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STUPENDUS.png post.

Mike Novog rat z can suck it!

Interesting information friend thanks for sharing

He definitely has more insider information than the average person lol

Some experts have the capacity to predict

Novoratz is a btc bull..... shit

Wow amizing

love it! just love it.

Another banker who wants to take everything from you, even the public opinion. These looser should go to jail.

the TRUTH! I love exposing these people.


I, too, very much!

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what does this has to do with cryptocurrencies vs wallstreet?



Does anybody know of any crypto tokenized real estate assets?
-Fractional ownership of housing that gets rented out lets say and based on the amount of your investment - you see a nice ROI - That gets paid out regularly for as long as you own a portions of that tokenized asset.

& similar stuff that pays out regularly - passive income.

Anyone know of anything good?