Burrito Eat Off vs Chuck Liddell!

in steemit •  10 months ago

Back in August I did a Burrito Eat off Vs Chuck Liddell!


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Hey @furiouspete123, my brother (@nelkejdm) introduced me to your YT vids sometime back, you're quite a legend. :) I am the CEO of @buildteam, @minnowbooster, @steemsports and @steemvoter, advisor to the @socialwallet ICO and top 20 witness on Steem.

My claim to fame around here is that I crowdfunded a Steemit billboard with one of the highest post payouts in the history of Steem, around 27 000 Dollars on a single post .

I had a look at your account and I see that you only had like 8 Steem Power, which doesn't really give you much of a great Steem experience, I have delegated (loaned) you 3000 Steem Power as of now, to help you get a feel of what it's like to upvote posts with a bit of power...go ahead try it out and vote some stuff. Ideally you want to build up your account to 20 000 SP or more for real decent voting power.


I have been somewhat of a kingmaker on Steem, people who have connected with me have built up some decent success on Steem and some are my business partners. I'm reaching out because I think you can help benefit the Steem community and my team and I at https://buildteam.io can be of help to you too.


This is awesome. Pete is a great guy and i'm glad your helping him out.
There is no doubt that he is going to benefit the Steem community.
Just posting his content on here alone is going to point a ton of new eyes in our direction.
Thanks for being a witness and looking out for the community!


Sure no probs, happy to help! Thanks for the encouraging words.


Once you're talking to @thecryptodrive, you should also invest in some BUILDTEAM tokens, trust me, it worth it :)
and plus, if you love the idea of Blockchain based Social media, it would be amazing if you can briefly talk about it in your YT channel, it can seriously help the community.


Sir @thecryptodrive, can I connect with you, too. I am from the Philippines and I'm interested to become a liaison for promoting Steemit.com here. I have a brother in-law who worked as an Advertising Manager, they build Digital Billboards here specially in Manila. I am interested to promote Steemit.com in their Billboards,too. Would you help me do it, sir?


brother in-law who is still working I mean...


Hi Joshvel, right now the time is not right for Billboards, hence why we have paused the campaign, it uses a lot of community funds which can be best spent on development to improve Steem services before the influx of users.

Make contact with me on Discord, in the @minnowbooster channel send me a DM, https://discord.gg/S37bYma


good day, pay attention to my account, I pay a fee for your votes from 50 to 70 % of the program sbdgiveaway, I will be glad to meet and communicate further)))

You got a 100.00% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @steemyoda!

I love this place! Such a cool community! So damn supportive!


No internet trolls and haters here... yet


yep we have each other’s backs... supportive squad...


That's because you provide us back with good content! and that is what this community needs!


You're right, we really need good content that makes sense for us to support our community, I think that for this we are here to help and also help ourselves to advance our needs, do not you think?


Wow you got to hang with Chuck he's a cool dude

Come on Pete go shot for shot that would be a good video 😂

Pete, how do you not choke?


Some years ago he sufferd from anorexia. Then he changed in the polar opposite (see the result above). The reason why he don't choke is a failure with his stomach. He isn't able to vomit. That can be also dangerous. But due to this circumstance he is able to gobble his food.

We would like you to compete against Matt Stonie :D


hahahah imagine!! omg yess!!

Wow, how in the world do you inhale the food so fast. I’m a skinny guy and can eat but not fast like that!!

Excelent change, i want to do that challenge too!!

This is crazy Chuck Liddell vs Furious Pete on steemit. It’s like a pay per view.

Wow I never thought I'd see YouTubers come onto steem! It's amazing.. give it sometime and blockchain social medias will overrun centralized social medias. Progress is amazing! 👌

Fucking hell! Than man looks beyond tough. Certainly you don't want him to come at you like "any problems bro?" By the way, loved the burrito.

I have the feeling I’m going to love your videos, Pete!

What a great challenge it was I guess

It seems like you beat Liddell by a descent margin!

It really interested me. Here is upvote for You. If You want to get more upovetes, please follow me @szudaj and check my posts. I'm pretty sure You will like it!

Oh man, this is making me so hungry right now haha. You destroyed him man!!

Even Chuck thinks your nuts...look at the face he gave you haha.

The Iceman is a great guy. He came to our gym in Honolulu Hawaii and showed us his patented overhand right which was swing from here to there fast and hard and if you hit anything on that arc its game over.

i like your post best regards ya.

my post and vote my last 3 post and I will upvote you 100% in one hour.... No reply

Great to see you here Pete, I'm quite new to dtube as well (over here from YouTube with 6,000 subs), It's good to see you here! -KleshGuitars

Glad to have u on here Pete!! Been watching u forever! Stay healthy bro!

I followed you on youtube! never thought you'll be posting contents on Steemit >o<

Damn ! You make me feel hungry !! I need something right now :D Good video btw

Really Monsters !
Have fun guys :)


One of the greatest of all time no doubt! Such a legend! Possibly the LHW goat???