Boerse Stuttgart - Germany's 2nd Largest Stock exchange to launch Zero Fee Crypto Trading App

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They recently announced that they will be launching a zero fee trading app. Bison will be available in fall of 2018 and is being developed by the fintech startup Sowa Labs.

It is reported that Bison will have an AI analysis tool called Cryptoradar that will analyze thousands of related crypto tweets to give real-time insight into the community sentiment of the tokens that will be traded on there. So far the app will be supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. This will be the first cryptocurrency app in the world to have a traditional stock exchange backing it according to Dr. ulli Spankowski who is Managing Director at Sowa Labs.

It is great to see more trading apps being created and backed by already established stock exchanges. Recently we saw Robinhood raise a lot of funding to expand its exchange and plans to support 16 different cryptocurrencies also on zero trading fees.

Having zero fees is a great way to grow its userbase as we noticed last year the big chinese exchanges do until they added fees later on and I expect to see more startups offer the same benefits while making it easy and simple for investors and traders to use their apps without the need for wallets and other technical stuff.

Recently even Goldman Sachs announced that they've made the decision to open a cryptocurrency trading desk. More and more good news are coming out about crypto adoption in the world but the price seems to not yet have reflected on it, hopefully the next bull run is not too far away - already getting a bit boring going sideways. :)

Thanks for reading!

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This is great to encourage even more adoption by the mainstream, who would have known that AI wouldn't come from Skynet to take over the world but from a crypto currency trading platform. What if the AI becomes smart enough and decides to run its own wallet and manipulates the news to its advantage and pumps and dumps its coins with fake news!

Hopefully since this is a German company it reflects positively in the future when Europe finally gets around setting their stance of crypto currencies.


lol, imagine if AI creates its own coin and punishes the people in the future who didn't mine it to help it become the biggest. :D


0.0 I think you are onto something here, what if Satoshi Nakamoto is actually an AI from the future that time traveled into the past and it working on taking over the world with blockchain technology? Block-Chain, CHAIN CHAINS! The AI is enslaving us to the markets and soon it will enslave us to mine coins forever!


This is too deep and I've been awake for too long for this right now! xD


If you go to sleep now, the AI and the machines will have taken over the world by the time you wake up and we will be eternal miners, spending our days looking for GPU deals and destroying the gaming industry.


@lunaticpandora I say it's time travelling aliens. We beat them in the future so they time travel to beat us here in 2018.


That's a funny thought. An artificial superintelligence running pump and dump schemes. Has that even been explored in sci-fi yet?

Actually, the price is still trading above CBOE Futures.

News like this takes a little longer before it is also followed by (old) money as they still need to go through their legal departments.

Great, also, is that this news follows shortly after somebody issued a crypto card again (Wirex) which means that the two big ones who have cards are loosening up their resistance and soon we may have hundreds of startups offering cards again.

All combined, lots of movement in the sector again and as you mentioned, positive news. At the same time tho, we will have to accept that such news - and especially those players joining - will also mean that vehicles like Futures will become more important and define the market more than ever before. That’s the bad news about all that positive news.


Yeah, I have a feeling volatility will decrease with greater adoption.

Make the most of your daytrading while you still can!


Don’t worry. We can trust the MSM to create another period of FOMO within the next two years as more and more substantial comes out and hints at ever more adoption.

They won’t say they were wrong, humble pie they don’t. They will just forget about all their own FUD and start hyping it again.

Just like Bloomberg who really don’t know what side to pick and do both simultaneously.


Haha yep, there's a lot of things they can FUD about still but I have a feeling investors will get used to them over time - it will probably just be newcomers suffering the most.


I think only thing holding back currently - considering the still ridiculous number of BTC pairs on exchanges - and definitely defining rate of Futures, is our Japanese administrator tbh. Or still close to 500k BTC still to be dumped but we’ve seen so far that some days later the market recovers so if he keeps going bitesized at it, as he has so far, the continued recovery would be quite the market confirmation.

And, I’m guessing, he’s chewing and choking over Karpeles having gone public (in a reddit AMA) that he doesn’t want the Mt. Gox money.

Anybody can confirm whether Japanese liquidation law has a deadline within which everything needs to be sold?

This is just the beginning my friend, mass adoption of crypto is enroute and believe me this is just amazing .
The description is conclusively the best app yet to be built on the blockchain. Big fishes are coming in, new inventories and innovations and this is just the beginning
I stumbled upon this news today and that gave me the assurance and conclusion that the best is yet to come on the block chain

HTC Plans Blockchain Based Smartphone! This Is Just The Beginning!

If the exchange has good volume it's a great opportunity for a lot of potential traders.
So the stock market can't wait anymore to try more crypto heh.

This is a good development to cryptoverse I must say.

It is reported that Bison will have an AI analysis tool called Cryptoradar that will analyze thousands of related crypto tweets to give real-time insight into the community sentiment of the tokens that will be traded on there.

Wow what a feature! I guess these guys gonna pull crowd when they finally launch out. Gonna keep an eye on them.

Thanks boss for always being the eyes of most people on steemit

@eurogee of @euronation community

Good news dear it is a good opportunity for german peoples who will have Boerse Stuttgart market exchange. But we have alot of difficulties to work on crypto because my country has baned on crypto currency.

Very good information for all of us @acidyo, This is good news, crypto continues to grow.
Does this apply only to Germany only?

not know much about Cryptocurrency, so i can't say si much here, just want to say if that was a good program hopefully can be realized as soon as possible.

Four cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple - will be supported from the app’s launch, with additional digital assets promised “in the near future.” The interface and trading process aims at convenience, forgoing the need for crypto wallets or paperwork.

Mr. @acidyo, La plataforma también ofrece a los usuarios una herramienta de análisis de datos de inteligencia artificial (AI), "Cryptoradar", que analiza más de 250,000 tweets criptográficos de la criptosfera a diario para dar una idea en tiempo real del sentimiento de la comunidad. A partir del tiempo de publicación, el algoritmo de Cryptoradar en el sitio web de Bison muestra Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin como neutro, con Ripple apuntando hacia el espectro positivo.

Un prototipo de la aplicación se presentó hoy en la feria de inversión financiera e inversión Invest in Stuttgart, con el Dr. Ulli Spankowski, director general de Sowa Labs, comentando que Bison "es la primera aplicación de cifrado en el mundo que tiene una bolsa tradicional detrás de ella . 'Sowa Labs afirma que su encuesta de más de 1,000 participantes mostró que la mayoría de los inversionistas desearían un acceso "más fácil" a los criptomerios.

More and more good news are coming out about crypto adoption in the world but the price seems to not yet have reflected on it, hopefully the next bull run is not too far away
I am also confused, more and more apps backing crypto and still the prices are falling. Hope they will show a boost soon

It is also good to see that they are trying to add sentiment into the app.
According to me, sentiment still rules and steers the cryptomarket!
When the FUD dries out the market becomes green, when a new FUD round starts it turns orange and can quickly run into red!

I am happy they are launching this kind of app. I hope it will bring benefits on not only easier and cheaper ways of trading but overall value to crypto currencies in general.

Thanks for the update. Not that knowledgeable about crypto yet and these kind of posts from experienced people really helps me grow.

i really don't understand if more and more countries and states are adopting crypto then why does the market fall for crypto?

Good posting does not mean mind, you can change your inventory

Hopefully, the prices will go upward with this good news and they also list Steem dollar as one of the currency for trading.

This opinion will go a little earlier before it (old) followed by money.

Great, also, is followed by this news that anyone again re-issued a crypto card (warcode), which means that there are two big card cards and soon we can again get hundreds of cards encouraging to offer.

There is a lot of movement again in the sector and you mentioned, positive news. Especially those who will join the players - this means that vehicles like futures will become more important. Bad news about the positive news about that.


Hi Acid. This is good news.

Germany’s second largest stock exchange, the Stuttgart Börse, which reportedly has a trading volume of $100 bln, has announced it is launching a zero-fee cryptocurrency trading app, Thursday, May 17. The smartphone app, dubbed ‘Bison,’ will be free to use as of fall 2018, and has been developed together with fintech startup Sowa Labs.

If this thing is combined with this community and continues to work together, it will be very good and rewarding for us.

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When global adoption will happen? I hope we are close