Rowheels Revolution 1.0 - The Right Way To Roll | The Wheel Of The Future

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Rowheels Revolution 1.0

The Right Way To Roll | The Wheel Of The Future



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Hunter's comment

Row wheels revolution 1.0 is a the best wheel chair on sales now because it rolls the right way.
Row wheels revolution 1.0 saves over 25% energy used when rolling to that of a normal wheel chair.

Row wheel is a wheelchair chair which enables us to pull in a rowing motion to propel the wheelchair forward which reduces chronic pain on the shoulders and put an end to stress injuries.
Row wheels is a wheel chair that stops the over use of the muscles which can cause inflammation, tearing of rotator cuff tendons and surrounding tissue which could result in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.

Another cool feature is it's brakes. You don't need to add so much pressure to get the wheel chair to come to a stop.
You can easily engage the brakes by pushing the hand-rim towards yourself.

Also this wheel Chair can cure some strains on the shoulders and chronic pains there. And also muscle strains which was caused by the use of the traditional wheel chair if you start using this wheel chair you would find out that the pains would be reducing soon you won't be feeling it again and instead you would find out that your shoulders would be more free and flexible.



Hunter: @yhaulez

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I’m glad that somebody is pushing innovation into this space too because, even watching from the outside somebody pushing a wheelchair seems hard so, making it easier is always good. I’m happy to hear that the breaks are easy to use too since they are highly important.

Keep on hunting.

What a good invention. a great benefit for those who use a wheelchair. It would alleviate the effort they make and they would have more comfort

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