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Welcome to Beastly Tales. Each has a message, a moral. All are meant to have an element of humour. Naturally, any names included do not depict real folk but are included as part of the joke.

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(As with Beastly Banter Beastly Tales is written and illustrated by Richard Hersel.)

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Richard Hersel



If sailing, fighting and riches do appeal,
And compassion, empathy and mercy you don’t feel,
Should you be a nefariously sadistic plotter,
And if you are an absolute bounder and rotter,
If you are enraptured by stealing and killing,
Enjoying a life both squalid and thrilling.
Then you could have signed up to be a Barbary Corsair,
A pirate with a particularly sadistic flair.

With axe, musket and scimitar too,
Aboard their Galliots sailing near the coast will do.
Along the Mediterranean coast with both oars and sails,
The Barbary Corsair captain rants and rails,
The Barbary Coast extended along Africa’s North,
This was the area from which Corsairs set forth.
For over 300 years Corsairs dominated the Mediterranean,
Sending themselves and victims subterranean.

But finally the newly independent U.S.A.,
Declared war on the Corsairs, and saved the day.
By 1815 the rule of the Corsairs was over,
But it meant, by no means, they were rolling in clover.
First came the Corsairs, then English privateers,
They were not so dissimilar, they were, in fact peers.
Navigator Sir Francis Drake was the “Queens Pirate”,
Hounding Spanish Galleons, both angry and irate
Spanish Galleons comprising the Treasure Fleet,
Of around 100 ships were hard to beat,
From South America to sunny Spain,
They were attacked, their treasure to drain,
Into the coffers of the privateer ships,
Most successfully, not many slips.
These became the targets for Pirates and Corsairs,
The Spanish revoking their “graces and airs”.

The great age of Caribbean piracy had begun,
Treasure Galleons had to turn and run.
The English privateers had a “letter of Marque”,
Which legalized their attacks as a quite proper lark.
In the pirates code it was apparent quite soon,
That a participant could be a subject of maroon,
If they didn’t keep well to the code,
It certainly could be the end of the road!

barbary corsair.png

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i'm a fan of the caribbean piracy..... 'after all,fear death is a choice ' sails.... nice of you beastly!!

hello Richard! The poem is very current free pirates and legalized piracy, but above all, follow the codes!gioie.jpg

take care


Thank you. Brilliant painting.

This is how kids should bet taught history at school. So clever, and with the humour, you are more likely to remember it.


Yes you are right thank you for an insiteful comment.

beautifully made! the poem is really good!!!

Reminds me of pirates of the Caribbean sea. Great lovely poem.

Great words, amazing lines, awesome stanzas, beautuful poem. I really did enjoy reading this poem. Keep the good work up.

ha ha ha pirates are all sadistic.where sailing pirates always carry swords.thanks friends with a poem joke from you makes me laugh read it.

good post

I love and enjoy this post continues like this ...

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In the pirates code it was apparent quite soon, i like your colorful and pictorial illustrations,
nice post.