Spunkee Monkee Kickstarter Promotion

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Please join in TODAY, Saturday 1.12.19

at 11am EST / 4 pm UTC

Where: On @snook 's wall/profile.


& you won't need to go anywhere to watch it, it will be live in the post (in the youtube link) in the post. All that is needed is for you to click on the link and the livestream will start in the post.

Keep an eye out for it AND BE THERE!








Spunkee Monkee Kickstarter:

The Game that gives Treasure for LIFE


This post was done with the approval of @snook and @dreemsteem.

This post shall be promoted using bidbots to get it up there in the trending column, with the hope to get more people participating in this Kickstarter Marathon Livestream.

All profits from this post shall be going to the account @spunkeemonkee

Note: Profits = Total payout - Steem invested into bidbots.

Hope to see many fellow Steemians there today!

Yours truly

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If you're going to self promote in the Trending category, why not write a nice, full length article explaining what the hell Spunky Monkey is? To me it sounds like a childish game, much like the rest of your posts. I can only assume you are in your teens (or even younger???). That you have 3 posts in the Trending category, each of them shit posts, says "spam" to me. Flagged for shitty content and self promoting.


I'll explain what @spunkeemonkee is... If I may.

You're right! It's a brand new app that focused on making it fun and rewarding for kids to be prepared for life! They perform tasks in 5 areas each day to earn points. (Health and Hygiene, Environment, Service, Hobbies and Talents and Future Career)

Once they earn 100 points, they can exchange those points for a chance to "dig treasure" from an online treasure map!

We were really thankful that @mypics offered to "blast" our little marathon to try to get as many people seeing the message as possible.

His willingness to donate the profits to our project was really generous, as our Kickstarter is far from it's goal, and every bit helps!

Im the founder of Spunkee Monkee, so you can look at my blog for all the latest updates if you like! @fundition has recently agreed to support us too! So you'll see those posts have nice profits going to us because of their continuous support!

You can also go to Spunkeemonkee.com or our blog on Steemit @spunkeemonkee

If you have any little ones in your life that you think would have fun being a Monkee, we are doing our Beta Test starting Feb 1!

We sure would love to have them! 😊


i like your post.

You are so incredible!!!!!! I am so thankful that you're doing this 😊 and guess what?. I think my data is reset now! Hahahahaha hard to tell because it's 5 am and no one is on the internet now so it's kinda fast anyway 😂😂😂😂😂 see you there in three hours! I resteemed but I'll also make another post!!!

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I"LL be watching !!!! :D


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Flagged for disagreement on rewards and because I don't like same account at #1 and #2 on trending. Nothing personal.


I understand your reasoning - but he was boosting it as a fundraiser for Spunkee Monkee. All of the profit was going to that project. If you lowered the rewards going to the project for the post - would you consider an upvote to the project instead? You can support it on the Fundition here :) Thanks for reading! and thank you @jackmiller for supporting us so generously!!!! :)

Spunkee Monkee


Well, my 200 SP downvote removed 0.005$ for this post, so there is no big problem with rewards.


You can still support the Monkees if you like 😊

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I sent you a DM in your Discord.

Look forward to hearing from you.

I'll be watching, thanks for sharing.

Its an interesting stuff really

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Thanks for sharing

Wonderful work dude

i love you

If you live in the USA you best know what's going to happen to you soon;

and why I do not get cash for likes reposts and comments? what are the principles of this site?


Пото му что нужно реальные темы и интересные статьи постить. Это не фейсбук с лайками. Тут лайки стоят денег))


А что, кто-то обещал, что здесь за лайки и репосты будут платить кэшем? Просто интересно, кто ведёт эту кривую пропаганду.

Если вам сказали, что Стимит это как Фейсбук, только за деньги, то это не совсем так. Он ближе к принципам Ютуба, где ценится оригинальный и интересный контент, который будет привлекать пользователей как самого Стима, так и сторонних читателей. За него ставят лайки те, кто вложился сюда деньгами или месяцами своего труда (бид-боты не в счёт)

Котики и бородатые мемы вряд ли наберут много лайков, равно как и каменты вроде "класс! Пиши ещё" или "отличные фотки". Плагиат вычисляется и наказывается. Поэтому, если вы здесь в надежде заработать, создавайте интересный оригинальный контент, и запаситесь терпением;)

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add friends

Great drawing cool you deserve appreciation...😎

reconsidering some comments. Although I'm new to the platform, I think you should choose a topic of greater interest and with greater professionalism.

Try it

I'll be there man! Can't wait!

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yay @dreemsteem and @jackmiller! you guys are amazing, I wish my upvote was worth more but it's all for you and the monkeeeeees!! xoxoxo!


Thank you!!!!!! @snook and @jackmiller were so crazy awesome today hehehe

I love them!!!!!

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se ve interesante¡

The app is founded on a cool idea. I really hope it takes off and does well.

Me parece muy interesante tu post

muy bueno

gracias por la información sigue haci.

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pretty!you are welcome@mypics

Superb ....

wow interesante

i have upvoted you please upvote me also
link is below


good! post on 5. how long have you worked here?



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Very nice!!!

Very nice activity. I would like to join

nice initiative, an app that involve family and make stronger the communication between them, awesome


it's amazing man

hello,I'm new here!thank you

Thanks for sharing
I love you....

I am more than happy to see that Steemit is not dead by any means...

its good~!

If I remember correctly, this article reached $378 two day ago. Why is there only $376 now?

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Don't ask like bro.

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Note: Profits = Total payout - Steem invested into bidbots.

Hope to see many fellow Steemians there today!

Yours truly
what is this? I little do not understand the operation of this site. tell me if you can


Contact me on Discord, I will gladly answer any questions on the bidbots etc.

As for Spunkee Monkee, please contact @dreemsteem she is the alpha and omega of that concept!

Good ! Pray of me


me explican como usar la pagina ?