(JOIN) The #GratitudeTrain #14

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I am of the firm belief that the habit of practicing gratitude on a daily basis is the key to shifting our lives in a positive direction. This is not only the expression of gratitude for the positive things in our lives, but also for the challenges which we are often faced with.

But sometimes, we can get wrapped up in our day to day existence and agenda, and it is not that we aren’t grateful, but rather that we simply forget to actually verbalise it or take the time to offer it a moment of dedication even in thought.

It is also true that surrounding yourself with the positive attitudes and mind-set of others, that it has a ripple effect on yours too…

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Welcome to the #GratitudeTrain No. 14


So for ALL of us, including myself, I have decided to start this #gratitudetrain. We all spend a good portion of our lives here browsing through our Steemit feeds, so why not build a positive habit in the process. I think it will be great to share something every day that we are grateful for in our lives, no matter how big or small it may be.

Whether it is a new career path, a new hobby, an achievement of your child, a new relationship, a challenge overcome or simply a new pair of shoes… it doesn’t matter! There is without question… ALWAYS something we can take a moment to be grateful for!

Today I am grateful for weekends!!! hahaha!!! It seems like such a trivial thing to be grateful for, but really it isn't! Even though I am no longer running a business (so to speak - because the peeps in the @steemitbloggers keep me pretty damn busy lol)) - I am still up at sparrows every single morning to take my little man to school and in terms of his agenda, Monday to Friday is just "go go go" - so Fridays and weekends are GENEROUSLY welcomed!!! It is time for US to just BE together! We can relax, come and go as we please, lie in bed and cuddle, have home cooked bacon and eggs and simply see where we want the day to take us! Really speaking, it is life as it should be! haha Happy Friday Peeps xxx



Step 1.

So starting today, in the comments section of #gratitudetrain post No. 1 – write something that you are grateful for in your life and start it with the number… as in if this is the first time you are sharing on the #gratitudetrain, then write the number “1.” And then state what you are grateful for.

Step 2.

Keep a record of your #gratitudetrain expressions shared in the comments somewhere in a word doc or such.

Step 3.

When you reach 30 – then publish a post on your own profile and be sure to use the #gratitudetrain tag or to tag me @jaynie in the post.

As simple as that!

The idea of this being, that not only will you develop a healthy and positive habit but at the end of 30 days when you share your own post, you will be able to reflect back and realise, just how MUCH GOODNESS there is in your life!

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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Weekends ROCK!

#14 - Today I am grateful for the property we live on. We're only a minute or two from "civilization" but you'd never know it once you get to the top of our driveway. We have all kinds of wildlife paying us a visit - for example, this morning (which is what I was thinking of specifically) hubby and I were outside watching a pair of hawks dancing through the trees and sky, doing their yearly mating ritual kind of thing. They were too quick for any decent pictures, but the experience was truly magical!

No.3 I'm grateful for my perspective shift towards my losses, the old me would have been depressed but I'm having more energy and positivity to move on taking the loss as part of the process - Growth.


@micscrypt it is all a part of the journey :)

Number 14
I am grateful for Summer and Winter

11:-i am grateful for having loving relatives.


@drqamranbashir thats wonderful!

#gratitudetrain #3

After busy for so long, finally I can play badminton and exercise more. This is absolutely things that i need grateful for.

I am grateful for the blessing of being able to open my eyes one more day to enjoy the blessings that life offers me, to assume new challenges and great learning, because every day is a new opportunity to improve as human beings.

#9 I am grateful for having access to the internet


@tripswithtam oh gosh YES!!!! lol