin will be all the way up this year :)

Nice,thank for information. Good luck and keep spirit

Herkes bir birine yardımcı olsa harika işler çıkar bence

haha nice one Jeff! Look like good fun next year i'm there 💯🐒

good music sharing dear
keep it up

haha excellent his new style, I see him younger very funny hahaha.

Hahah.,this is so nice 😂😂😂 after this song the demand of Bitcoins will increase 1000% and the price will also increase...good luck

it's so nice. thanks for your information. haha

It was interesting :)) But cool music :))

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without music life is impossible
keep it up and thanks for sharing

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Cool! I wish I was in Anarchapulco!

you earned my vote :)

The concert was funky and funfair. Nice outing

posting is very useful ,,,
good music sharing dear,,,
Thanks for sharing,,,


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Your posts are very coman, I like your posts, your posts give benefits to others, you include people who are smart in stringing words, greetings just know from me, I'm from Indonesia / aceh

cool! 😍😍😍

great fucking song......aaaaalll the waaayyy up!!!! hahah. Jeff was looking like a bad ass pimp.....although he seem really tired and exhausted, i guess for putting up and organizing ancap

I need to bump this in my car! This is the shit! For real! This song should be on the radio! I'm requesting this every day! And, everybody in my town hears it! So creative! I love it!

exciting and festive once you can join me there

What a supertonic sound!
Music is is the weapon against boredom.I love your music..keep impressing us with your songs!

Nice article!
check out my DTube video!/v/theworld2018/sfey8qys
snap (10).jpg

Very good post

Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Makin this Crypto, 👌👌✨✨


Jeff certainly has a dedicated bunch of cult followers and his endless rant about how corrupt and shady the central bankers are has consistently scored points with more and more likeminded people.

All the way up!

It is inspiring to think about the cryptomusic of the future

This is really dope. Dig the hype.

What name can I coin for my home city of Minneapolis? Minneanarcocapitolis?

Sangat bagus, anda seorang profesional,

Your posts are very interesting, I like your posts, your posts give benefits to others, you include people who are smart in stringing words, greetings just know from me, I'm from Indonesia / aceh

Great choice of beat :)

Excellent post I congratulate you, you have my vote

i was really hoping for the past 2 months that bitcoin price shall rise once again... Glad that i didnot sell them..Holding them was a good decision!

Wow..... it’s a great enjoyment..... celebrating crypto night..... full of fun ..... I am enjoying too.

Pretty sure Jeff orchestrated the entire Anarchcapulco Conference just to get this opportunity. :)

I love music .Mu leisure time hearing the music..Thanks dear this music video..

This guy just keeps making dollas.

From the title alone is attractive this song, what else the music is very nice
continued success as friend @joshsigurdson