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When the Decentralized exchanges come, its game over for these IRS puppets. Coinbase will be extinct by 2020.

Just wait until decentralized high volume exchanges start taking market share away from these centralized entities.


2018 is such an exciting year!

I just went to sign up and they wanted my SSN, my employment, my birthday. Shiiiiiiiiiiit, might as well be a bank. Waiting for an Exchange where I DON"T have to give my life away.


I've always been a fan of Robinhood. I don't use it much anymore but I do like to use it for some of my riskier investments. I will probably use it to add crypto to my portfolio. Nothing crazy but throw some cash in the crypto craze and maybe make some cash.

Could this be an indication that coinbase and other centralized exchanges days are numbered?

How soon before they are on line with crypto trading?

I'm on the wait list, not in my state yet but will use them. Coinbase's perhaps greatest growth factor has been the commission they pay to refer new users, but Robin Hood also has a commission (a free stock) so they are competitive in that way also.
And it's not just Robin Hood, Bittrex is also becoming a fiat gateway. I honestly don't think CB's days are numbered (just their near-monopoly) and I seriously hope that they'll up their game finally to be more competitive.

I think Robinhood will slowly but surely kill Coinbase.

Robinhood is a real coinbase killer for sure and we are really going to see some more serious Competition between them because Robinhood finally started to demolishing Counbase's monopoly in the cryptocurrency market.

Great news!

I think the endgame is decentralized exchange/POS payment app/OS/Dapp store/crypto reserve (stablecoin) all in one wallet.

Then crypto wil become unstoppable.

Added to my follow list. Keep up the good work and what do you think of the current market?

Robin hood are available everywhere?

This is what happens when you get your priorities wrong. Yes, they may have been the first easy-to-use exchange, but when it comes to customer care they're incredibly inept. And instead of addressing issues with existing features they were rushing to add more. Sad it took huge amounts of public shaming, outcry, and threats of legal action to get them to see straight. Whether or not they'll be able to survive at all, especially with Robinhood coming in the near future, is yet to be seen. But, something tells me it's not looking good for them.

I always thought there is something shady with Coinbase. I support bisq exchange and other decentralized exchanges. I think they will be the future of crypto. With Lightning network implemented this will be the way crypto goes. Interesting video.

great post!!@dollarvigilante Robinhood app is a great option and has the potential to unseat coinbase as the big cryptocurrency entry point. upvoted, resteemed, and commented

And that is exactly how it is supposed to be, i am really happy that we are getting at this point!!

I am waiting for Robinhood to come to Europe. I am not able to start an account on the US market. Anyone any experience?


Good question. Following.


Would be amazing if you could reply on this message the moment you know more.

Where we are going we don't need exchanges.... Hopefully.

As a Canadian, I definitely would like to see more options. I have to deal with enough monopolies as it is.

I just downloaded the app. They wanted my name, address, phone #, all of which I was cool with. Then my Social Security #? No thanks. I don't recall giving Coinbase my social. Not that I'm a big fan of CB by any means.

Give me a decentralized trading platform, take your cut that is reasonable, and don't ask me any questions. Where do I sign up for that?!

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competition is a good thing, unless you are Coinbase :D

Good video, coinbase with good incentives to attract.

Steeling from the rich to give to the poor? Well then, I am poor, where's my money 😂

That´s good, just like Robinhood, we need more platforms to get into crypto, especially with conditions like that, without any fees if possible.

Now Coinbase will have to reconsider their fees and the customers have to decide if they want to pay less (obviously), which will drop the number of customer going to Coinbase. Most importantly is the fact that Robinhood is another way to buy crypto (BTC and ETH).

I wish Mr. Berwick would transcribe these, as I don't want to go to dtube.

Thanks again Jeff for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good news.

I'm a huge fan of Robinhood. Been using it for some time. Sign up to get a free randomized stock as well:

Yup but only 5 states so far so its got a bit of a ways to go

Powerful Video!!!

Can't wait for the cryptos to take the banks down. Jeff keep up the good work. I hope to make it to the conference next year.😀

As i remember it Jeff you was promoting Cobinhood not Robinhood. LOL

This will be important!