SHE FOUND HIM — True Life Story

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This is a true life story of a friend of mine I love dearly.
Oh! Look at how she’s grown. It seems just like yesterday, two years ago. I knew this young damsel on whom life didn’t present a lot of choice. Bound by the shackles of sin, drawn with the chains of death and surrounded by thick mist of darkness, bitterness and shame, all hopes were lost which left her heart shattered.


"Unlike age seven", she muttered. It was quite easier to conceal her pains by smiling, a smile given in pretence. As a teen, she could no longer hide the tears as the pains became intense. The betrayals and hurts she experienced made tears run down her cheeks daily.
Seemingly funny jokes could no longer split her face with a smile. It can be said she gave up on life as she opted to commit suicide.

As she grew older, she kept remembering the night a great evil happened, the beautiful blue gown she had on, which her mother made her on her 10th birthday, was torn as some fierce guy went in into her. Tears keep running down her cheek each time she remembered his awful countenance.

How on earth will I survive this? She muttered under her breathe as the scene of the incidence kept plaguing her mind. She prayed day after day for the night to seize: that the sun gives its light at nights.
For nine years all these were to no avail until a presence came into her room one warm night. It was as though a man walked into her room. Unlike the first, she heard a voice like a whisper saying "weep no more." "It all ends today", the man continued. Her heart was lifted as He spoke.
Nothing was going to stop her from receiving the deliverance she long sought for. Just as she pondered upon what she just heard, she noticed footsteps approaching her. As she turned to look behind she discovered that standing right before her was a man whose eyes burned with fire.


She felt sweet solace for the first time as he stretched forth his hands and said; "come to me." He took her by hands and pulled her up to Himself as she stretched her hands in response to his invitation.
Alas! The long desired deliverance has come. Her story took-a-around just immediately He wiped the tears off her cheeks.

He gave her a reason to live and a life spiced with joy. He brought back smiles to her sad face and life to her dying world. He said to her; "you are mine." From that moment she knew she had found her lover. Yes, like the Samaritan woman by Jacob's well, she found the Messiah
she found love and fell in love with Love. For her Messiah is her lover.

Jesus loves you.

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Wow a really nice and emotional story....She finally found the true love of her life.


Yes she did

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