My Lucid Dreaming Journey Day 15 - More Zombie Dreams!

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I Almost Had It!

Tonight I had a lot of dreams! Seriously... A LOT! But no lucid ones.... Let me explain why!

So, like usual, I set my alarm to wake me up in 5 hours. This time, I woke up on my own somewhere around 20 minutes before the alarm was suppose to go off.

I though, I won't try to induce any lucid dreams yet, because if it works and the alarm goes off, it will ruin everything!

I tried falling asleep... But I couldn't! I don't know why, but I just didn't want to sleep anymore. I slept 5 hours and that's enough for me to feel energetic? Well fuck me...

The alarm went off, I was still awake. Then I decided to just try and do the FILD method, which worked amazingly well each time!

Basically, with this method, I have to just lay still and send signals to 2 of my fingers as if I was playing the piano. I don't move the fingers, I just send the signals.

Well, since I didn't want to sleep, it didn't work... I did feel relaxed and everything, but I didn't go through the transition that I always go through.

I start feeling like spinning and hear sounds, and then I become lucid!

Anyway, this went on for a hour or so... Yeah! I tried the WILD method as well. I stayed still for 20 minutes or so, and nothing happened.

Then I tried FILD again a couple of times... Relaxation was there, but no results.

When finally, I said to myself, "Okay, one last time!". I attempted doing the FILD method one more time AND....

It almost worked... Almost? Well, I was just about to become lucid.... How do I know? I got really really relaxed and then there was this "click" sound in my ear. I started feeling like spinning as well!

I was so excited and I thought I'll go lucid any second, but then... Evil entities invaded my throat! I'm not sick or anything, but I felt like my throat is gonna explode if I'm not gonna cough...

I started coughing really hard for a few seconds, and my relaxation immediately disappeared. I was seriously mad!

I was seconds away from becoming lucid, and suddenly my throat decides to fuck me over! I'm not gonna be friends with Mr. Throat for a while now :)

Then, I spent like another hour doing FILD and so on... I just had too much energy for some reason! So, I decided to give up and just forget about it.

I fell asleep after some time and had some awesome dreams!



Zombie Apocalypse Dreams Again!

Not so long ago, I had a similar scenery dream and I posted about it... Is my subconsciousness running out of ideas? C'mon, can't you do better than that?

Well, although it was a zombie apocalypse, it was a bit different from the last time. I wasn't running from zombies this time... I was fighting them!

I got into this house, and closed the door behind me. It was a metal door. I barricaded this door, so zombies wouldn't pass through. I was certain that none of them will get through.

Then I went into another room and I noticed there were 2 more doors that zombies could come through. Worst of all... Those doors were wooden! I knew I was fucked...

But I went and barricaded those doors anyways... Don't ask me how, because I don't remember, haha!

One of the doors was even broken and it had a hole in it. I heard zombies started knocking onto the metal door. I didn't bother about that, because I was secure about this awesome door!

Then I saw a zombie coming near the broken door. He pushed his hand through the hole. That's when I took my gun and shot him in the head.

Sadly, the sound immediately brought a horde of zombies to these wooden doors. I was scared as fuck! I started shooting those zombies and it went on for a while.

But, it didn't last forever, because the broken door couldn't hold any longer. They got through, and moments later, the other door was shattered as well.

I took two machine guns and started shooting them. I managed to keep a distance from them like this, but...

Remember when I said, I was very secure about the metal door? Well, they started coming through there as well...



Too Many Zombies!

They were coming from three sides... I was doomed!

But suddenly, a magical grenade launcher appeared in my hands! I shot the grenades to the ground and the explosions were quite effective.

Hands, legs, torsos and all sorts of organs were flying around! A lot of these bits flew my direction and I was covered in blood and intestines...

It was disgusting, but I didn't think about this part much... Because I didn't know I was dreaming, so I was literally fighting for my life like it really happened!

But my survival had come to an end, because the zombies didn't stop coming. Actually, the numbers kept increasing from all the gun shots and explosions.

They got to me and they teared me apart, limb from limb...

And suddenly... I was in another dream... Or so I thought? I was outside the house that I was killed. Apparently, the zombies were partying! What the fuck?

They were celebrating my death... That took a weird turn...

But anyways, I got close to a window and a zombie was standing there. He started talking to me... Can this dream go any more weirder?

This zombie actually asked me to kill other zombies! Okay, this is fucked up... He handed me grenades and he pointed me where to throw them at.

I blasted a couple hundred of those abominations! And that's it... My alarm went off and I had to wake up. Fun dream, huh?



Some Dream Interpretations

I never normally did this before I started this journey, but I think it's going to be fun to check out what my dreams mean, since I'm getting more involved with them.

I don't necessarily believe the interpretations, but it's a great way to get even more immersed into the dream world.

So, I was dreaming that I protected a house from zombies. What could this possibly mean? Here's what I've found:

To see zombies trying to enter your house suggests that you are overwhelmed by another and that you feel that this results in you not thinking clearly. (Source)

Well, it wasn't my house that I protected, but this is the closest thing that I could find. I don't really feel overwhelmed by anyone, so not sure about this.

Also, I was fighting and killing zombies. What could that possibly mean? Here's what I've found:

To fighting and killing zombies in the dream can feature your actions to fight off enemies for your survival, it could also be a symbol as potential ways for you to regain your own humanity.

Consider the method that you used to kill the zombies in the dream. If you used different types of guns to shoot zombies, it suggests that you need to take aggressive and violent measures, stand your ground to protect your family. (Source)

I used different types of guns to shoot zombies! So... This means that I should blast everyone away and stand my ground to protect my family!

Alright! Nobody is gonna get close to me or my family from now on... If I encounter any person that's within 5 meters to me, I'll have to take aggressive and violent measures! Gonna kick them in the face or something to show who's boss...

Okay, but seriously... Not sure about this either! Just a random zombies dream? Definitely!

I'll stop with the interpretations and end this post. At the end of each post I'll include my first post (down below) about this journey as it explains why and how I'm doing this! (Full Post Here)



I Will Be Doing This Every Day!

The main reason I want to start lucid dreaming, is for self improvement.

I've been reading a lot about it and studies have shown that you can actually improve certain abilities by doing it in your dreams.

For example, if you wan't to learn a foreign language, you can practice it in your dreams. Since you're working with your subconscious mind while you're sleeping, you might find out that you know words that you were never aware of while conscious.

It's really all up to your creativity to what you wanna learn and improve upon in your dreams. Is it basketball that you want to become better at? You can do that!

Do you want to become a better fucker? Nobody is holding you back! Just make a nasty slut appear in front of you and do whatever you want with her!

Apparently while sleeping, the neural pathways engaged in the activity are strengthened, and not only imagined or visualized.

To achieve lucid dreaming, a lot of action has to be taken. Well... Some find it really easy to lucid dream, but most have to achieve it the hard way.

It's really important to think about lucid dreaming throughout the day. This way you're telling your subconscious mind that this is what you're focusing on and what you want, thus it gives you the access to control the dream world.

There are quite a few things I will be doing in order to achieve this goal!

  1. So, first of all, I will be posting my whole lucid dreaming journey here on Steemit every day.

  2. I will be writing down all of my dreams on a journal. A dream journal is basically essential if you want to achieve lucid dreaming.

  3. I will do at least 30-50 reality checks every day.

  4. Have a sleeping rhythm. That means I will be going to sleep at the same time every night. I'll also wake up at the same time every morning as well.

  5. I will also experiment with some techniques to induce lucid dreams.

  6. I won't look at any screens (computer, TV or even phone) 30-60 minutes before bed, because I've read that this helps a lot. For those 30-60 minutes I will be meditating.

  7. Talk, read and think about lucid dreaming constantly.

  8. Occasionally I will listen to lucid dreaming binaural beats and hypnosis.

  9. I will use an app called Awoken. This app is designed to help you achieve lucid dreaming. It reminds you to do reality checks throughout the day and it has a dream journal, which is where I will be writing down all my dreams when I wake up.

  10. I will experiment with the supplement called Dream Leaf, I already ordered it and I will use it when it arrives. I will take it only once or at most twice every week to see if it changes anything about my dreams and the ability to become lucid.



Tracking All My Progress!

So, like I've mentioned before, I will be tracking all my progress and I'll be posting about it every day here on Steemit.

Also, after I achieve lucid dreaming, I won't stop posting about my experiences for some time still.

When I achieve my goal, I will be writing down a lot of experiences that I have inside the dream world, and I'll experiment if it's actually possible to improve real life skills while sleeping.

I set a personal goal to achieve lucid dreaming within 30 days starting today. I'm really excited and hopefully I'll be able to do that even faster than 30 days!

This is not the first time I try to achieve lucid dreaming, but I never took it seriously and I was too inconsistent, so I never even came close to becoming lucid.

But this time I'm gonna SMASH it and record the whole journey on this blockchain!


Taking Dream Leaf tonight!


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LOL! This is a mad cool project, look forward to hearing more stories of your lucid dreams. I've had some bizarre dreams I will say, but never had a COD Zombies style dream XD! Cheers mate.


Yeah, the dream world can surprise you in so many ways, haha! I always had weird dreams since as long as I can remember...

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Really enjoyed your post.

I'm new to this lucid dreaming stuff. But it sounds so cool.